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FabFilter Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Milestone with One-Time Discount Sale          (FEATURED NEWS ITEM)FabFilter is celebrating its tenth anniversary of creating powerful audio plug-ins by announcing a generous ten-day sale, with a discount of 40% off a... [read more] XILS-lab releases XILS 3 EMS VCS3 Emulation v2.0       09 Apr 2014 XILS-lab has announced availability of XILS 3 V2.0 — an updated version of its software emulation of... [read more] Propellerhead Upgrades Rack Extension Plug-In Platform    09 Apr 2014 Propellerhead today announced further advancements to its software developer kit, that make it easie... [read more] Tek'it Audio releases "OIO One" bundle and updates "IS Bundle" to v2.0   09 Apr 2014 Tek'it Audio has announced the release of the OIO One bundle, which features 18 products - 8 instrum... [read more] Waves releases Vitamin Sonic Enhancer and updates V9 Plug-ins to r18        09 Apr 2014 Waves has released Vitamin, a multiband harmonic enhancer and tone-shaping plugin that can make any... [read more] Saltline updates Lisc-verb for Windows to v1.0.5 and releases Corners for Lisc-delay   09 Apr 2014 Saltline has updated Lisc-verb, a free reverb effect for Windows, to v1.0.5. This is an important ma... [read more] Audiffex updates GK Amplification to v2.1.0 - Adds 64-bit, VST3 and AAX support        09 Apr 2014 Audiffex has updated GK Amplification to v2.1.0, which sees the addition of 64-bit versions and VST3... [read more] SoundToys updates plug-ins to v4.4.1 - 64-bit VST (Mac) and AAX support (Win)       08 Apr 2014 SoundToys has announced that version 4.4 (actually 4.4.1) of their effects plug-ins is here, adding... [read more] XT Software releases energyXT 2.7 Beta 3 for Mac & Win    08 Apr 2014 XT Software has released energyXT 2.7 BETA v3. You can download the beta for Mac OS X and Windows he... [read more] Softube updates Mac OS X software to v2.1.6      08 Apr 2014 Softube has released version 2.1.6 of the Console 1 software for Mac OS X. The release includes CPU... [read more] Sonoma Wire Works updates FourTrack and GuitarTone for iOS  07 Apr 2014 Sonoma Wire Works has announced that FourTrack and GuitarTone have been updated with some new featur... [read more] Voxengo updates TransGainer transient adjustment plug-in to v1.6      07 Apr 2014 Voxengo has updated TransGainer to version 1.6, which introduces a new "Precise B" algorithm which i... [read more] TriTone Digital releases ClassicTone-560 (convolution graphical EQ) as AAX 64-bit for Pro Tools 11      07 Apr 2014 TriTone Digital has announced that v2.3 of ClassicTone-560, a convolution graphic EQ plug-in for Ma... [read more] Ugo Plug-ins and Presets Now Free   07 Apr 2014 Ugo has announced that all previously commercially released Ugo plug-ins and banks are now available... [read more] eaReckon updates EAReverb to v1.3.0     07 Apr 2014 eaReckon has updated EAReverb to version 1.3.0. Changes: A new "Gate" module can be used to create a... [read more] Lanternfish Audio Updates Fraubopper Sculptor Spectral Delay VST Plug-In to 0.9.2 for Windows and Linux    07 Apr 2014 Lanternfish Audio has announced that Version 0.9.2 of the Fraubopper Sculptor spectral delay VST plu... [read more] Auphonic releases "Auphonic Leveler" Loudness Batch Processor for Mac & Win   07 Apr 2014 Auphonic has released Auphonic Leveler, a Desktop Batch Audio File Processor for Windows and Mac... [read more] A.O.M. updates All Plug-ins to v1.7.2      07 Apr 2014 A.O.M. has updated all its plug-ins to version 1.7.2. New features and enhancements: [Invisible Limi... [read more] Exponential Audio updates PhoenixVerb and R2 to V2.0.1       06 Apr 2014 Exponential Audio has announced that the V2.0.1 updates of PhoenixVerb and R2 are now available in t... [read more] solar3d-software updates VCommander software editor/library for Virus to v4.0.1.0     06 Apr 2014 solar3d-software has updated its VCommander software editor/library for Access Music's Virus (A-C)... [read more] Hypercube Softwares updates VSTWrapperBuilder to v2.1   06 Apr 2014 Hypercube Softwares has updated VSTWrapperBuilder, a freeware plug-in adapter, to version 2.1. Chang... [read more] Sound Magic updates Pianist for Windows to v2.2 and Laurel Pipa to v2.3.2     04 Apr 2014 Sound Magic has updated its Pianist to Version 2.2 for Windows. Changes: Improved EQ setting. Increa... [read more] Igor Vasiliev updates Audio Mastering for iPad to v2.4  03 Apr 2014 Igor Vasiliev has updated Audio Mastering for iPad to version 2.4. What's new: Improved Stereo Imagi... [read more] HoRNet updates AutoGain Pro to 1.0.2       03 Apr 2014 HoRNet has updated AutoGain Pro to version 1.0.2 fixing a crash issue with Pro Tools. The update is... [read more] LSR audio adds AAX support to WARMultipress 1.2       02 Apr 2014 LSR audio has updated their vintage multi band compressor plugin WARMultipress to version 1.2. This... [read more] Sinevibes updates Hexonator, Multitude and Cluster Mac AU plug-ins   02 Apr 2014 Sinevibes has released updates for its Hexonator, Multitude and Cluster AudioUnit plug-ins for Mac.... [read more] Audio Poison Releases Stagger 1.0.5 AU/VST     02 Apr 2014 Audio Poison has released version 1.0.5 of Stagger AU/VST for Mac OS X and Windows. Stagger is a mul... [read more] Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound releases SlickEQ (free AU/VST for Mac & Win)     01 Apr 2014 Tokyo Dawn Labs and Variety of Sound have released SlickEQ, a mixing/mastering equalizer designe... [read more] Eventide updates H3000 Factory (2.1.1) and Blackhole (1.3.0)      31 Mar 2014 Eventide has updated H3000 Factory and Blackhole adding Pro Tools 11 and VST Mac support. To celebra... [read more] AudioAssault updates GrindMachine to v1.2 for OS X and Windows       31 Mar 2014 Audio Assault has updated GrindMachine to 1.2 for Windows and OS X, which includes the release of OS... [read more] Saltline updates Lisc-delay for Windows to v1.0.2   30 Mar 2014 Saltline has updated Lisc-delay, a free delay effect for Windows, to v1.0.2. Changes: Input filter L... [read more]