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The KVR Developer Challenge 2014 - Audio Plug-in, Audio Application & Soundware Design Event Is Now Live      (FEATURED NEWS ITEM)We are very excited to announce that the KVR Developer Challenge 2014, the fifth free-for-all audio plug-in, audio application and soundware design ev... [read more] Cycling '74 updates Max to v6.1.2     11 Apr 2013 Cycling '74 has updated Max to version 6.1.2. Fixed Bugs: Gen: performance improvements when there a... [read more] Musikmesse 2013 TC Electronic Loudness Radar Meter Integrated in Next Versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition       10 Apr 2013 TC Electronic has teamed up with Adobe to integrate its LoudnessRadar in the next versions of Adobe... [read more] Ableton updates Live to v9.0.2 (+9.0.3 beta)      09 Apr 2013 Ableton recently updated Live 9 to version 9.0.2. A beta version of 9.0.3 is also available. Improve... [read more] Acoustica updates Mixcraft 6 to v6.1 b213     09 Apr 2013 Acoustica has updated Mixcraft 6 to version 6.1 build 213. Changes in Mixcraft 6.1 b213: Added Japan... [read more] Steinberg releases Nuendo 6 (6.0.3 available)      09 Apr 2013 Steinberg recently released Nuendo 6, the latest version of the production environment tailored to... [read more] MuTools updates MuLab and MUX VST to 5.1     05 Apr 2013 MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX VST to version 5.1. Changes: New sequence part function: Trim To P... [read more] Propellerhead announces Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2     12 Mar 2013 Propellerhead has announced a new major version of its Reason music software. With over 90 thir... [read more] Ableton releases Live 9      06 Mar 2013 Ableton has released Live 9, the highly anticipated new version of its popular music creation soft... [read more] Steinberg updates Cubase to v7.0.2 and releases fully functional trial version      04 Mar 2013 Steinberg has updated Cubase to version 7.0.2 and released a fully functional trial version. Cubase... [read more] MuTools updates MuLab & MUX VST to v5.0.41     18 Feb 2013 MuTools has released MuLab and MUX VST version 5.0.41. What's new: Fixed a crash bug when doing "C... [read more] MuTools releases MuLab 5 and MUX 5 VST     11 Feb 2013 MuTools has released MuLab 5 and in parallel the MUX 5 VST plug-in (MUX is the modular sound heart o... [read more] MuTools pre-releases MuLab 5 and MUX 5 VST     31 Jan 2013 MuTools has pre-released MuLab 5 for Windows and Mac OS X and MUX 5 VST for Windows. What's new: M... [read more] TSC updates Tracktion to v4.0.3      29 Jan 2013 Tracktion Software Corporation has updated Tracktion 4 to version 4.0.3. Changes in v4.0.3: Fix fo... [read more] ExtornoTechs updates V-Raxtor to v1.3.7     21 Jan 2013 ExtornoTechs has updated V-Raxtor to v1.3.7. Changes in V-Raxtor v1.3.7: New Low-Pass Filter Plug-... [read more] Sagan Technology updates Metro to v7.0.1      18 Jan 2013 Sagan has updated Metro 7 to version 7.0.1. New to this version: Metro LX is supported (Windows).... [read more] Cockos updates REAPER to v4.32 and ReaPlugs to v2.1       17 Jan 2013 Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.32 and the ReaPlugs VST FX Suite to version 2.1. Changes in... [read more] Propellerhead updates Reason to v6.5.3 and Reason Essentials to v1.5.3     09 Jan 2013 Propellerhead has updated Reason to v6.5.3 and Reason Essentials to v1.5.3, which fix a few serious... [read more] Avid updates Pro Tools to v10.3.3      07 Jan 2013 Avid has updated Pro Tools to version 10.3.3. Full details here. Issues Resolved in Pro Tools 10.3.... [read more] Cakewalk releases SONAR X2a Update with support for Windows 8 and Touch     05 Jan 2013 Cakewalk has released the SONAR X2a update which includes many fixes, enhancements, plus support for... [read more] Acoustica updates Mixcraft 6 to v6.1 b204     04 Jan 2013 Acoustica has updated Mixcraft 6 to version 6.1 build 204. Changes in Mixcraft 6.1 b204: New loops... [read more] Sagan releases Metro 7 - Offers special price for KVRers      23 Dec 2012 Sagan has released Metro 7 with a special offer for KVRers. New to version 7.0: Verified Windows 8... [read more] Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9728      20 Dec 2012 Plogue has updated Bidule to version 0.9728. Version v0.9728 Bug Fixes: AU version: MIDI outputs... [read more] Steinberg updates Cubase to 7.0.1 (pre-release), HALion Sonic SE to 1.6.3 and sonote beat re:edit to 1.0.1       20 Dec 2012 Steinberg has announced that the Cubase 7.0.1 / Cubase Artist 7.0.1 pre-release update is now availa... [read more] KVRDC12: Kevin Kripper releases Spectrum Analyzer S8 v2.0    13 Dec 2012 Kevin Kripper has updated Spectrum Analyzer S8 to version 2.0. S8 is a standalone multiple-track re... [read more] PreSonus releases Studio One 2.5 with nearly 100 enhancements (plus free Softube Saturation Knob plug-in)       03 Dec 2012 PreSonus has announced the release of Studio One 2.5, a major update to the company's Studio One 2... [read more] Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.3.1 and EZdrummer to v1.3.2       27 Nov 2012 Toontrack Music has released updates for Superior Drummer (v2.3.1) and EZdrummer (v1.3.2). These upd... [read more] Cockos updates REAPER to v4.31       26 Nov 2012 Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.31. MIDI: better CC/pitch/PC tracking behavior when seeking... [read more] n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio for Windows to v7.0.1 and for Mac to v2.0.6        26 Nov 2012 n-Track Software has updated the Windows version of n-Track Studio to version 7.0.1 and the Mac OS X... [read more] MOTU updates Digital Performer for Mac to v8.0.1     19 Nov 2012 MOTU has updated Digital Performer for Mac OS X to version 8.0.1. New features introduced in versio... [read more] Cockos updates REAPER to v4.30       15 Nov 2012 Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.30. Changes: License: REAPER evaluation period is now 60 da... [read more]