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Latest News: Sampler
Fingerpushers releases "Sampler Anthology 909" - old-school sampled TR909 for Kontakt, Maschine, MPC and Geist   26 Sep 2014 Fingerpushers has released Sampler Anthology 909, a new sound library focusing on bringing back the... [read more] Wusik updates Wusik 4000 to V1.0.4      14 Jul 2014 Wusik has released a new version of Wusik 4000 adding several new modules and new features, a new in... [read more] IK announces SampleTank 3 Shipping July 24, 2014      02 Jul 2014 IK Multimedia has announced that the long-anticipated SampleTank 3 software sound workstation is sh... [read more] beatassist.eu updates GanGsta Drum Sampler for Windows VST   10 Jun 2014 beatassist.eu has updated the GanGsta Drum Sampler for Windows. The changes concern the inside struc... [read more] beatassist.eu sets "BumBer XT" and "GanGsta" Free and discontinues BumBer v1.3   14 Apr 2014 beatassist.eu has announced that its BumBer XT and GanGsta VST instrument plug-ins for Windows are... [read more] Wusik updates Wusik 4000 to V1.0.2 and adds VST3 Support      08 Apr 2014 Wusik has announced that version 1.0.2 of Wusik 4000 is here, adding VST3 support on both Windows an... [read more] Wusik releases Wusik 4000 - Modular Synth/Sampler Plug-in for Win & Mac VST & AU     27 Mar 2014 Wusik has announced that Wusik 4000 is now available for Windows and Mac OS X 32- and 64-bit in VST... [read more] beatassist.eu updates BumBer and BumBer XT - Bass Drum Synthesizers and Samplers   14 Feb 2014 beatassist.eu has updated its bass drum samplers and synthesizers BumBer and BumBer XT. BumBer imp... [read more] Sensomusic announces Usine Stage 5.80 is Free for limited time   13 Jan 2014 Sensomusic has announced that Usine Stage 5.80 will be free for the next few weeks. Usine Stage a pe... [read more] CWITEC updates "TX16Wx" and "TX16Wx Professional" Software Samplers to 2.3.0     01 Dec 2013 CWITEC has updated the TX16Wx Software Sampler and TX16Wx Professional to version 2.3.0. This versio... [read more] beatassist.eu updates BumBer to v1.3   18 Nov 2013 beatassist.eu as updated BumBer to version 1.3. Bugs fixed: Silent jumping notes bug fixed. (All tes... [read more] Wusik announces Wusik 4000 Modular Synth/Sampler     30 Sep 2013 Wusik has announced Wusik 4000, a new Modular Synth/Sampler for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X... [read more] SM White Label releases "West Coast House" and "Analogue Techno" Sample Packs   11 Sep 2013 SM White Label has released two new sample packs: West Coast House and Analogue Techno. Here's what... [read more] CWITEC updates "TX16Wx" and "TX16Wx Professional" Software Samplers to v2.2.3     27 Jul 2013 CWITEC has updated the TX16Wx Software Sampler and TX16Wx Professional to version 2.2.3. This versio... [read more] beatassist.eu updates BumBer BassDrum Synthesizer and Sampler to v1.2   21 Jul 2013 beatassist.eu has updated BumBer BassDrum Sampler and Synthesizer to version 1.2. Improvements: The... [read more] TA Programming releases Dominator soft synth for Windows VST   09 Jul 2013 TA Programming has released Dominator, a new synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows. Dominator use... [read more] CWITEC updates TX16Wx and TX16Wx Professional to v2.2.2     27 Jun 2013 CWITEC has updated the TX16Wx Software Sampler and TX16Wx Professional to version 2.2.2. Among other... [read more] Noisebud updates CatchDad to v2.5   26 Jun 2013 NoiseBud has released version 2.5 of CatchDad. With CatchDad the user can catch 4 different sounds w... [read more] CWITEC releases TX16Wx Software Sampler 2.2.0 for Win and Mac VST & AU     17 Jun 2013 CWITEC has released version 2.2.0 of the TX16Wx Software Sampler for Windows and, for the first tim... [read more] beatassist.eu sets BumBer BassDrum Sampler Free   15 Jun 2013 beatassist.eu has announced that BumBer BassDrum Sampler for Windows is now free (it was €5.00). bea... [read more]