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Latest News: sfz
Westgatesounds.net releases Voyages 1    15 Jan 2015 Westgatesounds.net has released Voyages 1, the first of a new series. It features 51 new sounds crea... [read more] Karoryfer releases "Cowsynth" Hybrid Bagpipes-Synthesizer Library for Sforzando    30 Oct 2014 Karoryfer Samples has released Cowsynth, a library of samples of medieval bagpipes. They are mapped... [read more] Karoryfer releases Emilyguitar and Growlybass - Free Sample Libraries (WAV|SFZ)    15 Aug 2014 Karoryfer has released two free open-source sample libraries: Emilyguitar and Growlybass. Emilyguit... [read more] Westgatesounds.net releases "Incantations IV - Lost Angels" in both SFZ/WAV and sf2 (soundfont) formats    12 Aug 2014 Westgatesounds.net has released Incantations IV - Lost Angels, a sound library that consists of 24 a... [read more] 99Sounds releases free "The Warehouse" Sample Library for Kontakt & SFZ    21 Jul 2014 99Sounds has released The Warehouse, a free library of horror sound effects and organic percussion s... [read more] Wusik updates Wusik 4000 to V1.0.4      14 Jul 2014 Wusik has released a new version of Wusik 4000 adding several new modules and new features, a new in... [read more] Karoryfer releases Fashionbass - Free Bass Sample Library (WAV|SFZ)    24 Jun 2014 Karoryfer has released the Fashionbass open source bass sample library. Features: Samples of a Kille... [read more] Karoryfer releases 2 Free Glitch Sample Libraries for Kontakt, SFZ and WAV    08 Jun 2014 Karoryfer has released two libraries of glitch samples, Zamenhof Stickmusterstuch Error Eins and Z... [read more] Karoryfer releases Two Free Bass Sample Libraries (WAV|SFZ)    01 Jun 2014 Karoryfer has released two libraries of bass samples: the Swagbass bass guitar and the Ergo EUB ele... [read more] Soundiron releases Iron Pack 3 - Metal Tuned Percussion, Impacts & Atmospheres for Kontakt & SFZ (on sale until May 15 for $2.99)   09 May 2014 Soundiron has announced the release of Iron Pack 3 - Metal Tuned Percussion, Impacts & Atmosphe... [read more] Wave Alchemy releases Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 1 27 Sep 2013 Wave Alchemy has announced the release of Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 1, a new collection of acoustic... [read more] Loopmasters release Kasra "Critical DnB" Vol.2   25 Sep 2013 Loopmasters has released Critical Drum & Bass Vol.2 from Critical Records with a Drum and Bass c... [read more] Loopmasters releases "Histibe - Underground Dubstep & Breaks" sample pack   22 Aug 2013 Loopmasters has released Histibe - Underground Dubstep & Breaks. This pack focuses on Histibe's... [read more] Audiority releases "Abstract Textures SFZ Edition"   09 Jul 2013 Audiority has announced the immediate release of Abstract Textures SFZ Edition. Abstract Textures is... [read more] Loopmasters release "Bass House & Garage" library   13 Jun 2013 Loopmasters have released Bass House & Garage. Embracing a wider range of BPMs, the pack feature... [read more] Loopmasters add Andrea Bertolini to Artist Series roster and releases "Progressive House Tools"   10 May 2013 Loopmasters have added Andrea Bertolini to the Artist Series roster and released Progressive House T... [read more] Wave Alchemy releases "Synth Drums" Drum Sample Library   29 Apr 2013 Wave Alchemy has announced the release of Synth Drums - an innovative drum library which fuses exper... [read more] Westgatesounds.net releases "Incantations" sound library    22 Apr 2013 Westgatesounds.net has released the Incantations, a sound library that consists of 25 all new sounds... [read more] Loopmasters releases Benny Page & Dope Ammo Artist Series pack 28 Feb 2013 Loopmasters have added Benny Page & Dope Ammo to their Artist Series and released Drum and Bass... [read more] Loopmasters release "Dauwd House & Electronica" Artist Series pack    20 Feb 2013 Loopmasters have released Dauwd House & Electronica, a new Artist sample pack. The new pack inc... [read more]