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The KVR Developer Challenge 2014 - Audio Plug-in, Audio Application & Soundware Design Event Is Now Live      (FEATURED NEWS ITEM)We are very excited to announce that the KVR Developer Challenge 2014, the fifth free-for-all audio plug-in, audio application and soundware design ev... [read more] Synchro Arts releases Revoice Pro v2.5 for Mac and Windows       24 Apr 2014 Synchro Arts has announced the release of version 2.5 of Revoice Pro for Mac OS X and Windows. Revoi... [read more] HoRNet updates VCA to v1.1.0       24 Apr 2014 HoRNet has updated VCA to version 1.1.0 adding many improvements like: An extended visualization for... [read more] Abletunes releases Selektor - VST/AU Drum Sampler for Windows and Mac     23 Apr 2014 Abletunes has announced the release of Selektor, a simple drum sampler that allows user to switch b... [read more] b.serrano updates Horus to v1.1   23 Apr 2014 b.serrano has updated Horus to v1.1. Changes: It's now possible to use the pitch-bender. It's now po... [read more] Tek'it Audio releases Comp - Compressor VST Plug-in for Windows   23 Apr 2014 Tek'it Audio has announced the release of Comp, a compressor VST plug-in. Comp is a modern compresso... [read more] Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer for Windows to v1.01   23 Apr 2014 Abeem Live Technologies has updated Rack Performer for Windows to v1.01. This update adds many wor... [read more] Vengeance Sound updates VPS Glitch Bitch to v1.0.3       23 Apr 2014 Vengeance Sound has updated VPS Glitch Bitch to v1.0.3. Version 1.0.3: Added MIDItrigger for hosts t... [read more] Rob Papen releases the eXplorer III collection       23 Apr 2014 Rob Papen has released the eXplorer III collection, which combines all Rob Papen virtual synths plus... [read more] Luxonix releases 'Ravity bundle' featuring Ravity S (synth) and Ravity R (rhythm/drum) Sound Modules for Windows VSTi   23 Apr 2014 Luxonix has released the Ravity bundle, featuring two 90s Sound Module / ROMpler VST instrument pl... [read more] Acon Digital updates Acoustica Audio Editor to v6.0.14    23 Apr 2014 Acon Digital has updated the free Basic Edition as well as the Standard and Premium Editions of its... [read more] beatassist.eu releases MEQ-10 - 10-Band Equaliser for mastering for Windows VST   22 Apr 2014 beatassist.eu has released MEQ-10, a free 10-Band EQ VST effect plug-in for Windows designed for... [read more] New Sonic Arts updates Granite to v1.52     22 Apr 2014 New Sonic Arts has updated Granite to v1.52. Improvements: Restored support for OS X 10.6 and 10.7.... [read more] XT Software releases energyXT 2.7 Beta 4 for Mac & Win    22 Apr 2014 XT Software has released energyXT 2.7 BETA v4. You can download the beta for Mac OS X and Windows he... [read more] Antares Audio Technologies releases Auto-Tune EFX 3 - Real-Time Pitch Correction, Vocal Effect and Auto-Motion Pattern Generation       22 Apr 2014 Antares Audio Technologies has announced the introduction of Auto-Tune EFX 3, the third generation o... [read more] MuTools updates MuLab and MUX VST to v5.5.2     22 Apr 2014 MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX VST to version 5.5.2. Changes: When using mono legato the filters... [read more] UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.5.1       22 Apr 2014 UVI has updated UVI Workstation to version 2.5.1. Change: [Fix] Fix regression crash introduced in p... [read more] IK updates T-RackS Custom Shop to v4.6 - releases classic British EQ models: EQ 73 and EQ 81       22 Apr 2014 IK Multimedia has announced the availability of T-RackS CS 4.6, the newest release of the T-RackS CS... [read more] Bitsonic updates Keyzone and Gnat to v1.3   22 Apr 2014 Bitsonic has updated Keyzone, a free layered sample based piano and accordion, and Gnat, a free hyb... [read more] KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster, SynthMaster Player and SynthMaster Player Free to v2.6.15 - Adds AAX Support, New Player Skin and New Player Presets       22 Apr 2014 KV331 Audio has updated SynthMaster and SynthMaster Player to version 2.6.15 on both Windows and Ma... [read more] Sound Magic updates China Story Erhu to v1.3 and releases Nautilus All Purposed Extension Pack V2 for Neo DynaMaster     22 Apr 2014 Sound Magic has updated its China Story Erhu Plug-in to Version 1.3. Changes: Support newest OS X ve... [read more] Solcito Musica updates SuperSonico for Windows to v3.5   22 Apr 2014 Solcito Musica has updated SuperSonico for Windows to v3.5. Changes: When playing in mono keyboard m... [read more] Torn Sub releases Fanan - Oriental Keys VSTi for Windows   22 Apr 2014 Torn Sub has released Fanan, a virtual analog style lead synth that was created to achieve a wid... [read more] Odo Synths releases Dream 64 Chip Synth v3.0 for Windows VST (Free)   17 Apr 2014 Odo Synths has announced the release of version 3.0 of Dream 64, the free Chip Synth VST instrument... [read more] Cableguys update Curve, FilterShaper, Curve 2 BE, Curve 2 CM and WaveShaper CM      17 Apr 2014 Cableguys have updated Curve to 2.2.1, FilterShaper to 3.1.2, Curve 2 BE and Curve 2 CM to 2.2.1 and... [read more] Vengeance Sound releases "VPS - Tape Stop" and "VPS - Glitch Bitch" Plug-ins       17 Apr 2014 Vengeance Sound has released Vengeance Producer Suite - Tape Stop and Vengeance Producer Suite - Gli... [read more] Empty Room Systems updates Mac versions of EMpTy 250 and Dim D - incl. AAX Support      17 Apr 2014 Empty Room Systems has updated the Mac OS X versions of EMpTy 250 to v2.0.7 and Dim D to v1.1. New f... [read more] Native Instruments releases Rise & Hit – a dedicated instrument for building cinematic tension for Kontakt and Kontakt Player       17 Apr 2014 Native Instruments has released Rise & Hit, an instrument dedicated to creating thrilling tensi... [read more] HoRNet releases DeeLay - Digital Dub Delay for Mac & Win VST, AU & RTAS       17 Apr 2014 HoRNet releases DeeLay, a vintage digital dub delay that's capable of common delay duties as well as... [read more] UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.5.0 - New Streaming Engine and Background Sample Loading       16 Apr 2014 UVI has updated UVI Workstation to version 2.5.0. Changes: [New] New streaming engine with special o... [read more] AudioThing releases "ChromaKey" for Kontakt and Mac & Win VST & AU     16 Apr 2014 AudioThing has released ChromaKey for Mac OS X and Windows in AudioUnit, VST plug-in and Kontakt for... [read more]