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Acon Digital  
Acon AS
Sørkedalsveien 273
N-0754 Oslo
Sales: sales@acondigital.com
Support: support@acondigital.com
May 24
@RVDEKID Good to hear! Still very strange, though...
May 24
@RVDEKID Thanks for the video! It doesn't happen here with Live 9.6.1 (64 bit). Which version are you using?

Acon AS with its "Acon Digital" audio editing product line, is a Norwegian company specialized in audio editing software and digital signal processing products and services. Our products help professionals as well as beginners in their productive work and are characterized by a large set of features combined with ease-of-use.

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9 May 2016Acon Digital updates Restoration Suite to v1.7 with Surround Support and Audio Quality Improvements 18 Mar 2016Acon Digital releases Equalize 1.2 with VST3 support 10 Dec 2015Acon Digital updates DeVerberate to v1.6 - Automatic Reverb Time Estimation and Quality Improvements 25 Nov 2015#KVRDeal Expired Acon Digital Black Friday Sale - Save up to 40% 23 Nov 2015Acon Digital updates Restoration Suite to v1.6 - Major Quality Improvements 2 Sep 2015Acon Digital Equalize Updated to Version 1.1.12 1 Jun 2015Acon Digital releases DeFilter - Automatic EQ and Restoration Tool 20 Apr 2015#KVRDeal Expired Spring Sales at Acon Digital – Save 25% on Verberate & Equalize 16 Apr 2015Acon Digital updates Verberate and Verberate Surround to v1.6 17 Mar 2015Acon Digital updates Equalize to v1.1 27 Nov 2014#KVRDeal Expired Black Friday Sales at Acon Digital – Save 25% on all Plug-Ins 11 Nov 2014Acon Digital releases Equalize - EQ Plug-in with Unique Features 22 Oct 2014Acon Digital updates Multiply to v1.1.1 17 Sep 2014Acon Digital updates Verberate and Verberate Surround to v1.5.2 29 Aug 2014Acon Digital updates Restoration Suite to v1.5.0 6 Aug 2014#KVRDC14 Entry: Acon Digital Multiply Chorus Effect for Mac & Win 18 Jun 2014Acon Digital updates DeVerberate to v1.5.3 14 May 2014Acon Digital updates Verberate (1.2.8) and Verberate Surround (1.0.8) 23 Apr 2014Acon Digital updates Acoustica Audio Editor to v6.0.14 18 Mar 2014Acon Digital releases Verberate Surround – Flexibility and Realism in Surround Reverberation

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