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I provide patches for synthesizers. I began programming synthesizers over a decade ago, of necessity since often virtual synths did not have the right sounds for my music style.

In 2012 I launched my first commercial sound banks under the moniker Aiyn Zahev starting with the release of Serenity for Ultra Analog. It was well received by professionals and enthusiasts alike, so I went on to produce banks for some popular synths, including Largo, DIVA, DUNE and Sylenth1.

Not long after this I began working with developers such as Tone2 and Xils-Lab, and in August 2012 I teamed up with Resonance-sound.


u-he Hive - quick overview   An uber overview of UberMod   U-he Zebra2 Soundbank "Sphere"   DYSTOPIA for NI Razor - 80 Presets from Aiyn Zahev Sounds   Altitude soundbank for Reveal Sound Spire   Tips & Tricks #2: Cubase MIDI Loops   SynthTest: Virus TI - Part 3: Wavetable Oscillators   Vision Soundbank for Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2   Programming Tighter Synth Sounds   PARAWAVE Audio RAPID My Impressions   Sound Design 01 - Trance Pads   Free presets for NI Monark   Using Tone2 Akustix to get a really fat, rubbery bass sound.   Safara Vol.2 for Massive   Overview of Valhalla Shimmer   Aiyn Zahev Sounds - Colours Vol.3 for Sylenth1   Brainworx Millennia TCL-2 & NSEQ-2 test   Collider EDM for Spire   Dystopia Vol 2 for NI Razor   The Pulsar Modular P900   Halcyon 2 Video Demo   Old School Sequencing tips with DIVA   Processing Reverb to add density and glue to a dance mix   A short composition on the Elektron Analog Four.   Aiyn Zahev / Solarscape / Corona Sound Bank   Editing an Arp on the Nord Lead 4   Dark Energy soundbank for Tone2 Electra2   Aiyn Zahev Sounds Transitions soundbank for DIVA   A short show and tell of the Roland SH-2 plug-out/plug-in.   Pads from Vocals in Ableton Live   Spice Vol.1 for DUNE 2   Nord Lead 4 and Arturia Beatstep   Sound Design Video 03 - That fat rubbery sawtooth bass   An Overview of the Korg Minlogue   SynthTest: Virus TI - Part 4: Formant Complex   Vocal Freeze Sound Effect in Ableton   Dcam SynthSquad - Horizon soundbank by Aiyn Zahev   Side-Chaining Reverb Tips & Tricks   Transitions Vol.2 soundbank for Diva   Mangling a Techno Loop in Live   Predator 2 - Basic Overview   (Tutorial) Tips & Tricks #1: Geist As Idea Generator   Processing Imposcar2 through Reaktor FX!   A fun jam with the Virus TI2   U-he Diva's LFO's Explained   Flight Path - Trance & Club sounds for LuSH-101   Transitions Vol.3 for U-he Diva   Sound Design 02 - Unison Trance Plucks in Strobe   Aiyn Zahev Sounds - Safara Soundbank for Massive   Colours Vol.2 for Sylenth1 - 128 Trance, Electro and Progressive house presets   Spring Day - Moog Sub37   SynthTest: Virus Ti - Part 1: Classic DCO Oscillators (Raw)   SynthTest: Virus TI - Part 2: Hypersaw Oscillators   Drive Soundbank for Waldorf Largo  


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