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Aly James Lab  
Support: info@alyjameslab.com
Jan 7
New Track Uploaded! Magic Lamp -- Jam Snippet(feature my curent CLAPTRAP VST emulation..) https://t.co/5xcIsBhQKp on #SoundCloud
Apr 22
New Track Uploaded! Farewell Prince...Music Live Forever :) https://t.co/tAQLpFQuKg on #SoundCloud

Aly James Lab is the brand for Aly James vintage emulation software products.

Being a musician first, he started experimenting with self taught electronics and music DSP software processing to achieve his own instruments and vision.

Bringing new life to legendary hardware gears that were previously not available in a software format and making accurate software recreations with a touch of modernity is what it is all about.

VST Instruments and FX for Mac & Windows.


SEGA MEGADRIVE MUSIC HOW TO... (FMDrive + SPSG VSTi)   Aly James Lab's vLinn VST Review | LM-1 LinnDrum Samples vs Emulation   SUPER PSG SEGA MASTER SYSTEM SN76489 EXTENDED VST   OB-XTREME VSTi -- Vintage Mode Snippet   Master System VST, SuperPSG VS Hardware   OB-XTREME VST -- Analog Saturation Stages   ELASTIC Bender EL-2 VST Pedal INTRO by Aly James   FMDRIVE sega genesis / megadrive VST FM Synthesizer   ELASTIC Bender EL-2 VST Funky FX part4 -- DRUMS   YM2612 VST (FMDrive + SPSG) Megadrive music   ELASTIC Bender EL-2 VST Funky FX part3 -- BASS   ELASTIC Bender EL-2 VST FX part5 -- WHAMMY 5 MIDI control   Make The Sega Genesis TALK...Dev diary.   OB-XTREME VSTi JAM with ALy James.   Using FMDrive VST to control the YM2612 hardware in realtime   SUPERPSG VST, 8bit Noise real-time hacking feature.   VSDSX VST SIMMONS DRUM SYNTH -- KICK/BASS CARD TEST only   OB-X Based VSTis OSC & Filter Comparison   Sega Genesis Music FM Beat Making with FMDrive VST YM2612   VSDSX VST SIMMONS SDS-V Extended Drum Synthesizer Emulation   ELASTIC EL-2 VST FX Guitar Auto-Bend/Glide   VSDSX VST SIMMONS SDS-V DRUM SYNTH - Pad Triggering test - 80s Style   ELASTIC Bender EL-2 VST Funky FX part2 -- Feedback   VSDSX VST SIMMONS SDS-V Drum Synth Extended -- UI Overview   New FMDRIVE VST VS Sega Hardware   ELASTIC Bender EL-2 VST Funky FX part1 -- Guitars   VLINN VST LINNDRUM LM-1 CUSTOM EPROM Loading (Fairlight)   VLINN VST Authentic Linn LM1 recreation   VLinn VST version 2.0 Linn LM-1 Drum Machine Now Cross Platform!   FMDrive VST YM2612 FM chip Sega Megadrive UPDATE  
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