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Ample Sound  
Sales: service@amplesound.net
Support: service@amplesound.net
Nov 10
Ample Sound releases "Ample Bass J" Electric Bass VI http://t.co/w3ulqxIIdL
Sep 10
Ample Sound Ample Bass P | Music Tech reviews | MusicRadar http://t.co/3obSeTW7bY via @musicradar Thank you Ronan for your Review!
Sep 2
Only a few days left for the Introductory price ABP Only 99 USD Jul 30, 2014-Sep 4, 2014 will resume $119 afterward : http://t.co/T3qYgoEy1l

Tech-Born Music

Ample Sound (Beijing Ample Sound Technology Co. Ltd), founded by Kane Kang, Shaoduo Xie and Jie Chen in 2011, is devoted to music technology products development.

The philosophy of Ample Sound:

  1. Simulation system: Emphasis on the overall concept, base on system and interaction design, technology, giving more musical. we strive to reproduce playing of real instruments.
  2. Innovative design: With spirit of the original, We are creating a new design concept, which is the one that other normal instrument plug-ins and library can't do.
  3. Intelligent technology: We make our products automation and intelligent. All the things such like instruments playing rules, making MIDI humanize are achieved by software, the only thing you need to do is care about your music, feeling high work efficiency.
  4. High quality of samples: In order to get high quality and no FX processing - Green samples to our customers, we choose the traditional and classical way to record the instrument.
  5. Attention to detail:We spare no effort to work on each pixel, each code, each sample like working for our own family.


#KVRDeal (until Thursday, January 1, 2015) 28 Nov 2014Ample Sound Winter Sale: Up To 55% Off0 comments 10 Nov 2014Ample Sound releases "Ample Bass J" Electric Bass Instrument for Mac & Win0 comments 30 Sep 2014Ample Sound updates electric guitar plug-ins AGG, AGF and AGP to v1.7.30 comments 29 Aug 2014Ample Sound updates Acoustic Guitar Plug-ins AGL, AGM and AGT to v1.7.30 comments #KVRDeal Expired 3 Aug 2014Ample Sound "Introductory price of Ample Bass P" until September 5th0 comments 31 Jul 2014Ample Sound releases "Ample Bass P" Electric Bass Instrument for Mac & Win0 comments 14 May 2014Ample Sound updates Guitar Plug-ins: AGF, AGG, AGP, AGM, AGT & AGL to 1.7.0 and AGML to 1.3.00 comments 15 Feb 2014Ample Sound updates AGF, AGG, AGP, AGM, AGT and AGL to 1.6.00 comments 13 Jan 2014Ample Sound updates AGM, AGT & AGL to 1.5.5 and AGML to 1.2.00 comments 16 Dec 2013Ample Sound updates AGML to v1.17 and releases hundreds of strum patterns for AGT, AGL and AGM0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 3 Dec 2013Ample Sound Holiday Sale (up to 51% discount)0 comments 24 Nov 2013Ample Sound releases AGL, AGM and AGT v1.5.0 featuring Tab Player with Winter Sale Special Offer0 comments 24 Oct 2013Ample Sound updates AGM, AGT & AGL to 1.2.5 and AGG, AGF & AGP to 1.3.5, AGML to 1.1.50 comments 9 Sep 2013Ample Sound updates AGM, AGT & AGL to 1.2.1 and AGG, AGF & AGP to 1.3.10 comments 24 Aug 2013Ample Sound releases "Ample Guitar L" Classic Guitar Instrument0 comments 8 Aug 2013Ample Sound updates AGML to v1.1.00 comments 2 Jul 2013Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar AAX for Pro Tools 11 (and other updates)0 comments 14 Jun 2013Ample Sound releases Ample Guitar AAX version for Win & Mac (and other updates)0 comments 29 May 2013Ample Sound updates AGM & AGT to v1.1.0 for Win & Mac0 comments 13 May 2013Ample Sound releases "Ample Guitar M Lite" free acoustic guitar instrument for Win & Mac0 comments

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Discussion: Active


13 September 2013 at 7:28pmgravitytraffic

Hey Ample, love your software, but you really need to allow modulation wheel to do what it's supposed to with your AGF, AGG and AGP packages.....any chance of this?

9 October 2013 at 7:41amJie Chen[Ample Sound]

Hi, Please describe your specific problem on forum.


9 October 2013 at 8:02amgravitytraffic

Hi, it's not really a problem, but with the electric guitar packages, it would be better if the modulation wheel on your controller actually controlled pitch modulation. This especially for emulating solo passages. At the moment, it only shifts tuning slightly.

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