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KVR Forum (Latest Posts)

Pre-roll for clips?
by Ogopogo at 29 Jul 2014, 16:22

Bug: Open/Close plugin
by dsan@mail.com at 29 Jul 2014, 13:40

Anyone who is able to fix/improve the Launchpad-script?
by edukcuf at 29 Jul 2014, 13:08

Yosemite Support
by blouaap at 29 Jul 2014, 12:47

New to Bitwig. Couple questions.
by blouaap at 29 Jul 2014, 12:46

No way to reveal Audio Clip in browser/file manager
by blouaap at 29 Jul 2014, 12:43

Control Script Request: NI Kontrol F1
by BrownM at 29 Jul 2014, 09:19

Your TOP 5 feature requests for Bitwig
by buhrmi at 29 Jul 2014, 09:06

When double-clicking a looped clip (in clip mode) please zoom to fit just "non-looped" section
by spinlud at 29 Jul 2014, 08:10

Delete - wrong thread
by mchannemann at 28 Jul 2014, 17:32

watch yer bassbins! there's a nasty bug about...
by ThomasHelzle at 28 Jul 2014, 14:56

1.0.11 freezes and get recovered back and forth on my system.
by throst at 28 Jul 2014, 13:23

Prevent recording from clip launcher to arrangement
by spinlud at 28 Jul 2014, 10:41

bitwig is merging midi out channels to a channel 1
by ThomasHelzle at 28 Jul 2014, 10:19

Bitwig Number ? (Touch osc)
by ThomasHelzle at 28 Jul 2014, 10:02

[SOLVED] Using 2 launchpads with Bitwig
by ThomasHelzle at 28 Jul 2014, 09:20

Change presets on the fly
by lem8r at 28 Jul 2014, 08:15

Airwave - yet another WINE VST bridge for Linux
by StudioDave at 27 Jul 2014, 22:49

Plugin latency overview
by Klinke1 at 27 Jul 2014, 06:24

Native Polysynth wave shapes - WTH is the Sine?
by u-u-u at 26 Jul 2014, 20:18

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