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KVR Forum (Latest Posts)

Touch OSC and Bitwig
by Napalm Candy at 1 Oct 2014, 23:57

Q: raw audiofile time stretching
by ahs at 1 Oct 2014, 23:56

by Fjorko at 1 Oct 2014, 23:48

Device panel mappins need an indcation of what's been mapped already
by ThomasHelzle at 1 Oct 2014, 23:36

making a (purchase) controller decision based on bitwig
by jphatbeats at 1 Oct 2014, 23:34

modulators should have their own slot, one global, one in containers/instruments
by volker@bitwig at 1 Oct 2014, 23:23

drag and drop to vst anytime soon?
by c-wave at 1 Oct 2014, 23:21

Higher Buffer Size = Random Ignored Audio? -video-
by Reece's Pieces at 1 Oct 2014, 19:57

Change routing for multiple tracks selection in the inspector
by nexttrack30 at 1 Oct 2014, 17:07

Bitwig Studio 1.0.15 RC1
by crazyfiltertweaker at 1 Oct 2014, 14:24

Loud noise when switching presets in Polysynth
by ThomasHelzle at 1 Oct 2014, 11:11

values of volume and pan in the inspector
by dsan@mail.com at 1 Oct 2014, 10:21

Feature Request: Show in Finder
by nori.lam at 1 Oct 2014, 09:33

Novation Remote SL MkII support is here
by ThomasHelzle at 1 Oct 2014, 09:04

BUG: Don't load the exact position of Macros knobs
by crazyfiltertweaker at 1 Oct 2014, 08:21

UAD Moog Filter Saving bug and many more bugs!
by crazyfiltertweaker at 1 Oct 2014, 08:02

Some Bitwig 1.1 Info
by codec17 at 1 Oct 2014, 07:01

Video of using launcher and arrangement view at the same time
by goatgirl at 1 Oct 2014, 05:58

4 things to resolve before buying
by ThomasHelzle at 1 Oct 2014, 05:03

I'd like to pay someone to be my Bitwig music production mentor/tutor
by ryates at 1 Oct 2014, 05:00

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