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36 Leroy Street
Sales: +44 (0) 207 232 0008 info@drumdrops.com
Support: +44 (0) 207 232 0008 support@drumdrops.com
Apr 27
RT @jonatkinsondrum: If you're interested in how we multi-sample drums, here's me waffling about it a bit... https://t.co/02rnsWBCIM @drumd
Apr 26
RT @jonatkinsondrum: Really nice vibey sample library I did for @drumdropsrocks. Do check it out :-) http://t.co/UiPoN1bem7
Apr 24
‘Swinging 60s Pop Drops’ provides multitrack templates for @PreSonus Studio One, @Ableton Live and more. http://t.co/YfQ56uqWAk

Drumdrops is the one stop shop for high quality live drum tracks and samples. Specialising in live drum multi-tracks, drum stems and drum loops covering a multitude of genres. Recently we have also started sampling up drum kits and are releasing them for Kontakt 5 and as many other samplers and drum machines as possible.

We focus on the recordings using some of the best recording studios around the world, top recording engineers, amazing engineers and where possible vintage gear from manufacturers such as Neve, API, SSL and Helios. All of the drum tracks are recorded on to tape and with the vintage gear the sound is immense. No expense is spared to bring you some of the best sounding drum tracks and multi-velocity samples on the web.


20 Apr 2015Drumdrops releases Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 10 comments 18 Feb 2015Drumdrops releases Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit BFD Pack with Into Offer (Free for first 20)0 comments 23 Jan 2015Drumdrops releases Alan Moulder mixed 70's Slingerland Classic Rock Kit in five different sample packs0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 27 Nov 2014Drumdrops Black Friday offer - 30% off all Kits and drum track albums0 comments 6 Nov 2014Drum drops updates all Multi-Velocity sample packs to include TX16Wx patches, new EXS24 patches and over 500 MIDI Loops0 comments 2 Nov 2014Drumdrops to release Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Kit Kontakt 5 pack on 3rd Dec with special offer0 comments 15 Oct 2014Drumdrops releases "Folk Rock Drops Volume 2" - 17 modern Folk Rock drum tracks available as Multi-tracks, Stems, Loops and song construction loops0 comments 29 Sep 2014Drumdrops releases "Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit" Sample Packs with a pre-order offer on the Kontakt 5 Pack0 comments 27 Aug 2014Drumdrops releases "1965 Ludwig Super Classic" Sample Packs with a special offer on the Kontakt 5 pack0 comments 5 Aug 2014Drumdrops updates all the multi-velocity and single hits packs for every kit to include Renoise v3 patches0 comments 24 Jun 2014Drumdrops updates "Premier Outfits 54 Kit" for Kontakt to v3.0 with introductory offer (from free)0 comments 18 Jun 2014Drumdrops releases the "Yamaha Hybrid Kit - Kontakt 5 Pack" at special prices (From Free)0 comments 7 May 2014Drumdrops releases Folk Rock Drops Volume 1 - Sixteen 60s/70s drum tracks available as Multi-tracks, Stems & Loops0 comments 29 Apr 2014Drumdrops releases New Drum Replacement Packs & All Samples Packs for three kits (Premier, Rogers & Yamaha) - Yamaha Kit is Free0 comments 22 Apr 2014Drumdrops releases "A Fistful of Drumkits" for Ableton Live (Drum Rack)0 comments 16 Apr 2014Drumdrops releases "Mapex Heavy Rock Kit" - Kontakt 5 pack, Multi-Velocity Pack, Single Hits Pack, Drum Replacement Pack & All Samples Pack0 comments 28 Mar 2014Drumdrops updates Premier and Rogers Kits Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs0 comments 4 Jan 2014Drumdrops updates Vintage Premier Outfits 54 to Version 2.0 for Kontakt0 comments 20 Dec 2013Drumdrops releases Royal Drops - 15 Soul Drum Tracks in Multi-track, Stems and Loops0 comments 19 Nov 2013Drumdrops releases "Rogers Big R Dub Kit" sample packs (Kontakt, Multi-Velocity and Single Hits)0 comments

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