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Support: hauke@feelyoursound.com
Jun 15
XotoPad 2.6.0 released! Windows multi-touch #music #studio controller contains bank select and toggle groups now. https://t.co/xw92qo7EYX
May 23
5 song styles in 10 minutes? It's possible! Check out the #5in10 #musicproduction #challenge here: https://t.co/C7TiolgDhW

feelyoursound.com is dedicated to help you make better music. The main product is Sundog Scale Studio, a software that is specialized in finding great chord progressions, binding melodies to chords and scales, and working with any DAW via MIDI.

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16 Aug 2017FeelYourSound releases free chords guide for electronic musicians 15 Jun 2017FeelYourSound updates XotoPad Multi-Touch Controller for Windows to v2.6.0 13 Apr 2017FeelYourSound releases Sundog Song Studio 3.0 MIDI Composition Software for Mac & Win 13 Apr 2017#KVRDeal Expired FeelYourSound Special Offer: Sundog Song Studio 3 Introductory Price 8 Mar 2017FeelYourSound updates XotoPad Multi-Touch Controller for Windows to v2.5.0 2 Jan 2017#KVRDeal Expired FeelYourSound New Year Quiz: Get up to 16% off 15 Dec 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.6.0 24 Nov 2016FeelYourSound updates Windows chords and scales app XotoPad to v2.4.1 24 Nov 2016#KVRDeal Expired FeelYourSound Black Friday Offer: XotoPad 30% off 27 Oct 2016FeelYourSound updates MelodicFlow MIDI Note Plug-in to v1.1.0 - adds 300+ scales 30 Aug 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.5.0, adds over 500 chord progressions 11 Aug 2016FeelYourSound releases IsoPad - Free Touch MIDI Keyboard for Windows 13 Jul 2016FeelYourSound updates Windows multi-touch app XotoPad to v2.3.0 9 Jun 2016FeelYourSound releases MelodicFlow MIDI Note Plug-in for Windows and OS X 9 Jun 2016#KVRDeal Expired FeelYourSound introductory offer: MelodicFlow VSTi 10% off 21 Apr 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.4.0 16 Mar 2016FeelYourSound updates XotoPad to v2.2.0 with new expression mode and isomorphic layouts 19 Feb 2016FeelYourSound releases free Scale Chords MIDI package 9 Feb 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.3.0 10 Dec 2015FeelYourSound updates "XotoPad" multi-touch scale/chords app to v2.1.0

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