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6 Apr 2013g200kg updates pitch corrector KeroVee (1.61) and voice changer RoVee (1.21)0 comments 2 Apr 2013g200kg updates KeroVee to 1.600 comments 14 Dec 2012g200kg updates Kamioooka to v1.0.60 comments 10 Dec 2012g200kg updates Kamioooka to v1.0.50 comments 11 Nov 2012KVRDC12: g200kg Kamioooka - Polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer with patch cable system0 comments 15 Jun 2012g200kg updates Web-based Modular synthesizer 'WebModular' with new modules0 comments 15 Mar 2012g200kg releases MyKazoo v0.5 - Kazoo Simulator for VST Win0 comments 16 Aug 2011g200kg updates RoVee to version 1.100 comments 8 Aug 2011g200kg updates KeroVee Pitch Correction Plug-in to v1.530 comments 11 Jul 2011g200kg updates KeroVee Pitch Corrector plug-in to v1.520 comments 5 Jun 2011g200kg updates VeeMax Maximizer to v1.100 comments 16 May 2011g200kg releases VeeMax - Free Maximizer Plug-in0 comments 31 Jan 2011g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.270 comments 25 Oct 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.260 comments 14 Jun 2010g200kg releases RoVee v1.0 and updates KeroVee to v1.230 comments 23 May 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.220 comments 12 May 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.210 comments 3 May 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.200 comments 20 Apr 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.120 comments 7 Apr 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.110 comments

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1.3.1 JKnobman beach ball!!!
by g200kg at 16 Oct 2013, 12:20

JKnobMan extremely slow with lots of layers
by g200kg at 11 Oct 2013, 18:27

Animation steps
by revoid at 7 Aug 2013, 00:24

1001 thx for knobman!
by jupiter8 at 14 Jul 2013, 08:20

JKnobman 6 frames switch for Kontakt
by aantetomaso at 3 Jul 2013, 08:02

Mouse clicks on button image
by niktu at 3 Jul 2013, 01:46

Knobman: Trying to create a slider, but getting pixel jigget
by Architeuthis at 14 Jun 2013, 10:45

VeeMax 64 Bit ?
by Teksonik at 8 Jun 2013, 16:14

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