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1 Jul 2016Harrison announces Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAW Software Version 3.4 16 Jun 2016#KVRDeal Expired Harrison Mixbus Summer NAMM Special 2 Jun 2016Harrison releases Mixbus32C - Next Generation in the Mixbus DAW Family 11 Mar 2016Harrison updates Mixbus to v3.2 4 Feb 2016First-ever 30 times multi-platinum album 22 Jan 2016Mixbus Ver 3.1 update being shown at NAMM 22 Jan 2016From HarmonyCentral: Harrison shows off their powerful Mixbus 3 DAW software at Winter NAMM 2016 22 Jan 2016Harrison announces Mixbus 3.1 and releases TTC-1 Tablet Controller (TouchOSC layout) 6 May 2014#KVRDeal Expired RSPE No Brainer Deal: Harrison Mixbus for $19.95 (extended until June 6th) 30 Apr 2014Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.5 and releases XT-EG Expander / Gate, XT-DS De-Esser and XT-VC Vocal Character Plug-ins 28 Nov 2013Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.4 and releases XT-BC Bass Character Plug-in 31 May 2013Harrison Consoles Announces New Plug-In Series: XTools for Mixbus 31 May 2013Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.3 - New Features and Improvements 26 Oct 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.2 - new features and improvements plus three new bundled plugins: Dyno-Mite, GVerb+ and 3D Triple Delay 13 Jul 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.1 - adds Cloud Integration and Educational Pricing 22 Mar 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.0.7 and offers Special Pricing 16 Feb 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.0.6 19 Jan 2012Harrison Consoles releases Mixbus for Windows 5 Dec 2011Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.0.5 5 Sep 2011Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.0.4

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Mixbus Minute Tips - Metadata   Mix Tips - Using Reverb in Mixbus   Pro Tips - Automation in Mixbus   Mix Tips - Metering in Mixbus   Mix Tips - EQ in Mixbus   XT-DC Drum Character Plugin for Harrison Mixbus   Plug-In Essentials Pack for Mixbus   Mix Tips - Creating a Subgroup in Mixbus   Pro Tips - Routing From Pro Tools Into Mixbus   XTools for Mixbus: XT-MC Multi-Band Compressor   Quick Tips - Notching with the EQ in Mixbus   XTools for Mixbus: XT-EQ Equalizer   Harrison Mixbus 3.2 Preview   XTools Plug-ins for Mixbus   Mix Tips - Mouse Shortcuts in Mixbus   Introducing Mixbus32C Video   Harrison Mixbus: Polarity Maximizer   Harrison's TTC-1 Tablet Controller for Mixbus   Pro Tips - Region Editing and Crossfades in Mixbus   Pro Tips - Importing Tracks Into Mixbus   Quick Tips - Creating an EQ "bump" with a HPF and Low Shelf in Mixbus   Pro Tips - Range Editing in Mixbus   Pro Tips - Exporting Audio From Mixbus   Harrison Mixbus - Shut Up and Mix   Mix Tips - Parallel Compression in Mixbus   XTools for Mixbus: XT-DS De-Esser   XTools for Mixbus: XT-ME Mastering Equalizer   Mix Tips - Compression in Mixbus   Pro Tips - Exporting Audio From Pro Tools   Recording Basics in Harrison Mixbus   Quick Tips - Using EQ to Place Instruments in Mixbus   Mix Tips - External Inserts in Mixbus   Mix Tips - Gain Staging in Mixbus   Mix Tips - Grouping and Bussing in Mixbus   Mix Tips - Clipping vs. Clipping   XTools for Mixbus: XT-BC Bass Character   XTools for Mixbus: XT-EG Expander / Gate  


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Release of NEW Mixbus Drum Character Plugin
by Bob Todrank at 14 Mar 2016, 07:18

Mixbus Version 3.2 Released!
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Just for fun....
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“Ten Reasons You Should be Considering Harrison Mixbus Over Pro Tools”
by Bob Todrank at 27 Feb 2016, 08:29

Mixbus Ver 3.1 External Controller setup videos.
by Bob Todrank at 22 Feb 2016, 07:12

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