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1024 Firestone Pkwy
LaVergne, TN 37135
Sales: 615-641-7200 mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com
Support: 615-641-7200 mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com
Feb 21
Mastered in Mixbus by Russell Cottier. Well done & congratulations to everyone involved! https://t.co/n3elW1umkC
Feb 20
A Harrison MPC5 with a full suite of Harrison Xtools film specific plug-ins! https://t.co/65MIIg3jya

From its Nashville, Tennessee facilities, Harrison designs, manufactures and markets large-format, professional audio mixing consoles and software for international film and television production, post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording markets.

The first Harrison 32-Series Console was delivered in 1975, marking the first milestone in a long history of technological breakthroughs by Harrison engineers. Since its inception, Harrison consoles have been renowned for their technical superiority. Over 1,500 Harrison consoles have been installed worldwide, constituting a significant share of the overall world market for high-end audio consoles. Currently, approximately half of the installed user base are international customers, indicative of the reputation and acceptance of Harrison consoles worldwide. Harrison's dominance of the high-end market demonstrates that customers that require solutions to complex problems invariably turn to Harrison to provide the answer.

Mixbus was Harrison's first entry into the consumer DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) market. Launched in 2009, Mixbus is a full-featured DAW that incorporates many of Harrison's mixing technologies. Mixbus is developed in collaboration with the community-developed open-source Ardour community.

Mixbus differs from other workstations because it provides a full Harrison mixer with EQ, compression, limiters, saturation, metering, and other functions normally found on a high-end analog console.

Mixbus runs on all popular desktop computers (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Mixbus is intended to provide a bridge between the analog recording studio, the desktop computer studio, and the studio of the future, when computing power is ubiquitous and tiny, and differences between sound and worfklow become the defining advantages. With our deep history in music recording and deep knowledge of modern audio-for-video production, Harrison is in a singular position to provide this bridge.

In 2016, Harrison launched Mixbus32C, which adds the famous Harrison 32Series console equalizer to the Mixbus mixer, as well as 4 additional stereo buses.

The Mixbus product line also includes 12 highly specialized plugins for music recording, mixing and mastering. These plugins may be purchased separately.

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20 Jan 2017Harrison announces Mixbus v4.0 2 Dec 2016Ardour updated to v5.5 7 Nov 2016Harrison updates Mixbus and Mixbus32C to v3.7 2 Sep 2016Harrison releases Demo Version of Mixbus and Mixbus32C 1 Jul 2016Harrison announces Mixbus and Mixbus32C DAW Software Version 3.4 16 Jun 2016#KVRDeal Expired Harrison Mixbus Summer NAMM Special 2 Jun 2016Harrison releases Mixbus32C - Next Generation in the Mixbus DAW Family 11 Mar 2016Harrison updates Mixbus to v3.2 4 Feb 2016First-ever 30 times multi-platinum album 22 Jan 2016Mixbus Ver 3.1 update being shown at NAMM 22 Jan 2016From HarmonyCentral: Harrison shows off their powerful Mixbus 3 DAW software at Winter NAMM 2016 22 Jan 2016Harrison announces Mixbus 3.1 and releases TTC-1 Tablet Controller (TouchOSC layout) 6 May 2014#KVRDeal Expired RSPE No Brainer Deal: Harrison Mixbus for $19.95 (extended until June 6th) 30 Apr 2014Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.5 and releases XT-EG Expander / Gate, XT-DS De-Esser and XT-VC Vocal Character Plug-ins 28 Nov 2013Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.4 and releases XT-BC Bass Character Plug-in 31 May 2013Harrison Consoles Announces New Plug-In Series: XTools for Mixbus 31 May 2013Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.3 - New Features and Improvements 26 Oct 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.2 - new features and improvements plus three new bundled plugins: Dyno-Mite, GVerb+ and 3D Triple Delay 13 Jul 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.1 - adds Cloud Integration and Educational Pricing 22 Mar 2012Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.0.7 and offers Special Pricing

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