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10 Aug 2017Homegrown Sounds releases "Fragments" and "Movement" for Kontakt with Intro Offers 9 Aug 2017#KVRDeal Expired HGS Movement for Kontakt "No Brainer Deal" - $6.49 10 Jul 2017Homegrown Sounds releases AirTones for Kontakt and Motion Group Buy Update 22 Jun 2017Homegrown Sounds releases AirWaves for Kontakt 5.6 28 Apr 2017Homegrown Sounds releases Motion for Kontakt with a Group Buy 5 Feb 2017#KVRDeal Expired Homegrown Sounds Deal: Get 11 Products for $14.99 20 Nov 2016Homegrown Sounds updates Cassetto to v1.6 and releases Dominate 'Bootleg' for Kontakt 14 Nov 2016Homegrown Sounds updates Cassetto for Kontakt to v1.5 and introduces two 'Bootlegs' 13 Nov 2016#KVRDeal Expired Homegrown Sounds Cassetto Group Buy - Get 7 Products for $14.99 22 Oct 2016Homegrown Sounds updates Cassetto for Kontakt to v1.3 8 Oct 2016Homegrown Sounds updates Cassetto to v1.1 0 for Kontakt 5.5 30 Sep 2016Homegrown Sounds introduces Cassetto for Kontakt 5.6 with a Group Buy 1 Sep 2016Homegrown Sounds releases Essence for TAL Bassline-101 25 Aug 2016Homegrown Sounds releases Lifelines for Spire 21 Jul 2016Homegrown Sounds releases Nostalgia for Sunrizer 14 Jul 2016Homegrown Sounds releases Alectrona for ArcSyn and announces Summer Sale (40% discounts) 19 Nov 2015#KVRDeal Expired Homegrown Sounds Sale: 50% Off Everything 21 May 2015Homegrown Sounds releases Paradox for DUNE 2 23 Apr 2015Homegrown Sounds releases Radiate for miniSyn'X and updates Molecules for PolyKB II 16 Apr 2015Homegrown Sounds releases Multiverse Fragmented (and updates all Multiverse product to v1.1)

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Save script array
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Purchased the Kosmos Classics crossgrade, what to do to get the product?
by Gribs at 30 Dec 2015, 09:52

Shimmer for Bazille
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tuning of Bion
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Please help: baby bion crashs my FL Studio
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Server Relocation Notice
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Kosmonaut Free Kontakt Instrument/Sequencer
by Astralp at 19 Jan 2014, 11:47

ARP Scale Remapper Brain Freeze Help!?
by como baila at 6 Aug 2013, 23:07

Mesh - No sound at all :SOLVED:
by RunBeerRun at 4 Jun 2013, 16:27

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