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20 Feb 2015Impact Soundworks releases Interplanetary: Cinematic Scifi Patches for Massive0 comments 6 Jan 2015Impact Soundworks Releases "ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design" for Kontakt & WAV0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 17 Dec 2014VSTBuzz Offer: 60% off Koto and Sitar Nation Bundle by Impact Soundworks0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 10 Dec 2014Impact Soundworks Launches 2014 Holiday Sale: Discounts Up To 50% Off Entire Catalog0 comments 13 Oct 2014Impact Soundworks releases Plectra Series 4: Turkish Oud for Kontakt0 comments 15 Sep 2014Impact Soundworks releases Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion for Kontakt0 comments 17 Jul 2014Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage 2X Update and announces $99 Sale0 comments 18 Jun 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Vocalisa: Slavic Women's Choir" for Kontakt0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 2 Apr 2014VSTBuzz: 45% off "Plectra Series Bundle" - world instruments for Kontakt by Impact Soundworks0 comments 13 Mar 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design" for Kontakt0 comments 16 Dec 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Impact: Everything Bundle" and launches Winter Sale0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 12 Dec 2013Impact Soundworks Winter Sale (30% off everything)0 comments 12 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases Free Trial Pack for Kontakt0 comments 5 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases "Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano" for Kontakt0 comments 14 Aug 2013Impact Soundworks Launches Academic Discount Program0 comments 26 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools" for Kontakt Player0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 18 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks Offers Deep Discounts with Modern Composer Bundle0 comments 21 Jun 2013Impact Soundworks releases Forest Frame Drums for Kontakt0 comments 11 Dec 2012Impact Soundworks releases "Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar" for Kontakt Player0 comments 1 Mar 2012Impact Soundworks releases Resonance: Emotional Mallets for Kontakt 40 comments

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KVR Forum (Latest Posts)

S2 Classic: Anti-repetition intermittently causes low A and G single sus. to not sound
by xphen0m at 1 Mar 2015, 11:15

How to get rid of the machine gun effect with shreddage 2?
by audiosupernova at 22 Feb 2015, 13:01

Order Weirdness
by rictheobscene at 18 Feb 2015, 15:22

INTERPLANETARY: Cinematic scifi patches for Massive, available now!
by zircon at 18 Feb 2015, 14:54

Unable to use Shreddage Bass Picked Edition in Sforzando or LinuxSampler
by BLauritson at 18 Feb 2015, 09:54

"Empathy" - Prog Rock - Archtop/Shreddage 2
by audiosupernova at 16 Feb 2015, 22:56

Shreddage 2 Activation
by zircon at 13 Feb 2015, 15:51

(Blazblue) Rebellion - Shreddage Cover
by zircon at 11 Feb 2015, 08:40

2 IS library Questions from a new user
by sunny16 at 8 Feb 2015, 22:14

What We're Working On (Jan 2015 Edition)
by zircon at 8 Feb 2015, 15:04

CELESTIA v1.5 Feature Requests - Post them here!
by zircon at 4 Feb 2015, 10:00

Can't activate product in new computer
by zircon at 3 Feb 2015, 18:37

Shreddage 2X FREE UPDATE - Now available!
by DarkFlameSquirrel at 3 Feb 2015, 15:04

Not sure what is happening but the guitar "seems" to be going out of tune
by warfighter67 at 2 Feb 2015, 05:52

What the heck tuning is the shredage 2 guitar in?
by deadby100cuts at 31 Jan 2015, 21:10

Shreddage Classic Expansion, NOW AVAILABLE for Shreddage 2 starting at $25.
by WarAxe at 24 Jan 2015, 07:45

ISW ASKS: What guitar(s) would you like us to sample for a Shreddage 2 expansion?
by DarkFlameSquirrel at 22 Jan 2015, 21:38

ISW library poll: Which libraries would you get if they were available for Kontakt Player?
by EvilDragon at 21 Jan 2015, 10:31

Impact Soundworks launches USB Preloading Service for all domestic & international customers
by zircon at 20 Jan 2015, 17:09

phasing in doubletrack shreddage 2x
by warfighter67 at 19 Jan 2015, 08:31

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