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1 Sep 2015Impact Soundworks releases Furia Staccato Strings 29 Jul 2015#KVRDeal Expired Impact Soundworks Launches Summer Sale - Up to 40% off entire catalog and bundles 22 Jul 2015Impact Soundworks releases Bravura Scoring Brass for Kontakt Player 9 Apr 2015Impact Soundworks releases "Pearl Concert Grand" for Kontakt Player 20 Feb 2015Impact Soundworks releases Interplanetary: Cinematic Scifi Patches for Massive 6 Jan 2015Impact Soundworks Releases "ReForged: Cinematic Metallic Sound Design" for Kontakt & WAV 17 Dec 2014#KVRDeal Expired VSTBuzz Offer: 60% off Koto and Sitar Nation Bundle by Impact Soundworks 10 Dec 2014#KVRDeal Expired Impact Soundworks Launches 2014 Holiday Sale: Discounts Up To 50% Off Entire Catalog 13 Oct 2014Impact Soundworks releases Plectra Series 4: Turkish Oud for Kontakt 15 Sep 2014Impact Soundworks releases Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion for Kontakt 17 Jul 2014Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage 2X Update and announces $99 Sale 18 Jun 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Vocalisa: Slavic Women's Choir" for Kontakt 2 Apr 2014#KVRDeal Expired VSTBuzz: 45% off "Plectra Series Bundle" - world instruments for Kontakt by Impact Soundworks 13 Mar 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design" for Kontakt 16 Dec 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Impact: Everything Bundle" and launches Winter Sale 12 Dec 2013#KVRDeal Expired Impact Soundworks Winter Sale (30% off everything) 12 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases Free Trial Pack for Kontakt 5 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases "Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano" for Kontakt 14 Aug 2013Impact Soundworks Launches Academic Discount Program 26 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools" for Kontakt Player

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SHREDDAGE 2 IBZ - Intro pricing ends soon + NEW videos + stunning demos..!
by bigjerome at 13 Oct 2015, 08:44

Shreddage drums multiple output, how?
by zircon at 11 Oct 2015, 16:41

by nbd at 11 Oct 2015, 05:52

Shreddage 2 - metal track, how does it sound?
by DarkFlameSquirrel at 10 Oct 2015, 13:59

CELESTIA v1.5 Feature Requests - Post them here!
by Ben H at 9 Oct 2015, 02:12

Can anyone help me get a good strumming sound?
by soundoutsource at 6 Oct 2015, 05:34

SFZ for Sitar Nation
by JustJet at 6 Oct 2015, 00:25

Shreddage 2 IBZ - Devil in white (O. Englund)
by Sworduigi at 2 Oct 2015, 13:07

"Into the Quasar" [Metal] [Shreddage Drums, Bass, Guitar, Juggernaut]
by ELECTRONICHAOS at 26 Sep 2015, 08:12

Wallpapers/Desktop backgrounds of ISW product art?
by warfighter67 at 2 Sep 2015, 13:28

FURIA Staccato Strings - Lightweight string ensemble for Kontakt, starting at $0!
by zircon at 1 Sep 2015, 11:01

Installing Shreddage 2x + Classic
by Taly at 26 Aug 2015, 17:05

Shreddage IBZ - Coming soon. UI/Engine updates coming too!
by ELECTRONICHAOS at 24 Aug 2015, 12:00

Empires Fall - Soaring brass [Bravura] and piercing strings!
by warfighter67 at 23 Aug 2015, 07:42

What release format would you prefer for Shreddage IBZ?
by ELECTRONICHAOS at 21 Aug 2015, 19:52

Trying to buy products but it won't let me
by zircon at 20 Aug 2015, 13:36

ISW Shreddage X2 and Shreddage Bass featured in the KVR Mix Challenge 13
by Compyfox at 12 Aug 2015, 07:28

Why No R&B Electric Rhythm Guitar?
by mike841 at 11 Aug 2015, 23:57

August KVR Mix Challenge...featuring Shreddage 2X and Shreddage Bass
by audiosupernova at 31 Jul 2015, 15:36

A new project Ive been working on, could really use some crique!
by Synthoridity at 28 Jul 2015, 22:50

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