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13 Oct 2014Impact Soundworks releases Plectra Series 4: Turkish Oud for Kontakt0 comments 15 Sep 2014Impact Soundworks releases Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion for Kontakt0 comments 17 Jul 2014Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage 2X Update and announces $99 Sale0 comments 18 Jun 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Vocalisa: Slavic Women's Choir" for Kontakt0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 2 Apr 2014VSTBuzz: 45% off "Plectra Series Bundle" - world instruments for Kontakt by Impact Soundworks0 comments 13 Mar 2014Impact Soundworks releases "Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design" for Kontakt0 comments 16 Dec 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Impact: Everything Bundle" and launches Winter Sale0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 12 Dec 2013Impact Soundworks Winter Sale (30% off everything)0 comments 12 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases Free Trial Pack for Kontakt0 comments 5 Sep 2013Impact Soundworks Releases "Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano" for Kontakt0 comments 14 Aug 2013Impact Soundworks Launches Academic Discount Program0 comments 26 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks releases "Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools" for Kontakt Player0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 18 Jul 2013Impact Soundworks Offers Deep Discounts with Modern Composer Bundle0 comments 21 Jun 2013Impact Soundworks releases Forest Frame Drums for Kontakt0 comments 11 Dec 2012Impact Soundworks releases "Shreddage 2: Absolute Electric Guitar" for Kontakt Player0 comments 1 Mar 2012Impact Soundworks releases Resonance: Emotional Mallets for Kontakt 40 comments 4 Apr 2011Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage X: Electric Guitar Samples Reloaded for Kontakt0 comments 29 Nov 2010Impact Soundworks releases Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1: Adult Contemporary Guitar Loops [ACID|REX]0 comments 23 Sep 2010Impact Soundworks releases Koto Nation: Classical Instruments of Japan for Kontakt0 comments 15 Feb 2010Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage: Electric Rhythm Guitar for Kontakt0 comments

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KVR Forum (Latest Posts)

out of tune strings
by Ah_Dziz at 21 Oct 2014, 22:31

Shreddage 2 - importing guitar pro midi - wrong notes
by Erra at 20 Oct 2014, 15:40

Plectra Series 4: Turkish Oud, now available!
by zircon at 20 Oct 2014, 15:35

ISW ASKS: What guitar(s) would you like us to sample for a Shreddage 2 expansion?
by EvilDragon at 18 Oct 2014, 22:48

ISW Gift Cards! Treat the special musician in your life, or yourself.
by xNiMiNx at 15 Oct 2014, 19:17

Question about the website
by zircon at 15 Oct 2014, 14:17

SFZ for Sitar Nation
by muslimpunk at 14 Oct 2014, 11:30

Shreddage 2X FREE UPDATE - Now available!
by zircon at 10 Oct 2014, 21:41

Shreddage Classic for Shreddage II. Coming SOON!
by zircon at 10 Oct 2014, 13:40

I don't know if anyone brought this up yet but...
by zircon at 8 Oct 2014, 07:29

Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design, available now w/ Juggernaut crossgrade!
by Musical Gym at 8 Oct 2014, 01:15

Shreddage Bass - how to fake G-tuning?
by Martinh. at 6 Oct 2014, 03:15

Shreddage IIx - articulation change problem
by warfighter67 at 5 Oct 2014, 11:10

Shreddage II: Reducing Strumming Noise/Sustaining Chords?
by mtgowns at 4 Oct 2014, 08:44

Bug in S2X? Portamento breaks Unison Bend
by zircon at 3 Oct 2014, 20:28

[Rhapsody] [Shreddage] Angelheart - Orchestral Rock
by DarkFlameSquirrel at 30 Sep 2014, 23:59

Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion - RELEASED! New screencast + ESSENTIALS version for <$99
by davidstiles at 30 Sep 2014, 20:55

New song using Juggernaut and Shreddage 2. Electro Metal
by zircon at 29 Sep 2014, 14:26

Shreddage IIx - can't get single notes at correct pitch without powerchord being added
by warfighter67 at 27 Sep 2014, 17:49

Shreddage II: Can't Get True Double Tracking
by warfighter67 at 22 Sep 2014, 06:40

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