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Mar 10
Intro Story : Danilla's Album Lintasan Waktu. Read more : https://t.co/OFF1SgG5nt #kuasssa #story #behind #danillahttps://t.co/aDZp06cqcy
Mar 10
RT @musikproduktion: Gratis Equalizer? #FreewareFriday, her damit! Wir haben uns mal das Plugin basiQ von @kuassa angeschaut. 💪🔥 Mehr Deta…

Kuassa is a software developer specializing on guitar amplification and audio processing. Established 2009 in Bandung by a collective of like-minded musicians who are passionate about music creative process. As musician ourselves, we believe that music tools should be as straightforward as possible, putting aside all obstruction that can slowing-down the inspiration will be an essential goal for any kind of musicians and engineers alike, from bedroom studios to major studios in Hollywood.

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23 Feb 2018Kuassa releases Efektor WF3607 Wah Wah Effect at Intro Price 22 Dec 2017Kuassa updates all Efektor Modulations, Silencer RE and EVE-AT4 15 Dec 2017Kuassa releases Efektor CP3603 Compressor at Intro/Holiday Price 1 Dec 2017#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Holiday Sale: Up to 50% Discount on Plug-ins and Rack Extensions 20 Nov 2017#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Black Friday Sale: 50% Discount on all Amplifikations and Studio FX 30 Sep 2017Kuassa releases Four Efektor Modulation devices as Rack Extensions 18 Sep 2017Kuassa updates Efektor DS3603, FZ3603 and OD3603 to v1.0.5 29 Aug 2017Kuassa releases Efektor Modulation Bundle with Intro Offer 27 Jul 2017Kuassa releases updates for Efektor DS3603, FZ3603, OD3603 and Silencer Plug-ins 16 Jul 2017Kuassa releases three guitar effect plug-ins: Efektor DS3603, FZ3603 and OD3603, and free "Silencer" plug-in 14 Jul 2017#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Intro Offer for Efektor Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive Pedal Effect Emulation 9 Apr 2017#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa 7th Anniversary Sale: 40% Off All Plug-ins; 36% Off All Rack Extensions 9 Mar 2017#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Goes to SXSW Sale - 35% Off All Products 12 Dec 2016Kuassa releases Efektor Guitar FX Series for Rack Extension (incl. freebie) 6 Dec 2016Kuassa updates Amplifikation Vermilion RE to v1.2.1 and Amplifikation Creme RE v1.1.1 2 Dec 2016#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Holiday Sale - Up To 50% Off 24 Nov 2016#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Black Friday Sale - Up To 50% Off 30 Sep 2016Kuassa Updates EVE-AT Series RE (1.1.0), EVE-MP5 RE (1.0.2), and Kratos 2 Maximizer RE (2.0.3) 26 Aug 2016#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa End of Summer Sale: 40% discount for all plug-ins & up to 43% discount on Rack Extensions 19 Aug 2016Kuassa updates EVE-AT Series Equalizer (1.1.5), EVE-MP5 Equalizer (1.0.5), and Kratos 2 Maximizer (2.0.3)

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