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Kuassa, Inc.
R&D Studio and Office
Jl. Sukasenang V no.14
Bandung, 40124
Sales: info@kuassa.com
Support: support@kuassa.com
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Jul 26
Like good visuals have a good composition around forms, colours, and contrasting elements; music… https://t.co/jhSDNY59z9
Jul 26
RT @misterfielding: @ScareBags all @PropellerheadSW Reason, using @kuassa REs for the amps

Kuassa is a software developer specializing on guitar amplification and audio processing. Our root is coming from passion to create great tools for every musician's creative process. As musicians ourselves, we believe that straight outstanding tonal quality are more important than anything else, including tons of features that might won't be that useful or may distracts you from your main objective: creating great music.

The name "Kuassa", are derived from Indonesian word: kuasa, which means power, might, or authority. We simply took this word, and use it as our brand to always remind us that a right mixture between left and right part of human brain can create something that emotionally sings to your soul, while logically effective.

Our Values:

1. We prefers quality over quantity. On most occasions, having 100 amp, 80 FXs, and 90 Cabinets won't guarantee you for making good guitar tracks.

2. We focused everything we've got on something that matters the most: the TONE!

3. We make everything as easy and accessible as possible. Even we want you to immediately start playing and forget the user manual. (even though we're still making one :D )

4. Putting low price tag doesn't mean our products are inferior (and vice-versa). We're just trying to be fair with our pricing.

5. Using Guitar Amp Software means you are being Eco-Friendly. Less power consumption, less waste, and therefore reduces your carbon footprint when compared with real hardware.

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1 Apr 2016#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa 6th Anniversary Sale: 30% off for all plugins; 50% off for additional purchases 18 Dec 2015Kuassa releases Standalone versions of Amplifikation Plug-ins and Preset Converter Utilities 2 Dec 2015#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa offers plugins and rack extensions for between $25-45 until January 1st 26 Nov 2015#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale - Up to 50% Discount 23 Oct 2015Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme (v1.3.2) and Amplifikation Vermilion (v1.1.1) 19 Oct 2015Kuassa Updates Cerberus Bass Amp to v1.0.5 11 Sep 2015Kuassa updates Amplifikation Vermilion to v1.1.0 - Adds VST3 & AAX; Offers 30% Discount 3 Sep 2015#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Back to School Sale - Up To 30% Off All Products 25 Jun 2015Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme to v1.3.0 - Now supports VST3 and AAX 15 Jun 2015Kuassa upgrade Kratos Maximizer to Kratos 2 Maximizer for VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and RE 11 May 2015Kuassa releases EVE-MP5 Equalizer for VST/VST3/AU/AAX (+ updates Cerberus Bass Amp to 1.0.1 and EVE-AT Series to 1.1.1) 22 Apr 2015Kuassa updates "EVE-AT Series Equalizers" adding VST3 and AAX support 31 Mar 2015#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa 5th Anniversary Sale - Up to 50% Off 13 Mar 2015Kuassa releases Cerberus Bass Amplifikation for VST, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX 19 Dec 2014Kuassa updates EVE-MP5 Equalizer Rack Extension to v1.0.1 12 Dec 2014Kuassa releases EVE-MP5 Program Equalizer Rack Extension with intro offer 2 Dec 2014#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Holiday Sale: 30% Off All VST/AU; Up To 25% Off Rack Extensions 27 Nov 2014#KVRDeal Expired Kuassa Black Friday Sale - Up to 70% off 25 Aug 2014Kuassa releases Cerberus Bass Amp Rack Extension and the Kuassa Amplifikation Rack Extension Bundle for Reason 11 Apr 2014Kuassa releases EVE-AT1 and EVE-AT4 Rack Extensions for Reason

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