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Apr 30
@arovane1 Thank you Uwe, I appreciate it !
Apr 30
Yes, yes, yes ! https://t.co/5Mqrlq4fwd

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27 Feb 2015LinPlug updates SaxLab to v2.2 and Spectral to v1.2.3 5 Dec 2014#KVRDeal Expired LinPlug Holiday Sale: 33% off every LinPlug synth, effect and sound set until end of 2014 5 Dec 2014LinPlug updates Spectral to v1.2 and releases "warm n deep" sound expansion from Himalaya 19 Sep 2014LinPlug updates Spectral to v1.1 16 Apr 2014LinPlug updates Alpha to v3.3 and Octopus to v1.3.4 7 Apr 2014LinPlug updates FreeAlpha, CrX4, MorphoX, Organ 3 and SaxLab 4 Mar 2014LinPlug updates relectro, MorphoX and Rob Papen Albino 17 Feb 2014LinPlug updates CrX4, Organ3, SaxLab and RMV 30 Jan 2014LinPlug updates Octopus (1.3.3), SaxLab (2.1.6) and Spectral (1.0.1) 2 Dec 2013#KVRDeal Expired 33% Discount on all LinPlug synths and effects during December 26 Nov 2013LinPlug releases Spectral Synthesizer for Mac & Win VST & AU with Intro Offer 15 May 2013LinPlug updates Mac versions of RMV to v5.1.3 and SaxLab to v2.1.5 30 Nov 2012LinPlug updates RMV to v5.1.0 (incl. Mac 64-bit) and releases 100 new sounds for CrX4 from Philippe Favre 28 Nov 2012#KVRDeal Expired 33% Off All LinPlug Instruments & Effects during December 2012 31 Aug 2012LinPlug releases CrX4 for Mac OS X (AU/RTAS/VST) and Windows (VST) 28 Jun 2012LinPlug updates RMV to v5.0.8 (Win only) and SaxLab to v2.1.3 29 Mar 2012LinPlug updates Mac versions of Element P, MorphoX, Organ and SaxLab (incl. 64-bit Element P and SaxLab) 28 Feb 2012LinPlug unveils preview of CronoX 4 and updates Mac versions of Alpha, Albino and CronoX 27 Jan 2012LinPlug updates RMV to v5.0.7 and Rob Papen Albino for Mac to v3.1.6 7 Nov 2011LinPlug updates Alpha and FreeAlpha to v3.2

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