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17 Nov 2014Loomer updates String (now with AAX Native 64-bit support) and Aspect0 comments 4 Nov 2014Loomer updates Sequent to 1.4.1 - Now with AAX Native 64-bit support0 comments 23 Oct 2014Loomer updates Aspect to 1.7.17 - Now with AAX Native 64-bit support0 comments 10 Jun 2014Loomer updates String to 1.14.8 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux0 comments 20 Aug 2013Loomer updates String and Sequent for Linux0 comments 15 Jul 2013Loomer updates String to 1.14.5 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux0 comments 13 May 2013Loomer updates Sequent to v1.3.110 comments 8 Feb 2013Loomer updates String to 1.3.11 for Mac, Windows, and Linux0 comments 17 Dec 2012Loomer updates Sequent to 1.3.30 comments 1 Mar 2012Loomer updates Aspect to v1.7.100 comments 20 Feb 2012Loomer updates Aspect to v1.7.90 comments 19 Jan 2012Loomer updates String to v1.3.70 comments 9 Jan 2012Loomer updates Shift to v2.2.30 comments 17 Nov 2011Loomer updates Sequent to v1.3.10 comments 28 Sep 2011Loomer updates Sequent to 1.3.0 for Mac, Windows, and Linux0 comments 26 Sep 2011Loomer and Computer Music Magazine release Cumulus - Granular Sampler Plug-in for Windows, Mac and Linux (VST, AU, RTAS)0 comments 19 Sep 2011Loomer updates Aspect to v1.7.70 comments 13 Sep 2011Loomer updates Aspect to v1.7.6 (incl. 64-bit Mac VST)0 comments 1 Sep 2011Loomer updates Manifold and Resound for Mac to v1.6.10 comments 17 Aug 2011Loomer updates Resound and Manifold to 1.6.0 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux0 comments

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(the product formerly known as) Epoch
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Aspect 1.7.19 download link?
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String 1.14.13 (now with AAX Native 64-bit support)
by colin@loomer at 17 Nov 2014, 03:02

Cumulus - transient/attack
by Nowhk at 6 Nov 2014, 03:50

Aspect presets video
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Aspect 1.7.18
by colin@loomer at 4 Nov 2014, 03:25

Sequent 1.4.0 (+AAX release candidate)
by colin@loomer at 30 Oct 2014, 06:04

String 1.14.8 beta
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Aspect: Patch sorting
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Quick String Question re: retrig
by HunterKiller at 16 May 2014, 01:18

Sequent playhead
by ptrickf at 6 Apr 2014, 01:28

Lack of videos?
by colin@loomer at 31 Mar 2014, 14:56

Simulating Delay in Aspect
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Sequent question
by colin@loomer at 20 Dec 2013, 14:25

So uhhh....
by daed at 4 Nov 2013, 05:48

Sequent sending MIDI notes to change pattern (VST in Renoise)
by cytochromec at 31 Oct 2013, 11:05

Dont know if this has been asked before?
by jethrobull at 9 Oct 2013, 10:56

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