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Feb 21
Playing with a Bela (1.bis): Compile last Audio Toolkit on Bela https://t.co/zTAvbYFSa7
Feb 14
Review of Intel Parallel Studio 2017: Advisor https://t.co/aemZJbEFCY https://t.co/6kJY26Q84h

My plugins are usually free and open Source (http://www.github.com/mbrucher/).

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7 Feb 2017Matthieu Brucher updates Audio Toolkit to v1.4.0 5 Jul 2016Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKTransientSplitter 1.0.0 for Mac & Win VST & AU 7 Jun 2016Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKTransientShaper 1.0.0 for Mac & Win VST & AU 10 May 2016Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKAutoSwell 1.0 for Mac & Win VST & AU 29 Mar 2016Matthieu Brucher updates ATK SD1 to 2.0.0 and Audio Toolkit to v1.2.0 8 Mar 2016Matthieu Brucher updates Audio Toolkit to v1.1.0 5 Nov 2015Matthieu Brucher updates free ATKSideChainCompressor and ATKSideChainExpander to 2.0.0 20 Oct 2015Matthieu Brucher releases first stable release of Audio Toolkit 1.0.0 15 Sep 2015Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKColoredCompressor 1.0.0 and ATKColoredExpander 1.0.0 18 Aug 2015Matthieu Brucher releases ATKChorus v1.0.0, ATKUniversalVariableDelay v1.0.2, ATKStereoPhaser v1.0.0 and updates ATKUnviversalDelay to v1.2.0 7 Aug 2015Matthieu Brucher releases Free ATKSideChainExpander v1.0.1 21 Jul 2015Matthieu Brucher releases ATKSideChainCompressor v1.0.0 and updates free Audio Toolkit v0.7.0 25 Jun 2015Matthieu Brucher updates free Audio Toolkit to v0.6.0 and releases ATKStereCompressor v1.0.0 19 Aug 2014Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKLimiter, updates ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plug-ins for Mac & Win as well as Audio Toolkit to v0.5.0 15 Jul 2014Matthieu Brucher releases free ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plug-ins for Mac & Win and updates Audio Toolkit to v0.4.0 26 Jun 2014Matthieu Brucher releases "ATK SD1" plug-in for Mac & Win and updates "Audio Toolkit" to v0.3.0 10 May 2011Matthieu Brucher releases QtSimpleOverdrive v1.1


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