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Aug 21
Here are 5 great, simple tips on EQing. Do you have any other tips and tricks to add? http://t.co/1XcfANolIK
Aug 20
The NFL is asking halftime musical acts to pay in order to play. We strongly don't like this idea. What do you think? http://t.co/mw7xZn71JY
Aug 18
I don't envy the people who work here and have to hear this all day. https://t.co/fsDJamCnG8

Orange Tree Samples produces innovative sample libraries that enable musicians to achieve incredible realism with ease. Each product is designed for real-time performance or scoring, without the tedious programming or extensive keyswitches commonly required to achieve realistic sounding performances using conventional sample libraries. We attain this by combining state-of-the-art sampling techniques, proprietary physical modeling concepts, and innovative programming.


KVR Forum (Latest Posts)

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more wind, since passion flute ended up so excellent.
by Gregjazz at 26 Jun 2014, 22:53

How many licenses included?
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Summer Solstice Sale - 30% OFF!!
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by Gregjazz at 17 Jun 2014, 03:25

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by Karten at 15 Jun 2014, 00:04

Strumming is not getting recorded in Ableton
by Gregjazz at 9 Jun 2014, 20:16

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by Gregjazz at 30 May 2014, 23:32

Evolution Guitars - How to strum all held notes?
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How does vibrato work in CoreBass Pear?
by dwozzle at 30 May 2014, 18:40

Palm Mute Tightness...
by Gregjazz at 28 May 2014, 21:36

First proper use of Passion Flute...
by Gregjazz at 6 May 2014, 22:30

String Voicing Control - Long Cool Woman
by Gregjazz at 22 Apr 2014, 01:28

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