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Oct 8
Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming nylon guitar sample library for Kontakt: https://t.co/BmPb7lc1hS
Sep 28
Here's a glimpse of what's in the works for our Evolution series of guitars... http://t.co/Lhvwa802cY

Orange Tree Samples produces innovative sample libraries that enable musicians to achieve incredible realism with ease. Each product is designed for real-time performance or scoring, without the tedious programming or extensive keyswitches commonly required to achieve realistic sounding performances using conventional sample libraries. We attain this by combining state-of-the-art sampling techniques, proprietary physical modeling concepts, and innovative programming.

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Evolution Electric Eanshee chord issue
by Gregjazz at 9 Oct 2015, 09:50

EEG Audio demos compilation
by Sworduigi at 22 Sep 2015, 03:04

Evolution Guitar Engine - Update Released!
by Gregjazz at 16 Sep 2015, 14:41

Having issues with programming strums in Banshee
by Gregjazz at 16 Sep 2015, 07:28

How do I change the guitar articulation during a sequenced guitar track in Cubase?
by Gregjazz at 11 Sep 2015, 19:48

Pitch bend limitations
by Gregjazz at 7 Sep 2015, 13:17

Keyswitch works on all articulations but Latching Keyswitch only works on some...
by Gregjazz at 3 Sep 2015, 16:21

Keyswitch works on all articulations but Latching Keyswitch only works on some...
by R.STEED at 3 Sep 2015, 03:18

Experience with Banshee and Midi Guitars / You Rock Guitar
by tq at 27 Aug 2015, 22:59

Latch mode for Strumming ?
by Gregjazz at 26 Aug 2015, 19:33

Banshee: Slides on Powerchords and Octaves?
by Gregjazz at 24 Aug 2015, 15:25

8-String Guitar in the works
by Gregjazz at 18 Aug 2015, 11:33

30% OFF 7 Year Anniversary Celebration!
by DarkFlameSquirrel at 14 Aug 2015, 00:29

How do you 'Edit all groups'?
by whyterabbyt at 12 Aug 2015, 01:09

Evolution Banshee - NOW AVAILABLE!
by DocAtlas at 11 Aug 2015, 12:30

The sound keeps stopping after I input a custom chord...
by R.STEED at 11 Aug 2015, 08:59

How do I load my Steel Strings samples into Kontakt 5?
by EvilDragon at 10 Aug 2015, 01:50

Bass Guitar Sample Library to go along with Banshee?
by DarkFlameSquirrel at 8 Aug 2015, 19:15

Paypal not an option anymore? [PayPal option now added!]
by Gregjazz at 4 Aug 2015, 15:03

Multittrack Setting Question
by Gregjazz at 4 Aug 2015, 12:37

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