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Nov 26
Until Dec. 1st, get 35% OFF all our sample libraries & bundles using the code: OrangeFriday2015
Nov 25
@OssmannTre Yup, we'll be having our annual Orange Friday sale starting this Friday, so stay tuned for the announcement!

Orange Tree Samples produces innovative sample libraries that enable musicians to achieve incredible realism with ease. Each product is designed for real-time performance or scoring, without the tedious programming or extensive keyswitches commonly required to achieve realistic sounding performances using conventional sample libraries. We attain this by combining state-of-the-art sampling techniques, proprietary physical modeling concepts, and innovative programming.

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by rrichard63 at 28 Nov 2015, 11:52

Orange Friday Sale - 35% OFF All Sample Libraries & Bundles
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Website DNS provider issues [FIXED]
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Orange Slices rewards points now carry over!
by Gregjazz at 24 Nov 2015, 16:15

Meet The New Evolution Strawberry & Steel Strings
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Experience with Banshee and Midi Guitars / You Rock Guitar
by Gregjazz at 16 Nov 2015, 15:51

Strawberry and Steel - presets do not appear below fretboard
by Gonga at 13 Nov 2015, 16:34

Feature Request: Proper manual strumming in Evolution libraries
by Gregjazz at 8 Nov 2015, 21:19

Newbie Question: how to access OTS as kontakt libraries?
by EvilDragon at 8 Nov 2015, 07:26

Stratosphere preset strum patterns
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Evolution Electric Eanshee chord issue
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Orange Tree automation isn't working in Cubase...
by Gregjazz at 12 Oct 2015, 10:35

EEG Audio demos compilation
by Sworduigi at 22 Sep 2015, 03:04

Evolution Guitar Engine - Update Released!
by Gregjazz at 16 Sep 2015, 14:41

Having issues with programming strums in Banshee
by Gregjazz at 16 Sep 2015, 07:28

How do I change the guitar articulation during a sequenced guitar track in Cubase?
by Gregjazz at 11 Sep 2015, 19:48

Pitch bend limitations
by Gregjazz at 7 Sep 2015, 13:17

Keyswitch works on all articulations but Latching Keyswitch only works on some...
by Gregjazz at 3 Sep 2015, 16:21

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17 November 2015 at 7:02pmdriverdave63

Guys, I have a software idea for you guys I'd like to discuss, and for the life of me I can't find how to contact you guys directly, could you provide me with a telephone # or email address please? Feel free to delete this once your thru. .. .


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