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14167 Berlin
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Oct 11
Just made this preset in MTurboReverb (not the multi-band version), pretty awesome ambience using one ER module... https://t.co/IiegZ7tf8E
Oct 11
Live on video experiment: processing one of the patches patches from Falcon Singles - Bass Flute with Surreal... https://t.co/nEHSjumvNZ

Patchpool is powered by Simon Stockhausen, a renown composer and sound-designer from Berlin, Germany. Simon produces patches and samples for all sorts of software synths, samplers and FX Plug-Ins and also offers readily mixed soundfiles and SoundPacks (wavs) in various categories for post production and sound design.

All products available on patchpool are delivered via download only (no physical goods are shipped), download links are delivered manually within 1-8 hours after the order has been placed. All transactions are made via PayPal, most products can also be purchased via share*it.

Currently there are soundsets and samples available for:

  • Falcon/MachFive 3.
  • HALion 5.
  • Kaleidoscope.
  • Serum.
  • NI Kontakt.
  • NI Reaktor (including Molekular/Razor).
  • NI Absynth.
  • Alchemy 1 (Camel Audio).
  • Alchemy 2 (Apple/Logic).
  • Padshop Pro (Steinberg).
  • ArcSyn (SPC).
  • PPG Phonem.
  • Zebra 2 (u-he).
  • Spectral (LinPlug).
  • Tremor (FXpansion).
  • Chromaphone 1+2 (AAS).
  • MXXX (MeldaProduction).
  • Filterscape (u-he).
  • More Feedback Machine2 (u-he).
  • Adaptiverb (Zynaptiq).
  • iZotope Plug-Ins (Iris 1/2 and Stutter Edit).
  • Tone2 ElectraX/Electra 2.
  • Synplant.
  • 2CAudio Reverbs.
  • VRoom (ValhallaDSP).
  • √úberMod.
  • crusherX! Mac.
  • Various FX plugins.

Some of those sets are donationware.

SoundPacks, LoopPacks and single-wavs are available in the categories:

  • Soundscapes / Drones.
  • Instruments.
  • Real and unreal Voices.
  • Horror.
  • Sound Art.
  • Industrial.
  • Science Fiction.
  • Drum Loops.
  • Music Loops.
  • Nature.
  • Crowds.
  • Transportation.



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