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23 Dec 2017Soniccouture releases Haunted Spaces ft. Chris Watson for Kontakt Player 23 Dec 2017#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Christmas Sale - Up to 50% Off 9 Aug 2017Soniccouture release The Canterbury Suitcase: Rhodes Instrument for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer 27 Jun 2017#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Summer Sale 26th June-3rd July Up To 60% Off 12 Apr 2017Soniccouture releases Electro-Acoustic: Studio Drum Machines for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer 23 Dec 2016#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Christmas Sale + Free Kontakt Player Instrument 25 Nov 2016#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Black Friday: Up To 60% Off 4 Oct 2016Soniccouture releases Xbow Guitars For Kontakt Player 24 Mar 2016Soniccouture announces NKS support for 13 products 19 Feb 2016Art and Technology: An Interview with Imogen Heap 20 Dec 2015Soniccouture releases Ondioline - 1950s Valve Monosynth for Kontakt Player 10 Dec 2015#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Winter Sale: Buy One Get One Free or 35% Off 9 Oct 2015Soniccouture releases "Imogen Heap: Box Of Tricks" for Kontakt Player 3 Sep 2015#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture announces 10th Anniversary Sale 33% Off 28 Jul 2015Soniccouture Releases Balinese Gamelan II for Kontakt Player 10 Apr 2015Soniccouture releases The Hammersmith Grand Piano Instrument for Kontakt 22 Dec 2014#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Xmas Sale: 40% Off OR Buy One Get One Free 27 Nov 2014#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Black Friday Sale: Up to 50% off all products 4 Aug 2014Soniccouture update Ondes Martnenot Instrument to v2.0 27 Jun 2014#KVRDeal Expired Soniccouture Summer Sale: 33% Off All Products Until July 1st

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Haunted Spaces (now released)
by MaxWatt at 5 Jan 2018, 05:46

My Haunted Spaces activation issue, Native Access/Kontakt 5 Player/Kontakt 5-mini.nicrash error
by MaxWatt at 4 Jan 2018, 07:25

Transport control for 'Konkrete' when using Logic Pro X
by someone called simon at 2 Jan 2018, 02:07

Gamelan Tuning
by present at 22 Nov 2017, 05:12

Electroacoustic review
by soniccouture at 30 Oct 2017, 12:16

by soniccouture at 30 Oct 2017, 10:45

Hammond B3 from Soniccouture (and Leeds Rhodes)
by dark water at 31 Aug 2017, 06:38

Konkrete 3
by arturmeinild at 19 Jul 2017, 09:47

Zesty McOrgan
by Ah_Dziz at 3 Jul 2017, 09:19

[Solved] Problem with Konkrete 3 and patterns in Beat shifter
by arturmeinild at 5 Jun 2017, 12:38

How to play Konkrete in Cubase 9
by Mr Arkadin at 3 Apr 2017, 03:06

wind instruments of the Conservatoire Collection
by masitito at 4 Jan 2017, 11:24

The Hammersmith – EDO C3 tunings
by thomaskyhn at 2 Jan 2017, 07:46

.ncw to .wav without Kontakt
by EvilDragon at 28 Dec 2016, 00:41

Black Friday sale
by loachm at 23 Nov 2016, 02:37

Glassworks v1 vs v2 - differences?
by MrMoneypenny at 15 Aug 2016, 10:31

No Skiddaw Stones NKS update?
by soniccouture at 24 Jul 2016, 08:05

Glassworks not showing up in KK or Machine
by soniccouture at 24 Jul 2016, 08:03

Coming Soon - The Hammersmith - Our Piano
by soniccouture at 15 Jul 2016, 12:38

Registering 3rd Party packs purchased from 3rd party website in Music and Audio Production
by soniccouture at 12 Jan 2016, 00:11

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