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Sales: (510) 403-1076 info@soundiron.com
Support: (510) 403-1076 support@soundiron.com
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Nov 25
Voice Of Gaia: Linda Strawberry is on sale now for only $91!
Nov 25
Go into the studio with rising star Ivan torrent. We sit down with him to talk shop, big ideas and the future of... http://t.co/858YJvYlZ5
Nov 25
This is some good stuff. #epics #trailermusic #soundiron What do you do to make your music sound epic? http://t.co/k8rL6Cuv1t

Soundiron is a developer of high-quality virtual instrument and professional sound effect libraries for film, television and video game post-production and the recording industry, catering to composers and audio professions in film, television, recording artists, post production and mass media advertising. We offer a broad catalog of nearly 50 instrument collections, Including the Mars Russian/Latin Male Choir, The Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, Cymbology, Requiem Light Epic Choir, Emotional Piano and many, many more.


17 Nov 2014Soundiron releases Iron Pack 10: "Tortue Amour" with $2.99 intro price0 comments 31 Oct 2014Soundiron releases Sick 5: Sci-Fi & Horror Instrument for Kontakt, with a 31% intro discount through November 10th0 comments 15 Oct 2014Soundiron releases "Iron Pack #9" Ambient Analog Synth Library for Kontakt and SFZ with Intro Offer0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 14 Oct 2014Soundiron "Voice Of Gaia Francesca Genco" on sale for $99 through October 21st0 comments 3 Oct 2014Soundiron releases "Voice Of Gaia - Francesca Genco" for Kontakt with Introductory Price of $990 comments 25 Sep 2014Soundiron releases "Iron Pack #8" - Atmospheric and Tuned Percussion Library in Kontakt & SFZ formats0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 16 Sep 2014Soundiron Offer: "Voice Of Gaia Bryn" and "Voice Of Gaia Strawberry" Discounted0 comments 16 Sep 2014Soundiron releases "Voice Of Gaia Bryn" Exotic Tenor Solo Voice for Kontakt with Intro Offer (plus $40 off Voice Of Gaia Strawberry)0 comments 11 Jul 2014Soundiron releases Iron Pack 7 with Intro Offer (Voices Of Rapture: Tenor and Soprano also on sale)0 comments 18 May 2014Soundiron releases Iron Pack 4 with Intro Offer; Mercury Symphonic Boy's Choir also on sale ($140 Off until May 27th)0 comments 9 May 2014Soundiron releases Iron Pack 3 - Metal Tuned Percussion, Impacts & Atmospheres for Kontakt & SFZ (on sale until May 15 for $2.99)0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 28 Jan 2014Soundiron's Kazoo library more than half-off thru February 3rd in honor of National Kazoo Day0 comments 20 Jan 2014Soundiron releases "The Beat Boxer" - Vocal Percussion library for Kontakt - with Intro Offer0 comments 16 Dec 2013Soundiron releases "Little Wooden Flutes" - Ethnic Flute library for Kontakt - with Intro Offer0 comments 14 Dec 2013Soundiron releases "Voice of Rapture: The Tenor" for Kontakt0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 25 Nov 2013Soundiron Thanksgiving Sale: 30-50% Off Store-wide0 comments 12 Nov 2013Soundiron releases "Fountain Wires" - experimental plucked strings, atmospheres and re-synthesized sound design instruments for Kontakt - with Intro Offer2 comments 4 Nov 2013Soundiron Releases Sick IV for Kontakt 50 comments 25 Oct 2013Soundiron Updates Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble to v2.00 comments 11 Sep 2013Soundiron releases "Voice Of Gaia: Strawberry" - Female solo vocal library for Kontakt featuring the voice of Linda Strawberry0 comments

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Iron Pack series
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Bare Demos Needed
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Requiem light Issue
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Soundiron Releases Iron Pack 03 for $2.99 - Metal Tuned Percussion, Impacts & Atmospheres
by freewayland at 8 May 2014, 14:41

Soundiron Releases Iron Pack 01 - Micro-library for Kontakt and SFZ
by gsalvadi at 25 Apr 2014, 12:29

sad that this feature is lacking in an otherwise awesome update (apoc v2)
by Architeuthis at 11 Apr 2014, 22:17

kontakt 5.1 player
by freewayland at 11 Apr 2014, 21:35

upgrade to circle bells 2
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how to MONO an instrument ?
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Soundiron Releases Fountain Wires Atmospheric Plucked Strings
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Soundiron Sick IV Released
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