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Sep 25
Check out our latest instrument demo: Dominik Spychalski - Ah Yeah Ee Ah (Naked) - Soundiron Lo https://t.co/evz2y4RuAC on #SoundCloud
Sep 23
Check out our latest instrument demo: Solonoid Studio - Emerge (naked) - Soundiron Lo https://t.co/t3njp6L5jl on #SoundCloud

Soundiron is a developer of high-quality virtual instrument and professional sound effect libraries for film, television and video game post-production and the recording industry, catering to composers and audio professions in film, television, recording artists, post production and mass media advertising. We offer a broad catalog of nearly 50 instrument collections, Including the Mars Russian/Latin Male Choir, The Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, Cymbology, Requiem Light Epic Choir, Emotional Piano and many, many more.

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20 Jun 2016Soundiron releases Alto Glockenspiel for Kontakt with introductory price 15 Jun 2016Soundiron releases Symphony Series Woodwind Collection in cooperation with Native Instruments 15 Jun 2016#KVRDeal Expired VSTBuzz: 50% off “Tape” by Soundiron 4 Mar 2016#KVRDeal Expired Soundiron Offer: Antidrum 2 v2.0 - 40% Off 29 Jan 2016#KVRDeal Expired Soundiron Offer: Antidrum 1 - 40% Off 14 Jan 2016Soundiron releases Petroglyph: Prehistoric Stone Percussion for Kontakt with introductory sale price 17 Dec 2015Soundiron releases Tape for Kontakt with Introductory Sale 8 Dec 2015Soundiron releases Steel Tones for Kontakt with $29 introductory sale 20 Nov 2015#KVRDeal Expired Soundiron launches Black Friday Sale with 35% off most libraries until December 1st 31 Oct 2015Soundiron releases Sick 6: Cinematic Horror Stinger and FX Library for Kontakt 24 Sep 2015Soundiron releases "Traveler Organ" for Kontakt 19 Aug 2015Soundiron releases "Temple Drums" for Kontakt 4 Aug 2015Soundiron Announces 2015 Anniversary Sale 15 Jul 2015Soundiron & Native Instruments release Symphony Series Brass Collection 25 Jun 2015Soundiron releases "Crystal" for Kontakt 28 May 2015Soundiron releases "Antidrum 3" for Kontakt 22 May 2015#KVRDeal Expired Plugin Boutique Flash Friday Sale: 50% off Olympus Elements Player Edition 29 Apr 2015Soundiron releases "Waterharp V2.0" for Kontakt 17 Apr 2015#KVRDeal Expired Soundiron Spring Sale: 25-50% Off 12 Apr 2015Soundiron releases "Questionably Barbershop" Male Vocal Quartet for Kontakt

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Soundiron - Electric Saz - "Between The Stars" Demo Screencast by Ryan Scully   Soundiron - Voice of Gaia: Francesca Genco - Phrase Sequencer   Soundiron - Waterharp v2.0 - Deeply Multi-Sampled Percussion & Effects Instrument Library   Soundiron - Drip - Walkthrough   Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir - Tutorial by Blake Ewing   Soundiron Angklung Walk-through by Brad Halverson   Soundiron Acoustic & Electric Saz - Demo Walkthrough by Brad Halverson   Soundiron - Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar - Teaser Trailer   Soundiron - Mercury Symphonic Boychoir - Walkthrough by Sascha Knorr   Old Busted Granny Piano walk-through with Brad Halverson   Soundiron Sick IV   Soundiron - Francesca Genco: The Voice of Gaia   EVP Squad - Episode 2 - Prehistoric Paranormal   Soundiron Voice Of Gaia Bryn - Introduction   Soundiron Voice of Rapture: The Soprano - Demo Walk-through by RyanScully   Iron Pack 7 Walkthrough   Pulse Surface Controller System   Soundiron - Questionably Barbershop - 4-Piece Male Vocal Ensemble   Soundiron Street Bukit - Demo Walkthrough of "Urban Meters" by Ryan Scully   Soundiron - Ambius 2: Systematik - Walk through 1 by Brad Halverson   Soundiron - Sick6: 666 - The Sickening   Soundiron Olympus Elements - Screencast of "An Offering" Demo by Ryan Scully (Part1)   Soundiron Iron Pack 9 video walk-through   Soundiron Symphony Series Brass Collection - Demo Walkthrough   Soundiron Iron Pack 8 video walk-through   SYMPHONY SERIES - WOODWIND ENSEMBLE Playthrough   Rust 2 v2.0 Walk-Through with Brad Halverson.mp4   Olympus Micro v2.0 Walkthrough by Brad Halverson   Soundiron Antidrum 3 - Walkthrough   Soundiron - Mercury Symphonic Boychoir - Teaser Trailer   Soundiron Grit Kit Walk Through Video   Voice Of Gaia: Strawberry - Library walk-through with Ryan Scully   Soundiron Rust 3 - Walk-through - "The Sound of Iron Oxides"   EVP Patrol Squad - Episode 3 - MYSTORY'S HISTORIES   Soundiron Iron Pack 12 Prepared Guitar Walk-through Tutorial   Soundiron Sick 3 library walkthrough with Brad Halverson   Soundiron - The Drinking Piano - Walk through by Brad Halverson   Soundiron tuned micro walk through BradHalverson   Soundiron Iron Pack 11: Penny Whistle   Soundiron - Voice of Gaia: Francesca Genco - Introduction   Soundiron - Voice of Gaia: Francesca Genco - Legato   Soundiron - The Musique Box - "De-Composing" Demo Walk-through by Brad Halverson  


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