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The Tracktion Software Corporation, or TSC, was formed in 2012 to acquire, update, market and support the Tracktion Music Production software platform. The company's three principals, Julian Storer, James Woodburn and Dave Christenson largely focus on technical, operational and marketing duties respectively. As the original creator of the highly intuitive software platform, Storer was able to provide Tracktion with a completely new digital audio engine to be both compatible with user projects completed on previous versions as well as all of the latest computer operating systems, third party plug-ins and controller hardware.

For more information, please visit www.tracktion.com.

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KVR Forum (Latest Posts)

Traction 5 stops recording 5 seconds, intermitently.
by rmc360 at 17 Dec 2014, 17:43

T5 stops recording and deletes with no notification (ASIO failure?)
by rmc360 at 17 Dec 2014, 17:39

Market Place and Linux question
by TSC at 17 Dec 2014, 15:53

What are the demo restrictions for Tracktion 5?
by bbaggins at 17 Dec 2014, 14:09

t6 clues???
by aMUSEd at 17 Dec 2014, 10:49

UAD plugin GUI Question
by RJWlaw@aol.com at 15 Dec 2014, 12:19

How long till we get support for VST3 presets?
by aMUSEd at 15 Dec 2014, 09:46

AIR Velvet and Xpand!2 VST's not scanning correctly in Tracktion 5.4.2
by mcnelson at 15 Dec 2014, 08:44

MIDI controllers?
by Peter Widdicombe at 15 Dec 2014, 04:57

FabFilter Pro Q 2 VST3 broken in T5
by aMUSEd at 15 Dec 2014, 02:22

Master Mix missing Presets
by sinkmusic at 15 Dec 2014, 00:43

Can I just use reason reFills without Reason?
by Jed at 12 Dec 2014, 12:01

Results: A/B Test re Final Mix vs. Master Mix
by chico.co.uk at 12 Dec 2014, 09:20

Un-time-stretchable WAVE files
by dRowAudio at 11 Dec 2014, 08:05

T5 and movie files
by mcnelson at 9 Dec 2014, 05:30

potentialy stupid midi question
by jabe at 8 Dec 2014, 17:29

Totally baffled by T5
by jabe at 8 Dec 2014, 07:54

Any guitar loopers into T5 (MIDI footswitch, extra software??)?
by Simon Posford at 7 Dec 2014, 10:49

I guess this is overdubbing??
by DarkLogan at 6 Dec 2014, 15:06

by dupont at 6 Dec 2014, 11:28

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