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The Tracktion Software Corporation, or TSC, was formed in 2012 to acquire, update, market and support the Tracktion Music Production software platform. The company's three principals, Julian Storer, James Woodburn and Dave Christenson largely focus on technical, operational and marketing duties respectively. As the original creator of the highly intuitive software platform, Storer was able to provide Tracktion with a completely new digital audio engine to be both compatible with user projects completed on previous versions as well as all of the latest computer operating systems, third party plug-ins and controller hardware.

For more information, please visit www.tracktion.com.


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Edit Recovery
by jabe at 8 Oct 2015, 15:53

Woody: T6 Autotune vst3 progress?
by RJWlaw@aol.com at 7 Oct 2015, 15:49

Change All Same Midi Note Velocities at Once in T6?
by RJWlaw@aol.com at 7 Oct 2015, 15:26

T6: Rendering vs. Exporting -- not the same ?!?
by rlindsey0 at 5 Oct 2015, 15:55

loading a custom color theme into t6
by carllackey at 5 Oct 2015, 07:50

Build 6.2.3 available now
by Didas_94 at 4 Oct 2015, 06:48

T6.2.3 Whats New....
by jabe at 2 Oct 2015, 17:52

Where to put T6 keyfile in Linux?
by jabe at 2 Oct 2015, 17:40

T6 feature requests and bugs
by strogon14 at 2 Oct 2015, 07:26

Is it possible to monitor effects?
by rockstar_not at 29 Sep 2015, 17:00

Crash, crash, crash...
by chico.co.uk at 29 Sep 2015, 09:56

What's with the crickets?
by lay it prodctions at 27 Sep 2015, 16:10

New to Tracktion, How do I get to the edit screen?
by lay it prodctions at 27 Sep 2015, 16:07

T5 - Automatic Zooming
by eloquentvoice at 27 Sep 2015, 06:29

Loving elastique
by rockstar_not at 26 Sep 2015, 18:46

fr: edit mode based on.markers
by rpc9943 at 25 Sep 2015, 17:27

For those in need of groove/swing quantization to grid for whole audio clips on the timeline...
by gigazaga at 24 Sep 2015, 17:38

T6 Plays Back, Stops, Resumes, Stops, Resumes, etc.
by RJWlaw@aol.com at 24 Sep 2015, 15:57

New to Recording
by whyterabbyt at 24 Sep 2015, 00:38

New to T5 and I cannot get any sound output other than the test tone.
by klangbastler at 23 Sep 2015, 18:10

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