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Vintage Synth Pads is a patch and design company whose focus is artistic sound design.

We believe a good patch or preset brings out the best in the unique capability of each synthesizer.

Our goal is to merge the past with the present and create the best possible presets available.

Having started working with preset designs at the introduction of the classic hardware synths, we take a historical view to what is possible in the world of patch design.

At VSP we design presets that not only sound great but sit in the mix, enhancing the quality of the song.


  "Electronic" for Diva   NEW Presets for ZEBRA2 and ZEBRIFY   NI RAZOR Expansion - Electronic Ghosts   Ovation for Omnisphere - 150 New Presets for Omnisphere   170 Presets for Diva - Audio/Video and Special Sale   170 Superior Quality Impulse Responses   New Presets for Omnisphere   Vibrant Colors - New Presets for Massive   Free Presets for NI Monark   The Ambient Zebra - Presets for Zebra 2   New Presets for M-Audio Venom   Presets for Serum VST Synth   Arturia CS80 - Ambient Presets   New U-he Zebra 2 Expansion and Audio   Zebra 2 New Oscillators and Expansion   Impulse Response - Reverb and FX   New Presets and Waveforms for U-he Zebra 2   150 Outstanding New Presets for Omnisphere   Arturia Matrix 12 - Classic Presets   New Presets for Steinberg Retrologue   Atmospheric Presets for U-he Zebra   150 New presets for U-he Zebra   New Presets for NI Massive   Dune 2 - New Wavetable Expansion and Presets   Blue Diamond Expansion - Omnisphere 2   Sonic Bliss for Arturia Jupiter 8V   Presets for Diva by VintageSynthPads   Presets for Zebra by VintageSynthPads   Blue Diamond - Omnisphere 2 Wavs and Presets   Dream Works Expansion for Zebra 2   Omnisphere 2 Expansion   The Rhythmic Library - Presets For UVI Falcon   UVI Falcon - Audio Expansion   Spire Patch and Preset Expansion   NI Massive Presets Walk Through   208 new presets for Reaktor-Razor including both Synths and Effects.   The Blue Box for Omnisphere - New Presets and Patches   Drums for Zebra 2   New For Omnisphere - Patches   Presets and Patches for Diversion VST   Ambient Presets for Omnisphere Zebra Massive   LuSH-101 Retro and Vintage Hardware Patches and Presets   Sylenth1 Preset Expansion   150+ New presets for Zebra 2.   Retrologue Presets - "Vivid Signals"   Analog Candy for TAL-U-NO-LX   170 Classic Hardware - Presets for Diva   NEW Omnisphere - Patch and Preset Expansion Available Now with Special Discount   170+ Vintage Presets for Diva Synthesizer   Ovation - New Presets for Omnisphere Special Weekend Sale Save 20%   The Muse presets for Massive by VintageSynthPads   Omnisphere Expansion and Presets   NI Massive   Korg M1 Unlimited Preset Subscription   150 NEW PRESETS for Omnisphere Synthesizer   New Innovative Presets for Omnisphere   Omnisphere 2 - Presets and Expansion   U-he Diva "Analog" Presets and Patches   Dune 2 with Matrix 12 and TAL-U-NO-LX   150 Presets for Omnisphere - Ovation save 20%   New Presets for Retrologue   RedBox Patches for Omnisphere   Presets for Lush101 by VintageSynthPads   M-Audio Venom NEW Expansion   U-he Zebra 2.7 New Presets and Patches   Sonic Boost for M-Audio Venom : 200 new presets for Venom   New Patches for Omnisphere   The Ambient Zebra Patches Presets for Zebra   Presets for Monark - Moog Analog Bass   Presets for Diva by VintageSynthPads   "Electronic" for U-he Diva, Vintage Preset Collection   200+ New Presets for Lush - Lush101 Presets   Presets for Tal-U-No-LX - Juno Dreams   D16 Lush 101 Vintage Preset Collection   Zebra 2 Patch/Preset Sale 30% Discount   CS80 Arturia - Yamaha CS80 Presets   PolySix Dune-2 Matrix-12 TAL-U-NO-LX   Over 260 new sounds for Lush101 - Save %25 now!   155 Vintage Patches for U-he Diva   Omnisphere - Soundset - Presets - Patches   Arturia CS80 Vintage Presets   Native Instruments Razor - Ambient Presets   Arturia Prophet V - Special Selection Walk Through   Cold Fusion for Korg PolySix   Presets for Omnisphere 1 and 2   U-he Zebra 2 Presets   130 Presets for U-he HIVE   Juno Dreams- Presets for Tal-U-No-LX   Korg M1 Synth   D16 Lush101 New Presets for LuSH101   Presets for Oxium by VintageSynthPads   Comparison - Omnisphere vs Zebra vs Lush Side by Side   DREAM WORKS - Presets and Waves for Zebra 2   Presets for Massive-NI Massive Patches   Ambient Atmospheres for NI Massive   New Expansion for Omnisphere - 160 Presets   Presets for Diversion by VintageSynthPads   Zebra 2 New Expansion Waves and Presets. Save 30% NOW with code.   Arturia SEM V Presets, Patches and Sounds   Atmospheres and Ambient Presets for Massive Zebra and Omnisphere   Dream Works New Presets for U-he Zebra 2   Professional Quality Zebra 2 Patches and Presets - 30% Discount on 4 Sets   LuSH-101 Expansion Presets and Timbers   Impulse Responses - Examples Prime Sonic Space   X11 New M-Audio Venom Presets - Now Available   RedBox New Presets and Patches for Omnisphere - Special Discount   Omnisphere Walk Through Red Box   Juno Dreams presets for TAL-U-NO-LX   Diversion VST Plugin   Awesome New Presets for Zebra 2-Zebras dream in color vol2 -   Arturia SEM V - Oberhiem Emulation   Green Box - Omnisphere Patches   Presets-Ovation for Omnisphere 150 New Presets for Omnisphere with special discount   Ovation for Omnisphere - 150 Awesome Presets for Omnisphere Save 20% Now   Omnisphere 2 Presets Walkthrough - The Dark Beautiful



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