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176 Helen Garland Drive
Opelousas, LA 70570
Sales: (337)942-2240 westgate@westgatesounds.net
Support: (337) 942-2240 westgate@westgatesounds.net

Westgatesounds.net has always strived to bring you dark and unexpected sounds from unique sources.

We offer an ever growing amount of soundsets and presets for a variety of virtual instruments, including Wusik, Absynth, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Kontakt in .SFZ and .wav formats and any virtual instrument that can load .sf2 files. And lately have added Rhino and SampleTank 2 to the mix.

It all began with the original Anomaly soundset. We had an idea to take drum samples and turn them into FX/atmospheres...

So Anomaly Volume 1 was born - Dark FX, Strange Atmospheres...

This was originally meant to be a single library for the Wusikstation VSTi. But after making the FX for the first Volume, and then making presets for it in other formats, it began to take on a life of its own. We discovered that by taking these sounds into different virtual instruments, such as Absynth, Kontakt, Dimension Pro and others, we could get vastly different sonic results. We also discovered that we wanted other sounds to combine with the FX... But always with the general idea behind the first library - dark atmospheres, strange visions, ethereal and brooding aural ambience.

As such, we continue...

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30 Sep 2016#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds.net 2016 Fall/Halloween Sale - 50% discounts 9 Sep 2016Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XXIV - Cthonic Undertones 20 Jun 2016Westgatesounds releases Dreamlands for Anomaly VSTi 11 Jun 2016#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds.net 2016 Summer Sale 1 May 2016Westgatesounds.net releases Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands 23 Mar 2016Westgatesounds.net releases "Anomaly XXII - Haunted Worlds" 10 Mar 2016#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds 2016 Spring Sale - 30% discounts 9 Dec 2015Westgatesounds.net releases "Incantations VI - Unholy Rites" 25 Nov 2015#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds Black Friday / Xmas / Year End sale - 50% discounts 1 Oct 2015#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds 2015 Fall/Halloween Sale: 50% Discounts 28 May 2015Westgatesounds releases Incantations V 22 Feb 2015Westgatesounds.net releases "Voyages 2" Sample Library 15 Jan 2015Westgatesounds.net releases Voyages 1 7 Dec 2014#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds Xmas/New Year Sale: 50% Discounts 14 Nov 2014Westgatesounds.net releases Wusik - Out Of The Box (OOTB) 1 Oct 2014#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds Fall/Halloween Sale - 50% Discount 12 Aug 2014Westgatesounds.net releases "Incantations IV - Lost Angels" in both SFZ/WAV and sf2 (soundfont) formats 2 Jul 2014#KVRDeal Expired Westgatesounds.net offers 40% discounts for the month of July 12 Jun 2014Westgatesounds releases "Anomaly XX - Wasteland" Haunting Sample Collection 26 Mar 2014Westgatesounds.net releases "Incantations 3" for SFZ, WAV & Kontakt

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The future for Anomaly....
by dnekm at 1 Dec 2016, 13:56

Westgatesounds.net 2016 Winter/YearEnd Sale - until Jan 1st.
by dnekm at 28 Nov 2016, 09:12

Anomaly XXIII - the Night lands is now available for Kontakt 5...
by dnekm at 15 Nov 2016, 09:39

Free presets for Iris 2
by quantize at 24 Oct 2016, 16:25

Anomaly XXIV - Cthonic Undertones released
by dnekm at 8 Sep 2016, 14:57

Stereo .sf2 (soundfont) files are now available.....
by dnekm at 25 Aug 2016, 10:10

Now available - Incantations VII - Lamentations....
by dnekm at 8 Jul 2016, 07:16

Dreamlands - expansion pack for the Anomaly VSTi
by dnekm at 17 Jun 2016, 08:37

The Anomaly VSTi
by dnekm at 28 Apr 2016, 09:51

Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands now available.....
by dnekm at 27 Apr 2016, 10:21

Anomaly VII
by dnekm at 6 Apr 2016, 11:56

Now available - Anomaly XXII - Haunted Worlds
by dnekm at 19 Mar 2016, 10:34

Textures and Atmospheres/Textures and Atmospheres - Dark are now availble
by dnekm at 15 Feb 2016, 10:26

Incantations 1, 2 and 3 being moved to backlist
by dnekm at 8 Jan 2016, 03:32

Incantations VI - Unholy Rites and Sundered Worlds now available....
by dnekm at 4 Jan 2016, 10:38

Possible to download WRAITH vst somewhere? When will it be available on WestGateSounds?
by dnekm at 16 Dec 2015, 17:09

Forgive my ignorance, but......
by dnekm at 14 Dec 2015, 00:51

Now available - Dream States Vol 1 and Vol 2
by dnekm at 22 Oct 2015, 09:49

HG Fortune Memorial soundset
by dnekm at 12 Sep 2015, 17:07

Anomaly Variations Vol 1 and 2 now available...
by dnekm at 8 Sep 2015, 01:02

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