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Apr 5
New KSP tutorial: Animations (eg for VU-Meters, Oscilloscopes, LED-Arrays, cartoons or any animations (see video:… https://t.co/Ejww7l6R0R
Mar 4
You like the Sound of Mr. Robot & Stranger Things? Massive Retro Lounge 2 (Classic Synths for #Massive)… https://t.co/85Oc54dR4h

Sample / Kontakt developers, sound enthusiasts and musicians, that's what we are. We love all kind of music so we don't commit to any genre we just do what we love.

And that is also to experiment with all kinds of sound sources like synths, acoustic instruments, natural objects, and FX. We are open to everything, don't stick with any conventions and love to experiment with unconventional techniques (from the way of playing an instrument over recording to mix & mastering)

We are only satisfied when you are. So your benefit is very important to us. We always hope that our products inspire you to also create wonderful music and new styles.

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View more videos at www.kvraudio.com/video/yummybeats-com

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