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AuthorTopic: Best VST effects?
Posted: 24th November 2003 22:11
What do you guys think are the coolest, craziest, best VST effects out there?

Posted: 24th November 2003 23:34
cool, crazy, very good: OHM if i had money i would buy all of them!

on the free side, very good everydays plugs: the Classic series

Posted: 24th November 2003 23:48
As craziest !

-The destroy FX series in general (and buffer override in particular)...and of course, the well-named CRAZY IVAN , committed by Bram

HiHi HiHi HiHi Aaaargghhh Aaaargghhh Aaaargghhh Shocked Shocked Shocked
Posted: 25th November 2003 00:19
The craziest effect ive seen, is when someone starts a thread syaing 'whats your favourite..' and people come and answer with the same stuff EVERY FUCKIN WEEK!!!!!

Totally caraaaaaaaaaazy Razz
Posted: 25th November 2003 00:30
Laughing Shocked Laughing Shocked Laughing

but u know...
so good for posting count... Shit! Very Happy Very Happy
Posted: 25th November 2003 01:06
I don't think so krim...

...it would be appropriate to qualify this "CRAZY" when it has prooven some more imagination

-it isn't the case this time, you're still to gentle i guess !!

Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
Posted: 25th November 2003 01:10
Wink (if needed !)
Posted: 25th November 2003 01:56
The Best VST effect is not done yet.
But coming soon i hope Smile
Posted: 25th November 2003 02:04
But really,
im use Waves Doppler and Engigma for some pitch madness
delaydots Morpher for crazy matrix alike digital chaos noises
OHM plugz + DestroyFX indeed.
Couple top secret plugins that coming a soon (beta test:)
Posted: 7th January 2004 16:04
OhmForce, GRM Tools, Reaktor
Posted: 8th January 2004 08:49
3DDelays into More Feedback Machine into Parashifter. Nuff said. Laughing
Posted: 8th January 2004 09:38
supatrigga - love it more every day Embarassed
Posted: 8th January 2004 11:00
Great fun may be had by loading things other than reverb impulses into SIR. Try a drumsample, a vocal snippet, a filtersweep, or anything!!!

Other great toys: MorphingDelay, Phutboyslim, SupaTrigger, DFXscrubby, TapeStop and BufferSynth.
Posted: 8th January 2004 11:04
everything in the powercore folder in my vsts Very Happy

Bling bling