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AuthorTopic: Multichannel VST plugins
Posted: 2nd February 2004 02:39

For those who are interested in multichannel sound, you can take a look at the ACOUSMODULES series.
They are made for spatialization inside multitrack or modular softwares, from 5.1 up to 16 channels, in 2D or 3D.
There are also some effects and synth in developpement.


Jean-Marc Duchenne
Posted: 3rd February 2004 07:48
Hi !
I'm glad you post about your plugins in kvr !
I write a thread about them some weeks ago :

I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of reactions ... I think that your modules and your site deserves a little more attention ! I don't had the time to check, test and use all of your plugins - you made so many plugins it will take me months Laughing

Thx again for making these modules public, and for your web site http://multiphonie.free.fr/ ! (I'm glad I'm french Very Happy )
Uncle E
Posted: 3rd February 2004 08:41
Your midi plug-ins look great, I can't wait to try them out! Am I understanding correctly that the MidiPlugA will take audio & convert it into midi notes & controllers? When will the others be available?

The Matrice 8x8 also looks interesting. : )
Posted: 4th February 2004 00:14

Thank you very much Deed for your thread, I have didn't seen it. I'm very glad to read this and it encourage me to continue !

I have mainly worked on the spatialization plugins which are now, modestly, the most powerfull tools in this category...

The synth and sampling plugins are not so advanced, I will do my best possible in the next weeks to improve them a little, but I will have less time now.

UncleE : yes, the MIDIPlug A does this. But the purpose of it was not to play MIDI melodies that follow pitch (there are many soft that do this) but to obtain modulations that can be used with the other Acousmodules, like the function which is integrated in the SpatStudio 3D.

I will try to give some working versions of the others soon.

I will make some effort too to translate the documentation and the tutorials : I know that the use is not so obvious !