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AuthorTopic: remember the Milky bar Kid ?
Posted: 14th May 2003 14:42
the advert from 70's onwards for nestle white choccie ?

i'm searching around, because i need the sheet music or a midi file... or anything.. even a recording i can transcribe...

any of you know where? a big help for fitchie..

i'm in a bit of a panic here..

i'l keep looking aswell.. myself ..

please , please, please

Very Happy
Posted: 14th May 2003 14:44
I remember he looked like Bonte Laughing Laughing Laughing

I'll have a dig about for ya Claire Wink
Posted: 14th May 2003 14:54
Laughing yes.. bontes the man Very Happy

i found a .wmv... but i can't bloody see it... i'll try it on my laptop..

Very Happy

thanks krim
Posted: 14th May 2003 14:56
found this;


i think the lyrics were:

The milky bar kid is strong and tough
only the best is good enough
the creamiest milk, the whitest bar
thats nestle's milky bar

i can sing it to ya if you want... Surprised Laughing Laughing Laughing
Posted: 14th May 2003 15:27
thanks krim... that was the first one i found as well..

it showed me through to yahoo... at least i got the .wmv from it..

ta bab Very Happy
Posted: 14th May 2003 15:29
No prob Wink
Posted: 14th May 2003 16:32
Kriminal wrote:
I remember he looked like Bonte Laughing Laughing Laughing


.....the 1996 fat Bonte, or one of the cool ladykillers? Scared

Posted: 14th May 2003 17:28
Laughing Laughing
Posted: 14th May 2003 17:35
Shit, just had a flashback!

The Milky Bar Kid had glasses, well, he did just now!.... Cool
Made me think of Harry Potter with guns!
Wow........ Very Happy
This milky bar kid cant get enough!

Insanity is a great thing Rolling Eyes Laughing

Posted: 14th May 2003 17:50
the one who had a track on talvin singh's anokha compilation.
a guy called Shane (me thinks), who used to sit a lot in the ninja tune office and invent funny slogans...
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