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AuthorTopic: Cubase SL hangs (takes forever)
Posted: 28th November 2003 12:32
I bought Cubase SL BPM Force a week ago and got around to installing it today along with a PC-Card USB hub and an ESI Waveterminal U24 USB soundcard.

Everytime I try to start Cubase it stops at:

"Initializing: Pentium IV Optimized Data Type Converters (i<-->f)"

What is this? I can't reboot, it doesn't even show up in the task manager.

My laptop is a P4M 1.6GHz IBM Thinkpad R32, 256MB RAM.

Posted: 28th November 2003 12:53
Hi native Paco!

Sounds like a driver problem for the USB audio card,
or conflikt with hardware.....

Try to de-activate the midi ports in the MME setup.
(could jam anything if not properly installed)

I know that my Waveterminal 192L never worked
well under win98se where it could jam when starting
Cubase...(and make a horrible noice IN the computer,sounding like a short circuit!!)

Everything is Cool now under win XP!

So what OS are you running this on?

//Daniel Smile
Posted: 28th November 2003 14:43
I'm using XP Home edition. You're probably right about the soundcard. I did have a major error earlier that was related to U24.sys. Bluescreen and all..

I'll just remove and re-install the U24 to see if that helps.

Posted: 29th November 2003 01:14

The U24 shows up just fine in the device manager. It's when I start Cubase that things go wrong. First the ASIO MME test gets stuck at almost the end of the red bar. So, I kill Cubase and start over, skip the test and it gets stuck during the Initializing: Pentium IV Optimized Data Type Converters (i<-->f).

It's all coming back, the horrors of VST on the PC. I've been avoiding HD recording on PC's like the plague, until recently.

Someone please tell me it's possible to get the ESI U24 working with Cubase SL.
Posted: 29th November 2003 08:49
I have setup and used a U24 in the past and had no end of problems.

The only way I could get use out of it was to reinstall the driver after every reboot

even then it was not very stable Surprised

I suggest you get an Tascam US122, I have found it to be more compatible and most stable out of all USB interfaces
Posted: 29th November 2003 08:54
oh yeh,

to get cubase to work skip the test when prompted, then select the correct asio driver from the 'Devices' - 'VST multitrack' menu

when you reboot Cubase it should not ask to do the test and load up fine.

BTW: the test that cubase does on its first install is bollox and not required for anthing other than the ghey multimedia driver.
Posted: 29th November 2003 08:57
I think I know your problem...XP automatically suspends power to USB hubs as a power saving device.Go into Device Manager and right click each of your USB hubs to go to properties.Under the power management tab,UNCHECK "allow computer to shut off".I've cured many a USB woe with that.
Posted: 29th November 2003 13:08
Sorry to hear that, sleepingsword. I'm still kinda confident I'll get it working.

Thanks for the tip, ew. I'll try that.

Well, atleast I'm up and running with SL on my big comp, reading the manual, doing tutorials and playing around with the Waldorf plug-ins.