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AuthorTopic: VST Arpeggiator
Posted: 9th September 2001 08:50
i tryed the cubase arpeggiator but its not much help..(somethings very wrong with that module)......does maybe someone know some vst arpeggiator or something like that wich i can use in cubase.....
Posted: 9th September 2001 18:53
AnalogX have a freeware DirectX Arpeggiator for audio files. It can be found here http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/audio.htm
Hope this helps
Posted: 9th September 2001 19:08
audio files u say? what about midi.....pro-52 in cubase.....i realy need an arpeggiator for that......but thanx ill look for that analogx stuff
Posted: 9th September 2001 19:18
im pretty sure misonic means an arpeggiator for note messages.. (could be wrong however) analog x freeware plugin mentioned is cool but it's for audio tracks and it's more of a tempo-based gatemasking/ducking effect, only manipulates amplitude of a track.. But misonic, this bring in an idea, i dont know if it's been mentioned before.

A stand alone vsti arpeggiator? and not just a lame one, but like a 16 channel fully programmable one, with user-defineable scales and patterns, etc. Some people will obviously react that cubase/logic's enviornment already includes this, but the point is it's not intuitive or really efficient for many users. W

hat it would be is a vsti device that would recieve note data on a # of channels(just like your vsti's and and then send that note data to your plugs after processing it through the arp. It would have sixteen user programmable polyphonic arpeggiators, ideally. maybe there could be a "mini" version of it too for when you only use one or two parts with an arp. The reason it'd really need to be multitimberal however is that if it were a vsti, it'd be taking up a space in your vsti rack, and one space is obviously enough

Something else you could also do with it is play/program your synths parts normally during breaks or whenever you want the song to change, in effect switching the thing off, but not having to because you'd just bypass it by inputting note data directly to the vsti.. it could also render the arpeggiator like (for instance) orion does, by recording your arp stuff to a midi channel or whatever for further editing or manipulation.

If there is something like this now im really not aware of it, and you hear about things like this so i guess there's not. I'm not sure how practical it'd be technically to implement/develop it, but it's a viable idea i think, seeing how some synths incorporate built in arpegs (ces synth, ppgwav2v, rainbow(i think?) Some people may claim there's no need for such things, but apparently there is if some people dont like using the native arps in their sequencer(s).
Posted: 9th September 2001 19:34
well i just cant bealive there isnt something like vst (or something else) arpeggiator on the market...(maybe dificult to develop)....but man that cubase arpeggio is shite
slow and out of tempo big time..what can i do with that....
i hope someone who dig that programming is reading this....exponent said whats its gota have...so my idea is free!
i would be the first who's gonna download the craCked version 1.0

Posted: 10th September 2001 04:59
The Cubase arp is actually really good, it just takes time to master. If you go to computermusic.co.uk you'll find some tutorials to get you going. You can also record the arps as midi.
I normally save anything decent I create as a preset in the arp folder. The key is to just keep at it, you'll soon find that you can get some pretty impressive results with practise.
But save your presets!

Posted: 10th September 2001 08:02
I don't use the Cubase arpeggio module that much (only in Easy mode though), but I haven't had any problems with it so far.
Posted: 15th September 2001 19:33
Hi Misonic....I found this on my travels...it's not vst but maybe you can use it. http://www.ronimusic.com/swmiarp.htm
Posted: 16th September 2001 07:19
thanx to all for replys......i think i have to use cubase arp till someone release something better....