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AuthorTopic: floor toms mapping?
Posted: 4th October 2003 10:52
On Studio Drums or Studio Drums for Battery, which seem to use approximately the same mapping, where do the floor toms live?

On the left of middle C on the keyboard, I'm a little confused if all the deep sounds are supposed to be kicks or a combination of kick and floor toms. The toms on the right side of middle C seem to be regular toms, not floor toms, or is there a combination of both there as well?

Is there an easy place to visualize the mapping?

Posted: 5th October 2003 06:11
Floor toms are A#3, B3 C4 in the iMap. It goes like this:

E3, F3, F#3 = hi toms
G3, G#3, A3 = mid toms
A#3, B3, C4 = floor toms

There should be a map on esoundz for Studio Drum Capsule (if there isn't we will add one). Try looking at Interactive Drum Kits info on www.esoundz.com If it isn't up there we will add this. Also, we plan to do a thorough explanation of the I-Map as well as for a new enhanced I-Map that is based on the same mapping but is "extended". More about that later. (We will add extended programs to SDC for free too as a later enhancement in the programming for the benefit of anyone who picked up this title).
Posted: 9th October 2003 21:07

The thorough explanation will be appreciated.