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AuthorTopic: Who Better to Ask Than Squids?
Posted: 1st May 2004 15:37
I'm taking my daily constitutional and listening to Godley & Creme "L" and "Freeze" frame, and I walked through the lovely wilds of upstate New York, I wondered if anyone has sampled the Gizmo?

Also, as an aside, if anyone knows those records, for years now I have tried to figure out how they got the vocal effect in "I Pity Inanimate Objects." I'm guessing an early harmonizer, but as the record was recorded (as I recall) before MIDI, its a mystery to me...

Posted: 1st May 2004 18:22
I may come off as a know it all. But there are a lot of things I don't know and love to learn about myself. That sounds interesting.
Posted: 1st May 2004 19:37
Hey Squids,
As a prog rock guy you will probably appreciate theor stuff. Well worth searching out

For more: http://www.sowbugstew.com/cracks3.html
Posted: 1st May 2004 20:16
Thanks. I'll check that out. Big boys don't cry. We have a sound like that song in Sonik Synth 2. Many, many overdubbed voice pad. Very Happy
Posted: 2nd May 2004 05:32
(The Gizmo was a mechanical rotary multi-plectrum device, the aim being to obtain infinite sustain from a guitar string..used extensively in Godley & Creme's triple (!) album, Consequences. They were hoping to also market the Gizmo...but then along came the EBow!)

Sorry, can't help you on "I Pity Inanimate Objects"...only things I actually recall of G & C are "Wedding Bells", and "Cry" (if I remember correctly, with its amazing morphing-faces video clip...long before the digital age!)..and of course all the early 10CC stuff:-)
Posted: 2nd May 2004 08:34
I thought I had heard of the Gizmo! An early ebow thing. A friend of mine had the brochure. No, I never did sample a Gizmo. I'd like to. Hmmm. Did they call it the Gizmotron even? I love that kind of stuff.

I'd be curious to hear this other vocal effect you are talking about. Got a little clip? Not the whole song, just a piece (the part with that sound) so we can see and maybe tell you how they may have done it.
Posted: 5th May 2004 05:22
Hey Squids,
I'll post a clip tomorrow. It's very cool, actually... Smile
Posted: 5th May 2004 13:00
OK, here is the first few verse (probably not cricket to post the complete song).

Screaming guitar and interesting vocal effects:


Posted: 5th May 2004 19:56
Thanks. I'll check it out. Good not to post the whole song. A clip is better.
Posted: 19th May 2004 09:38
Coo, that's rather cool. Does sound a lot like auto-tune before it existed.
Posted: 19th May 2004 10:59
I don't know when this title was produced, but knowing the creativity of these guys, if to achieve that result, they'd had to record the vocal melody several times in different keys (and tempos!) into a sampler ...don't forget the fairlight was around since about '78 ... then use the keyboard to transpose each one back independantly to the original key, then paste it (or rather..splice tape!) all together syllable by syllable, then that is what they would have done! Smile
Posted: 20th May 2004 01:35
Yeah, but I wouldn't have expected that process to sound like that music. Could be wrong, of course...