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Confused about layering drums in: CWITEC by: fladd 21 Dec 15:59
DUNE 2 is out now!! in: Instruments by: fluffy_little_something 21 Dec 15:55
NI Replika in: Effects by: arkmabat 21 Dec 15:54
Bitwig Studio 1.1.3 RC 2 in: Bitwig by: aMUSEd 21 Dec 15:48
Electric Piano in: Instruments by: BlackWinny 21 Dec 15:20
Granular Symphonies aupresets? in: patchpool by: TwoToneshuzz 21 Dec 15:15
Slate VCC in: Effects by: Paulnz 21 Dec 15:14
Electric Guitar VST Instrument in: Instruments by: BlackWinny 21 Dec 15:13
Hive preview in: u-he by: Sim.Sky 21 Dec 15:13
What has pissed you off today? in: Off Topic by: Mushy Mushy 21 Dec 15:02
New T-Racks Group Buy from IK looks good in: Effects by: Peter - IK Multimedia 21 Dec 15:00
Zebra Redux in: u-he by: resistent 21 Dec 14:56
Bitwig Resources in: Bitwig by: moss 21 Dec 14:48
Linux public beta in: u-he by: glokraw 21 Dec 14:44
Track Renaming in: Bitwig by: JC Biffro 21 Dec 14:43
Old Free VSTi Gems From The Past in: Instruments by: bob bobwood 21 Dec 14:39
polyphony in: Music Theory by: jancivil 21 Dec 14:37
Any woodworkers here ? in: Off Topic by: stanlea 21 Dec 14:35
December Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: ClaRago 21 Dec 14:29
Eekjuliza - workhorse EQ in: Effects by: dasdeck 21 Dec 14:27
License protection in: LennarDigital by: ibanguitar 21 Dec 14:25


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