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AmpliTube MESA/Boogie is now available in: Effects by: Echoes in the Attic 28 Aug 15:18
Bitwig Studio 1.2 BETA-5 in: Bitwig by: ThomasHelzle 28 Aug 15:09
Diva vs Analogue - a real world test in: Instruments by: analoguesamples909 28 Aug 14:59
Please remove the default bridging in: Bitwig by: igortudor 28 Aug 14:06
Couple questions in: Bitwig by: Nauree 28 Aug 14:05
Need help with making synths in: Bitwig by: LLCoolJeans 28 Aug 14:03
What are you eating right now? in: Off Topic by: SyntheticAurality 28 Aug 13:47
Synthi modules for Diva? in: u-he by: nilhartman 28 Aug 13:36
DeeComp - WOW!!! in: Effects by: murnau 28 Aug 13:29


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