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How many preset strum patterns in: Ample Sound by: Greg Houston 1 Oct 13:21
4 band eq in: MUTOOLS by: runaudio 1 Oct 13:18
Casio CZ in: Instruments by: dumbledog 1 Oct 13:13
Bazille 1.0 in: Instruments by: Kaboom75 1 Oct 13:13
IKM SampleTank 3 (ST3) Now Available in: Instruments by: Peter - IK Multimedia 1 Oct 13:07
Nova67P GE edition in: Tokyo Dawn Labs by: jrides 1 Oct 13:07
New T-racks API Eqs ! in: Effects by: Robmobius 1 Oct 13:06
Bulletproof Picasso - Train in: Music Cafe by: cairo123 1 Oct 12:54
September Contest: Results in: Music Cafe by: Laguna Rising 1 Oct 12:52
Fabfilter Pro-Q 2! in: Effects by: BDeep 1 Oct 12:52
Bazille 1.0 released :-) in: u-he by: sascha 1 Oct 12:52
ST 3 SE -vs- Air Xpand!2 in: Instruments by: Lee702 1 Oct 12:52
Voice range problem in: Music Theory by: b4serenity 1 Oct 12:50
Any word on Revalver 4 release? in: Effects by: Amon1973 1 Oct 12:47
Thoughts on CamelPhat? in: Effects by: Numanoid 1 Oct 12:45
great album opening tracks in: Everything Else (Music related) by: el-bo (formerly ebow) 1 Oct 12:35
Parametric EQ with Sweep in: Effects by: ahendriks 1 Oct 12:26


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