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Cytomic "The Drop" Resonant Filter in: Effects by: andy-cytomic 29 May 01:12
Audio Damage FuzzPlus 3 (free) in: Effects by: Aloysius 29 May 01:10
Any news on 1.2 beta? in: Bitwig by: stateofthearb 29 May 01:06
Bitwig Studio 1.1.8 in: Bitwig by: Geek Model 29 May 00:59
Spectral: OSC/Filters and Cross-modulation in: LinPlug by: Valery_Kondakoff 29 May 00:52
What has made you laugh today in: Off Topic by: Mushy Mushy 29 May 00:33
Ample Guitar II in: Ample Sound by: tongclub62 28 May 23:33
Roland AIRA-synths in Bitwig in: Bitwig by: Crackbaby 28 May 23:32
Gated Reverb plugins in: Effects by: _emanon_ 28 May 22:57
AGML II in: Ample Sound by: Jie Chen[Ample Sound] 28 May 22:44
Happy towel day to all (42) in: Off Topic by: Bombadil 28 May 22:20


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