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who is using xhip? in: Instruments by: aciddose 28 Mar 02:10
The Hive Hexagon Thread in: u-he by: Coorec 28 Mar 02:00
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SLT en SLL with the envelope? in: Reveal Sound by: manducator 28 Mar 01:18
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Strip v.3 - Beta testing in: SKNote by: quintosardo 28 Mar 00:09
Allomerus - A Normal Life in: Music Cafe by: PatchAdamz 28 Mar 00:05
Plasticky sound -- so what? in: Instruments by: Ah_Dziz 27 Mar 23:38
Work Around For The Reverse Bug in: Bitwig by: TristanMendoza 27 Mar 23:35
Diversion vst not working in: Bitwig by: Crackbaby 27 Mar 23:21
Waves LoAir vs OneKnob Phatter in: Effects by: barryfell 27 Mar 23:10
scaling time of selected notes? in: Bitwig by: goatgirl 27 Mar 22:51


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