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NI Replika in: Effects by: Teksonik 20 Dec 15:43
Hive preview in: u-he by: Urs 20 Dec 15:42
Zebra click noise in: u-he by: hastoy 20 Dec 15:41
EQ Ducking / Sidechain in: MUTOOLS by: mutools 20 Dec 15:26
Eekjuliza - workhorse EQ in: Effects by: dasdeck 20 Dec 15:19
looking for a Freeware or cheap Phaser in: Effects by: do_androids_dream 20 Dec 15:16
Resonator (Reaktor Ensemble) in: Effects by: Sound Author 20 Dec 14:57
what has made you happy today? in: Off Topic by: Jace-BeOS 20 Dec 14:34
Bitwig Studio 1.1.3 RC 2 in: Bitwig by: hibidy 20 Dec 14:28
A few Custom Phrases in: MusicDevelopments by: yellukhan 20 Dec 14:11
HPF and API EQs in: Effects by: antithesist 20 Dec 14:10
trance lead in: Production Techniques by: leeguirado 20 Dec 13:59
Zebra Redux in: u-he by: resistent 20 Dec 13:58
atmospheric sound in trance in: Sound Design by: leeguirado 20 Dec 13:52
Drag List in: Music Cafe by: jethrobull 20 Dec 13:51
Linux public beta in: u-he by: varpa 20 Dec 13:40
Any woodworkers here ? in: Off Topic by: Numanoid 20 Dec 13:32
what are you waiting for? in: Instruments by: VariKusBrainZ 20 Dec 13:29


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