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Kick synth, what is important? in: Instruments by: Debutante 28 May 19:20
Third Party Synth Bass in: Sound Design by: BCCGR 28 May 19:05
The Truth Behind Amp Modelers in: Effects by: Mister Natural 28 May 18:19
Continue this sentence using 3 words in: Off Topic by: el-bo (formerly ebow) 28 May 17:41
Countdown to the next version in: Bitwig by: owensands 28 May 17:29
Tone2 Nemesis is released! in: Instruments by: Mac of BIOnighT 28 May 17:14
Roger Nichols Plugins? in: Effects by: macmuse 28 May 16:41
Sonic Charge - Echobode in: Effects by: seismic1 28 May 16:36
files that tracktion 6 reads in: Tracktion by: gigazaga 28 May 15:41
MusicLab RealEight? in: Instruments by: Compyfox 28 May 15:14


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