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Windows 10; who has made the jump? in: Bitwig by: ThomasHelzle 3 Aug 06:11
True analog modeling? in: u-he by: Urs 3 Aug 06:08
Blue - w&w edit in: Production Techniques by: *X-Files* 3 Aug 05:48
NI Replika in: Effects by: thecontrolcentre 3 Aug 05:46
STA-limit v.2 released in: SKNote by: jbz 3 Aug 05:45
FM radio Compression in: Effects by: arkmabat 3 Aug 05:40
UAD La2a Native Equivalent? in: Effects by: Andy Gone 3 Aug 05:37
Nitrox is really nice in: Instruments by: thecontrolcentre 3 Aug 05:37
tempo mapping in tracktion in: Tracktion by: hexman 3 Aug 05:31
Bug reports in: MusicDevelopments by: lulukom 3 Aug 05:27
Decoding sample names in: Drumdrops by: drumdrops_ben 3 Aug 05:15
Mew York & 1000 Knives in: Music Cafe by: Bert Bert Bert 3 Aug 05:01
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: tapper mike 3 Aug 04:16
Dust of Dreams / Rising Storm in: Music Cafe by: ChamMusic 3 Aug 04:06


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