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Alesso drop effect in: Sound Design by: McBeto 4 Jul 18:48
Satin 1.2 RealTime in: u-he by: diaper@ky 4 Jul 18:41
Problems with AU Lab in: KV331 Audio by: cpetersus 4 Jul 18:25
feature requests in: xoxos by: xoxos 4 Jul 17:45
Bitwig Studio 1.1.9 RC-1 in: Bitwig by: LLCoolJeans 4 Jul 17:26
midi to audio SORTED NOW SORRY in: MUTOOLS by: runaudio 4 Jul 16:58
Eqlizing in: Sound Design by: lobanov 4 Jul 16:37
New granular synth: The Mangle in: Instruments by: zerocrossing 4 Jul 16:26
Synth appearance in: Instruments by: aciddose 4 Jul 15:32
MmodernCompressor in: Effects by: ckam03 4 Jul 15:20
Opto 3a in: Effects by: gmitch 4 Jul 15:19
Land of No Tomorrows in: Music Cafe by: garryknight 4 Jul 15:03


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