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The Soft Center in: Music Cafe by: layzer 2 Aug 03:21
VAZ Modular 3.2.5 released in: VAZ Synths by: c_voltage 2 Aug 03:18
[Acidline] Choices in: Music Cafe by: layzer 2 Aug 03:02
Bitwig Studio 1.1.10 in: Bitwig by: WXLF 2 Aug 02:44
Mouse click vs. drag on knobs on VSTs in: Bitwig by: Bobby L'Avenir 2 Aug 02:16
Your biggest wish for M7 in: MUTOOLS by: runaudio 2 Aug 02:14
automate LFO type in: u-he by: Urs 2 Aug 02:02
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: GaryG 2 Aug 01:42
Tracktion and Windows 10 in: Tracktion by: mcnelson 2 Aug 01:30
Nitrox is really nice in: Instruments by: urlwolf 2 Aug 01:25
Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta 3 in: Bitwig by: spinlud 2 Aug 00:34
Dust of Dreams / Rising Storm in: Music Cafe by: Allomerus 2 Aug 00:25
What are you reading now? in: Off Topic by: D.H. Miltz 2 Aug 00:05
Is SM 2.7 available? in: KV331 Audio by: mabian 1 Aug 23:50


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