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Call to Arms: Charity 2014 in: Instruments by: foosnark 30 Sep 12:56
September Contest: Voting in: Music Cafe by: Laguna Rising 30 Sep 12:53
Brian Bollman's Bitwig Videos in: Bitwig by: dautrac 30 Sep 12:53
Bazille 1.0 in: Instruments by: ghettosynth 30 Sep 12:50
Thoughts on CamelPhat? in: Effects by: rustman 30 Sep 12:49
Sendy - Spectral Staircase in: Music Cafe by: el-bo (formerly ebow) 30 Sep 12:49
Lurker Notes in: Bitwig by: LawrenceF 30 Sep 12:48
BITWIG DETECTED WAV FILES NOT in: Bitwig by: dautrac 30 Sep 12:48
Cool pluck / synth in: Sound Design by: Mickey21 30 Sep 12:41
Bazille 1.0 released :-) in: u-he by: SJ_Digriz 30 Sep 12:40
ABC Song Titles in: Off Topic by: Chapelle 30 Sep 12:40
T5 bugs + FRs in: Tracktion by: terrynoakes 30 Sep 12:37
Voice range problem in: Music Theory by: rbarata 30 Sep 12:33
Ircam Lab TS - Have you tried it? in: Effects by: Neon Breath 30 Sep 12:26
Bitwig Studio 1.1 life in: Bitwig by: shadiradio 30 Sep 12:21
Official Serum thread! in: Instruments by: jc_vt 30 Sep 12:19
September Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: Laguna Rising 30 Sep 12:10
Does anyone have icons? in: u-he by: BBFG# 30 Sep 12:08
Cytomic "The Drop" Resonant Filter in: Effects by: ZenPunkHippy 30 Sep 12:07
Bug when consolidating.. in: Bitwig by: Jolaff 30 Sep 12:02
Slate VBC in: Effects by: billcarroll 30 Sep 11:58
Fabfilter Pro-Q 2! in: Effects by: e@rs 30 Sep 11:42
MPower Synth Hard Sync in: MeldaProduction by: BasariStudios 30 Sep 11:33


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