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hard drop in: Sound Design by: itsNano 26 May 20:27
Annual Subscription for Iris Presets in: patchpool by: Sampleconstruct 26 May 20:18
Iris subscription thread patchpool in: Soundware by: Sampleconstruct 26 May 20:17
Best String Synth's out there! in: Instruments by: realmarco 26 May 20:03
Tone2 Nemesis is released! in: Instruments by: Mac of BIOnighT 26 May 20:02
Piano plugins? in: Instruments by: Photo_G 26 May 19:53
AGML II in: Ample Sound by: Jie Chen[Ample Sound] 26 May 19:43
Zebra3 Info in: u-he by: goleat 26 May 19:10
Rosa dos Ventos in: Music Cafe by: rp314 26 May 18:59
Bitwig Studio 1.1.8 in: Bitwig by: yoshi303 26 May 18:40
Why BITXWIG is AWsome.... in: Bitwig by: yoshi303 26 May 18:39
Seven Phases Spectrum Analyzer in: Effects by: Shabdahbriah 26 May 18:35
How to do this effect? in: Effects by: Shabdahbriah 26 May 18:16
Strip v.3 - Beta testing in: SKNote by: dayvyg 26 May 18:15
DMG or FabFilter in: Bitwig by: chadjohnson 26 May 17:57


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