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Need Help (Pitch Shifting Plug-in) in: Effects by: nineofkings 25 Nov 18:19
1850 Pipe Organ Pro - FREE Update in: Wavesfactory by: wavesfactory 25 Nov 18:06
Xils next synth in: Instruments by: BlackWinny 25 Nov 18:02
SonicBirth v2 alpha in: SonicBirth by: dtpietrzak 25 Nov 18:01
Soundtoys 5 December in: Effects by: cryophonik 25 Nov 17:45
Odd synth in: Instruments by: sfd 25 Nov 17:44
VST Delay That Does This? in: Effects by: Ah_Dziz 25 Nov 17:34
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: tapper mike 25 Nov 17:21
Install Synth1 Presets? in: Instruments by: stgscott 25 Nov 17:06


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