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Vst's PM Or FM or both? in: Instruments by: realmarco 30 Jul 22:21
My latest discovery... in: Effects by: hibidy 30 Jul 22:04
Dark Electronic Thread in: Music Cafe by: V0RT3X 30 Jul 21:23
VST3 - known issues in: u-he by: aaron aardvark 30 Jul 21:13
EQ observation in: Production Techniques by: aciddose 30 Jul 21:10
Noise for a U-He Drum Machine in: u-he by: Frantz 30 Jul 20:57
T5 bugs + FRs in: Tracktion by: mpoirier 30 Jul 20:42
July Contest: Voting in: Music Cafe by: davidstiles 30 Jul 20:40
Hello there ! in: Instruments by: realmarco 30 Jul 20:33
Overdrive for V-Metal in: Effects by: Elzar3000 30 Jul 20:27
Tera for iPad! in: Mobile Apps and Hardware by: ezelkow1 30 Jul 20:26
Midi files for EZkeys in: Instruments by: blueman 30 Jul 20:25
Continue this sentence using 3 words in: Off Topic by: crashedthecar 30 Jul 20:22
ST3 Poll in: Instruments by: blizzard 30 Jul 20:21
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: D.H. Miltz 30 Jul 20:14
TRS-80 ORCH80 Free in: Instruments by: Frantz 30 Jul 19:57
if (paid == evil){} in: DC Chat by: jobromedia 30 Jul 19:44
loveing kvr in: DC Chat by: jobromedia 30 Jul 19:40
DC'14, so who's in this time? in: DC Chat by: jobromedia 30 Jul 19:39


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