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To ipad pro or not??? in: Mobile Apps and Hardware by: beatmangler443 27 Nov 12:39
1.1??? in: Reveal Sound by: GilJ 27 Nov 12:38
CPU spikes in Patchwork in: Blue Cat Audio by: rasmusfaber 27 Nov 12:35
Bitwig Studio 1.3.4 in: Bitwig by: cranium 27 Nov 12:34
Nova67P GE edition in: Tokyo Dawn Labs by: insub 27 Nov 12:27
Toughts on Maxxbass in: Effects by: ghettosynth 27 Nov 12:14
eaReckon - EAReverb 2 in: Effects by: sinkmusic 27 Nov 12:13
Acustica Audio - Emerald!! in: Effects by: babybrown 27 Nov 12:00
Synthesize sounds from India in: Sound Design by: GiuseppeSmhertz 27 Nov 11:40
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: e@rs 27 Nov 11:39
Sounds of the old PC Speaker in: Sound Design by: GiuseppeSmhertz 27 Nov 11:37
Your phone is a synthesizer in: Sound Design by: GiuseppeSmhertz 27 Nov 11:28
I have no GAS. WTH??? in: Instruments by: EnGee 27 Nov 11:26
Phoscyon - tb303 clone in: Instruments by: Numanoid 27 Nov 11:23
IK Multimedia Mic Room in: Effects by: Compyfox 27 Nov 11:17
Salvation - ballad in: Music Cafe by: layzer 27 Nov 11:01


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