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Pitch bends, Half & Full bends. in: Impact Soundworks by: ELECTRONICHAOS 13 Oct 19:24
A First Look at Resonic Pro in: Liqube by: jwise 13 Oct 19:03
News from fxpansion >GEIST 2< in: Instruments by: transverb 13 Oct 19:01
New video in: Roger Linn Design by: SonicTank 13 Oct 18:12
SSL Preamp VST in: Effects by: aciddose 13 Oct 18:02
What you think about this riff? in: Kazrog by: Studiostriver 13 Oct 17:57
Omnisphere 2 First Impressions? in: Instruments by: jamesbernard 13 Oct 17:27
What synth is this pad from? in: Instruments by: Dasheesh 13 Oct 17:23
What has made you laugh today in: Off Topic by: Hank the Knife 13 Oct 16:37
October Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: Mister Natural 13 Oct 16:26
this plug in is amazing in: Instruments by: arkmabat 13 Oct 16:03
bitwig 1.2 finally out :D in: Bitwig by: Regnas 13 Oct 16:00


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