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Best vst for Supersaw? in: Instruments by: DJ Warmonger 29 Aug 22:08
August Contest: Voting in: Music Cafe by: davidstiles 29 Aug 22:04
Appoggiatura, R&B chord in: Music Theory by: psenior 29 Aug 21:39
Considering Omnisphere 2 in: Instruments by: ckam03 29 Aug 20:57
KVR member releases - GOSSIP in: Music Cafe by: mvrasseli 29 Aug 20:56
VazMod - windows 10 in: VAZ Synths by: sounddesigner 29 Aug 20:42
Diva: How about another eg? LFO? in: u-he by: zerocrossing 29 Aug 20:24
Cytomic "The Drop" Resonant Filter in: Effects by: andy-cytomic 29 Aug 20:03
Good free synths for kids in: Instruments by: beegee 29 Aug 19:37
reFX Vanguard 2? in: Instruments by: GMusic 29 Aug 18:14
Planxi mox- Be by you in: Music Cafe by: Pyrotek45 29 Aug 18:10
New from UVI: Sparkverb in: Effects by: c_voltage 29 Aug 17:41
Company of Many in: Music Cafe by: MFXxx 29 Aug 16:53


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