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Suggest a soft synth in: Instruments by: pdxindy 23 Sep 01:22
lego... in: Everything Else (Music related) by: ccDuckett 23 Sep 01:16
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Cytomic "The Drop" Resonant Filter in: Effects by: Armadillosound 23 Sep 00:23
Tracktion Linux FAQ in: Tracktion by: danboid 23 Sep 00:21
Continue this sentence using 3 words in: Off Topic by: el-bo (formerly ebow) 23 Sep 00:17
Diva 1.3, Zebra 2.7 (rev2126) in: u-he by: aaron aardvark 23 Sep 00:01
Bug or not, midi clip in: Bitwig by: emef 22 Sep 23:49
Trigger Sampler Recording in: CWITEC by: elcallio 22 Sep 23:04
T5 bugs + FRs in: Tracktion by: crisis-at-music 22 Sep 22:53
DMG Dualism in: Effects by: Kaboom75 22 Sep 22:46
SH4RP Zebra 2.7 Soundset - released. in: u-he by: aaron aardvark 22 Sep 22:45
Over The Hills in: Music Cafe by: Frantz 22 Sep 21:16


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