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GuDa Audio KickR 1.1 in: Instruments by: davidguda 22 May 00:27
KClip 1.0.1 Update in: Kazrog by: Burillo 22 May 00:13
Loving (dexed) in: Music Cafe by: ballacr75 22 May 00:02
vst extensions in: DSP and Plug-in Development by: tor.helge.skei 22 May 00:01
Why no BWS 'Book' in: Bitwig by: Bzerk 21 May 23:36
The problem of audio recording in: MUTOOLS by: Oleg_74 21 May 23:00
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: arkmabat 21 May 22:56
Hive: how to control the buzz sound? in: u-he by: aaron aardvark 21 May 22:15
MusicLab RealEight? in: Instruments by: xphen0m 21 May 21:50


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