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i made a video game in: xoxos by: kamalmanzukie 25 May 20:25
May Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: pipewrench67 25 May 20:23
Royksopp - Eple in: Sound Design by: skytheguy 25 May 20:16
Progressions not saved in: MusicDevelopments by: DrDubious 25 May 19:58
How to make this sound ? in: Sound Design by: skytheguy 25 May 19:54
What has made you laugh today in: Off Topic by: trimph1 25 May 19:44
How to make rave sound in: Sound Design by: skytheguy 25 May 19:34
MusicLab RealEight? in: Instruments by: xphen0m 25 May 19:21
Cytomic 'The Glue' Compressor in: Effects by: andy-cytomic 25 May 19:15
Not So Bold - Synth Instrumental in: Music Cafe by: redmaggott 25 May 19:14
Looping in Bitwig, some thoughts in: Bitwig by: Cedworth 25 May 18:52
Exponential Audio Excalibur in: Effects by: Beatworld 25 May 18:21
Wave Arts tube saturator 2 in: Effects by: Robmobius 25 May 17:27
Harmony voices in: Realitone by: rrichard63 25 May 17:26
Improvements! in: u-he by: MitchK1989 25 May 17:21
Hive preview (April 1 update) in: u-he by: Nutrinoland 25 May 17:21


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