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Full screen / maximize question in: MUTOOLS by: Michael L 29 Jul 04:33
True analog modeling? in: u-he by: mystran 29 Jul 04:29
"Couldn't aquire proxy" wait what in: Bitwig by: LAMeduck 29 Jul 04:09
Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta 3 in: Bitwig by: ThomasHelzle 29 Jul 04:09
NI Replika in: Effects by: Karma_tba 29 Jul 03:38
Plug & Mix . Anyone try these? in: Effects by: Nick Hamilton 29 Jul 03:25
Multi-button Mose for BitWig in: Bitwig by: seipster 29 Jul 03:19
VST Clarinet Improvisation in: Music Cafe by: fessorman 29 Jul 03:18
How to create this effect? in: Production Techniques by: TimeToProduce 29 Jul 02:50
Layered Time Signature Set Editing in: Bitwig by: PresetNoob 29 Jul 02:47
GUI Issue on Mac in: MUTOOLS by: Michael L 29 Jul 02:32
do you use Ecig ? :D in: Off Topic by: xNiMiNx 29 Jul 02:21
Synthedit is dead? in: Modular Synthesis by: George 29 Jul 02:02
64bit OS X , When? in: LennarDigital by: quantize 29 Jul 01:54
What is the name of this organ/piano? in: Sound Design by: ZentralmassivSound 29 Jul 01:41


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