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Bass sounds in mono in: Production Techniques by: leeguirado 22 Dec 14:02
Hive preview in: u-he by: InfoTube2014 22 Dec 14:01
Saving Presets ? in: KV331 Audio by: woodsdenis 22 Dec 13:56
32 Hive patches. Mixed genres. in: u-he by: Xenos 22 Dec 13:47
RandARP - Free Arpeggiator in: Instruments by: sinkmusic 22 Dec 13:46
Presswerk 1.0 released in: u-he by: Rusty Cadillac 22 Dec 13:45
Slate VCC in: Effects by: Kaboom75 22 Dec 13:38
NI Replika in: Effects by: robojam 22 Dec 13:29
Tracktion Linux FAQ in: Tracktion by: danboid 22 Dec 13:22
Dr. Speaker Blower Synths in: Instruments by: Eirikur 22 Dec 13:19
H G F Sounds in memorial in: HG Fortune by: pauleamca 22 Dec 13:08
Archtop Question... in: Impact Soundworks by: b15fliptop 22 Dec 13:06
atmospheric sound in trance in: Sound Design by: leeguirado 22 Dec 12:56
Small collection of patches for Hive in: u-he by: Synthetic Wav 22 Dec 12:39
BAD NEWS in: HG Fortune by: pauleamca 22 Dec 12:37


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