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Bitwig Studio 1.2 BETA-5 in: Bitwig by: nori.lam 30 Aug 12:55
Diva: How about another eg? LFO? in: u-he by: rod_zero 30 Aug 12:54
Good free synths for kids in: Instruments by: Numanoid 30 Aug 12:54
Klanghelm MJUC and MJUC jr. released in: Effects by: Nightpolymath 30 Aug 12:50
mixing and mastering book in: Production Techniques by: Nightpolymath 30 Aug 12:47
August Contest: Voting in: Music Cafe by: bzur 30 Aug 12:36
Recommend good saturation plugin in: Effects by: thewizrad 30 Aug 12:28
Hive 1.0 in: u-he by: themachinelt 30 Aug 12:08
Please remove the default bridging in: Bitwig by: MeldaProduction 30 Aug 12:06
Cream freezing Bitwig Push Script in: Kirnu by: Semipro 30 Aug 11:48
No favourites when in "Root" in: MeldaProduction by: MeldaProduction 30 Aug 11:19


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