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West coast VST synths in: Instruments by: fluffy_little_something 28 Apr 11:21
Mesa Boogie Amp Sims? in: Effects by: Wolfen666 28 Apr 11:04
Better analogue sound(vst) in: Effects by: faun2500 28 Apr 11:02
Guidelines for life in: Off Topic by: xoxos 28 Apr 11:02
64bit OS X , When? in: LennarDigital by: tehlord 28 Apr 11:02
SoundToys Microshift and ILOK 2 in: Effects by: Nightpolymath 28 Apr 10:58
A nice funky acoustic track in: Music Cafe by: DSmolken 28 Apr 10:53
sfz, drums and groups in: CWITEC by: muslimpunk 28 Apr 10:50
Bitwig & Komplete Kontrol in: Bitwig by: panox80 28 Apr 10:44
Any news on 1.2 beta? in: Bitwig by: WXLF 28 Apr 10:43
I NEED HELP in: LennarDigital by: Ruben(LD) 28 Apr 10:27
April Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: Mister Natural 28 Apr 10:11
Volume Pedal in: Muse Research and Development by: nathankingcole 28 Apr 10:08


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