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New demo 'Feel'. Feedback please ;) ! in: Music Cafe by: srv-musikmaker 22 Oct 21:22
New track colour in: Bitwig by: PolaroidThePenguin 22 Oct 21:11
The quoted out of context thread in: Off Topic by: debra1rlo 22 Oct 20:19
Lullaby for mother earth in: Music Cafe by: nix808 22 Oct 20:15
BIAS Desktop released in: Effects by: twoifbysea 22 Oct 20:06
BIAS Desktop? in: Effects by: twoifbysea 22 Oct 20:03
Official Serum thread! in: Instruments by: Sampleconstruct 22 Oct 19:37
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: hibidy 22 Oct 18:52
Access AGM strummer MIDI data in Logic Pro in: Ample Sound by: Jie Chen[Ample Sound] 22 Oct 18:47
Testing in: Effects by: TFF 22 Oct 18:33
Bitwig Studio 1.1 life in: Bitwig by: nechronics 22 Oct 18:06
String 1.14.8 beta in: Loomer by: jdnz 22 Oct 17:50
Diva default preset? in: u-he by: Eta Carinae 22 Oct 17:37
Question about netflix in: Off Topic by: bluedad 22 Oct 17:11
out of tune strings in: Impact Soundworks by: zircon 22 Oct 17:05
this plug in is amazing in: Instruments by: c_bomb 22 Oct 16:47
Funk for the 45-70 yr. old crowd in: Music Cafe by: Bubbamusic 22 Oct 16:38


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