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April Contest: Voting in: Music Cafe by: DrApostropheX 27 Apr 03:18
May Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: DrApostropheX 27 Apr 03:16
The "reese" effect in: Sound Design by: drumdrumdrum 27 Apr 02:54
Reverb Recommendation? in: Effects by: Vospi 27 Apr 02:19
Diva 2 Wishlist in: u-he by: tehlord 27 Apr 01:31
Zebra3 Info in: u-he by: david.beholder 27 Apr 01:08
Softube Console 1 Total Integration in: Bitwig by: ThomasHelzle 27 Apr 00:47
BRAZZ FIRE Soundset in: Soundware by: VELLISLAV 26 Apr 23:25
Softube Modular in: Instruments by: sacer 26 Apr 23:17
Lindell 254E (or now 354) in: Effects by: ghettosynth 26 Apr 23:17
Any plugin like Korg Sigma? in: Instruments by: Full Bucket 26 Apr 23:10
Mac OSX Sierra Crashes with Bitwig 2.0 in: Bitwig by: brownerthanu 26 Apr 20:56
Hive NOT that light ? in: u-he by: mcnoone 26 Apr 20:48


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