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Annual Subscription for Kaleidoscope in: patchpool by: TwoToneshuzz 27 Mar 16:49
Big Problem with Sylenth1 in: Instruments by: THANKYOUELECTRODIZE 27 Mar 16:47
DnB sound (design?) in: Sound Design by: puzzlevortex 27 Mar 16:45
aptrigga 3.2.2 and ProTools in: apulSoft by: Pflugshaupt 27 Mar 16:33
March Contest: Voting in: Music Cafe by: DrApostropheX 27 Mar 15:53
April Contest: Gossip in: Music Cafe by: DrApostropheX 27 Mar 15:49
Suggest computer power for Diva in: u-he by: liquidsound 27 Mar 15:20
Let's build a mega-Synth in: MUTOOLS by: Taifunk 27 Mar 15:13
Can you recommend a music forum? in: Music Theory by: sellyoursoul 27 Mar 14:59
License model no way !!! in: Bitwig by: Netsu 27 Mar 14:39
RAPID Synthesizer - NOW also for MacOS X ! in: Instruments by: Touch The Universe 27 Mar 13:57


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