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Native Instruments Crush Pack in: Effects by: Klinke1 21 Jun 18:42
Vintage Waves - for Serum in: Soundware by: mholloway 21 Jun 18:33
Olga? in: Instruments by: BONES 21 Jun 18:00
VCV rack bridge in Bitwig in: Bitwig by: sagetone 21 Jun 17:37
TAL Elektro in: Instruments by: layzer 21 Jun 17:29
Softube OTO Biscuit in: Effects by: W23 21 Jun 16:44
No audio units version of Hive? in: u-he by: viudu 21 Jun 16:32
ZYNAPTIQ Intensity in: Effects by: SparkySpark 21 Jun 16:23
What has made you laugh today in: Off Topic by: jancivil 21 Jun 16:06
Logic ES2 vs Sylenth1? in: Instruments by: Bombadil 21 Jun 16:05
v12.03 Open beta is now available in: MeldaProduction by: ronaldsifontes 21 Jun 16:04
What has pissed you off today? in: Off Topic by: Bombadil 21 Jun 15:58
u-he Colour Copy - bucket brigade delay in: u-he by: Sound Author 21 Jun 15:53
is it worth finishing? in: Music Cafe by: shonoob 21 Jun 15:47
Oscillators in VSTi? in: Instruments by: Dasheesh 21 Jun 15:26
Hive 1.1 latest build - revision 7485 in: u-he by: Sound Author 21 Jun 15:21


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