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Viper (coming soon) in: Instruments by: Elektronisch 22 Oct 06:38
midi cc mapper in: MUTOOLS by: mutools 22 Oct 06:32
Ribs in: Instruments by: IXIX 22 Oct 06:31
Repro-5 in: u-he by: klinik 22 Oct 06:01
What are you watching? in: Off Topic by: Jace-BeOS 22 Oct 05:50
Distressor and Fatso plugin? in: Effects by: soulone82 22 Oct 05:47
Commercial Sound Banks in: Reveal Sound by: jksound 22 Oct 05:43
VCV Rack in: Modular Synthesis by: DocAtlas 22 Oct 05:38
Freeware Woes in: Blue Cat Audio by: Dean Bennett 22 Oct 05:36
Access Virus ti2 Desktop setup in: Bitwig by: thefallen 22 Oct 05:29
Opinions on my Shepard Tone in: Music Cafe by: BrainClaim 22 Oct 05:25
Sinc128 and REAPER offline rendering in: CWITEC by: flusheddata 22 Oct 05:10
Allow typing a space when naming in: CWITEC by: flusheddata 22 Oct 05:04
Dune 2 bundle available in: Soundware by: rob_lee 22 Oct 04:27
guitar pickup sim? in: Effects by: cturner 22 Oct 04:24


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