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Wave Alchemy Evolution in: Instruments by: anderson303 20 Jan 19:08
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OB-Xd and loud pops in: discoDSP by: mevla 20 Jan 17:54
Official Serum thread! in: Instruments by: wagtunes 20 Jan 17:53
gaugear(subvurted) - destroyer... in: Music Cafe by: experimental.crow 20 Jan 17:34
Chord rules hierarchy in: MusicDevelopments by: nexussynth 20 Jan 17:25
Sync Bitwig to incoming audio in: Bitwig by: Holon Mundi 20 Jan 16:55
Reverbs! in: Effects by: dreamvoid 20 Jan 16:52
What synth to go next in: Instruments by: martinjuenke 20 Jan 16:24
Plugins Feature Requests in: Audiority by: acousticglue 20 Jan 15:56
Share your tracks. in: Bitwig by: SpaceTraffic 20 Jan 15:48
EQ LP,HP filter in: MUTOOLS by: runaudio 20 Jan 15:26


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