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Postby RunBeerRun; Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:00 am Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

That's a huge daw, elassi! Do they sell those at Best Buy, I don't think it'd fit in my 4-door car.
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Postby elassi; Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:41 am Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

RunBeerRun wrote:I don't think it'd fit in my 4-door car.

Like always when analogue gear is involved there are some minor drawbacks, for sure. But it never sounded so authentic when you say: "I've worked hard on my latest mix."
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Postby Norbz; Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:07 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

I like that name - here's a list of suggestions from a youtube vid callout and some of our ideas, if you guys get a creative urge to help/make suggestions/make fun of - please feel free :).

Studio D.
Disturbo Studio.
TurboD (Live)

"Maybe something like MPS (Music Production Software)."


MPT: Multi Purpose Turbo.

DT Mason Mill
Beat Artisan by DT


DTnext, DTundead, DTdaw, DUBdaw, DTvengance, ---S.A.W studio (save as .WAV(MAKE KILLER BEATS))- Beat Beat Pro, Vengeance Studio, Sound On Studio

Dubstudio, DAW Turbo, Turbo DAW, Turbo Studio.

Complete Beat Studios
DUBStudio Pro
SFE Studio (Simple,Fast,Easy







Also - now that I have a better understanding of how the pro market looks at SM/SE - it's obvious that its strengths are on the sample side vs getting unique synths/algo's to compete with anything natively built.. So I'm readjusting the rollout of the next few tools and would love your feedback on what you guys would use more or want in a sample based VSTi?

Ideas for the next ones include a BassTweakEngine vsti with tons of basses/effects, a shotgun vsti with tons of booms/shots/effects, a beatbox vsti with a cool kit made for DT4 that I might tease the market a bit with... please don't be shy to suggest stuff if it's doable I'll do my best to create it even though it's SM and pc and 32bit only for now :P.

Just finished an 'orkestra' vsti, problem :: It's the sampler x 4 with all effects per channel onboard and it hits 100% cpu fast if all four are enabled :( Not sure what to do with it - what do you guys do with vsti's that turn out way too cpu heavy, just scrap 'em? I'm going to leave the screenshot here and you guys let me know if you want to try it I'll upload and leave a link here first to see if any of the power machines out there can run it without too much of a cpu hit (and to give this forum dibs :)). I made 100 presets too just to find my daw can barely handle one instance..


Should I upload it for you guys to try even though it's such a hog?
bob bobwood
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Postby bob bobwood; Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:23 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Norbz, you don't strike me as being someone who holds back, so why change now ? Stick the link up and let us hammer it. Just warn people that it's heavy and that you are releasing it primarily for feedback.

The sfzloader was right up my street. Keep on keeping on.
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Postby Tricky-Loops; Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:43 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

@ norbz

"Turbo" is a great name for a DAW, and then make it look like a Lamborghini! Add some virtual boom boxes, beat samplers, groove tools and a rec function for rappers with synced flow, and the street kidz are yours! 8)

(But don't call it Turbo B, otherwise you might get problems with a rapper from Snap! :P)
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Postby Norbz; Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:51 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Thanks Bob~!

Ok so a few notes ::

1. Preset names for knobs/sliders are still quaded up - so pardon if automation is funky (might not be but heads up if it is).

2. Saving external patches may save them wrong on some knobs due to the above (might not, haven't done enough testing yet).

3. As stated it's an absolute hog if you try playing really complex fast pieces with tons of notes and I may/may not release this publicly pending feedback here.

Onto the good ::

* It has 4 banks for you to mix into a final sound.
* Sounds are a mix of our older generation stuff and some new - nothing spectacular but great when combined x4.

Size :: 60MB
Type :: PC VSTi - 32bit
Link :: http://get.tndn.io/l/8nBTRGkAmu
Inside :: One .dll file - BETA FOR FEEDBACK/TEST USE

Preset list so far ::

Rip at it and let me know if you can even use it without capping.

EDIT :: If you guys DO find it useful and not too crazy on CPU - would you want a 4x sampler like this where you can import your own 4 folders of sounds?

Thank you.
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Postby elassi; Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:57 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Norbz wrote:list of suggestions from a youtube vid callout

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Postby Norbz; Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:58 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

^ Under this video - top comments - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UytdF8p9EFs
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Postby Xenos; Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:08 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Hi Norbz,

I got the version of Sindrone you sent me in the PM. The delay problem is fixed, but the Osc 2 bug is not. When I load my patches, the pitch of Osc 2 stays at the same setting of the patch it overwrites. Try this: Make a simple bass patch (Osc 2 at "-2"), save it, then reload the plugin. Now reload the patch you just made, and you'll see the bug. Once that's fixed, I'll send you the 16 patches I made for Sindrone. For now, I'm downloading the sampler plugin and gonna make a few samples/patches later tonight after my work is done.

I'm doing this because you seem honest about making up for past mistakes. Also, I seem to recall you had a large number of users, and I would like to provide some usable hip hop and dubstep content for them. Just some thoughts while I'm here: Since you have so many users, your best marketing strategy should be working on vastly improving the DAW side of things. Since the new DT will allow users to use external VSTi plugins, that's a huge step in the right direction, as your users will already have access to a ton of cool freeware plugins floating around the net. I would study, very closely, all the criticisms your product received on various internet forums and fix them. Some good examples:

http://makebeats101.com/dubturbo-review ... eatmakers/


One thing that jumps out at me is the "4 octave keyboard" bit. :lol: Most any DAW, even free ones, spans note input across a range even greater than a grand piano's 88 keys. Any hardware synth has 61 keys, which has 5 octaves.

For future development, you seriously need some good software developers and sound designers. I would look around Reddit and see about putting up some "For Hire" posts on various software development and computer programming subreddits. As you're dealing with software development, you aren't limited to just the music crowd for options.

Also, study the competing DAW's well. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing what they can do. In a nutshell, real musicians want DAW's that let you go in DEEEEEEEEP, without feeling like they are being locked in with limited features. Since you'll have some serious competition with great developers who already make awesome software, you'll need to offer something unique. A very, very easy workflow could be a great selling point, as that is VITAL for beginner beatmakers who don't want to be overwhelmed.
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Postby Norbz; Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:18 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

^ Thank you for the awesome feedback :).

I'll dive into the sindrone tonight and see if I can reproduce the above and fix it asap. Sorry for the unforeseen.

Just some points for you/others. My lead programmer that took this from flash into C++ has been in hyper dev for the last 6 months and yes we're pretty much on point with everything the big DAW's have - it's just going to be a matter of prioritizing feature sets on our release schedule but overall I'm VERY happy with where we're at and what is coming (we're actually almost at Alpha - no longer in the absolute beginning stages).

One thing I'm very proud of is my lead programmer is taking his time to ensure he can shave/improve/build out amazing maths to actually compete performance wise re consecutive tracks, latency detection, the way we call everything etc so while it's taking us longer than anticipated and these VST's 'might' still give off the impression that the DAW might fall short, I'm eager to prove ourselves from all angles and the end product is going to be a real attempt at coming back.

This thread bubbled quick but in a previous post I mentioned that I've been starring at the top 10 or so DAW's and using many to do just that - find the best balance of everything from workflow to onboard/one click features etc... So I'm reassured re your feedback we're doing it right. Also I've been on Cubase for PC and Logic for mac for over a decade now with brief sprints through ableton, protools, studioone, fl, and even bw recently so I'm more of a DAW whore than I let on ;)).

Re sound designers, yep, have done many callouts for them and have a few thousand new sounds already (1000 percussion done by legends who produced for MaryjBlige, 2Pac, BoneThugs, Snoop, Disney, many others), and I'm still always looking for more plus making more - now that we don't have limitations to make 'short' samples due to flash freezing on long ones it also opens up a ton of doors for our sample kits.

The current site is still being left as is so it doesn't confuse customers re the new overhaul but we already have a new site/forum/etc. in the backend populating and preparing for our comeback so all these critiques and current limitations are going to be lifted once we launch and get early adopters going. The four octave keyboard is a very lolable selling point I know, we made many boo boo's while still trying to target beginners/intermediates however I look forward to the new critiques we're going to get (and yes we use all octaves now :)).

Here's a good suggestion list from a user and our response to show you guys where we're at re user requests/feedback..

+NitroGaming Main Thank you!! Going to address these one at a time I feel it's important. - first - here is a quick peak at THE NEW GUI and some of the panels :: http://dubturbo.com/650dubturbo4.jpg (in time this will all be themeable and or we'll have a few to choose from or have a contest to create something beautiful by our users).


- Mixer, Be sure all inserts are equal (in terms of effects slots. in fact, why not have unlimited FX on every channel?), and be sure to include rerouting and a master channel. Rerouting can tremendously increase possibilities.
*Check on all - though we have a release sched for features so some will come with time others will launch with the Alpha/Beta.

- More tracks.
*Will have unlimited

- ASIO Support. This is pretty much essential for all DAWs.
*Already built in and all the subs re buffer sizes, sample rates, latency detection etc.

- Better layout, better graphical style. The current trending graphical style, by the way, is bright color on the top of things (like buttons, logos, etc.) and then gradient down to a darker version of that color.
*yep, we'll be building it with you guys partially as above.

- Maybe some sort of visualizer? Like an oscilliscope or audio spectrum?
*yep, build into our EQ and we may have other visualizations either in the app or in our vst's. (BTW OUR NEW VST LINE UP IS NOW UP AND FREE AT http://www.DUBturboVST.com PLEASE GRAB THEM0.

- Automation, recordable, and with envelopes
* Check and check :)

- Stock plugins, like custom synths, and mixer effects. (including things like Reverb, Delay, EQ, etc.
* Check and check, some will come with time - some are ready now in the VST's (they might be integrated right into our ap too).

- New logo, as the old one looks alot like others
* still undetermined re sub-branding or overhauling the current one.

- Definitely a new name, could be just some random cool word (Logic pro is an example of this), or that suffixed by "Studio." Or you could put a genre related thing in there, like you did before with "DubTurbo."
* As above, totally new name no but remixing it as the suggestions is indeed something we're considering. 5 years of marketing can't go to waste without some type of transition.

- Let reviewers say what they want, not something they're getting paid to say. Even if you aren't trying to, paying people to only praise your product can bring more first time users, but people will actually get more dissapointed if they don't see what they expected, and, even if they weren't going to leave in the first place, there's a higher chance they will, and they'll ask for a refund.
**Absolutely, we no longer have an affiliate program and nobody is incentivized to review it anymore. Moving forward we'll have a free demo with limitations and you guys will have a homebase, forum, and transparent feedback right to the programmers publicly :). We never knew the affiliates program could do what it did both good and bad but we agree moving forward they are way more liability than the profit is worth and it creates a layer of fake feedback on the web which we used to chase to remove and it grew like a mushroom cloud so we'll address this a few times officially on our new site and be looking forward to peoples honest reviews, feedback, and weekly build releases.

These are just suggestions, but they could help. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know it's long.

This has potential if you can do it right. I understand where you were trying to go in the first place, but whether or not you actually got there is debatable.
*Thank you kindly in turn for taking the time to write all this out. People tend to think we don't read these or care much for intense feedback like this but we crave it and take it seriously especially when it's critical or lines up with what we're doing as a reassurance that we're on the right track.

We're late for the release - but it's only because we've added to it so much and now it has 2000+ modules to flesh out. 2015 is going to be our year and I think you will all be pleasantly surprised with what we're bringing out and we have a few tricks up our sleeve to still differentiate ourselves.

Thank you~!
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Postby Tricky-Loops; Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:48 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Norbz, you're looking so dead serious in your video shoot...err...callout that I'm tempted to post a cat pic just to introduce a bit of fun... :P

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Postby Norbz; Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:07 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!


I thought I actually kept it somewhat casual both through dress code and verbiage. I'll loosen up even more for the next one - still a bit nervous re all this and pleasantly surprised at the response so far, meow.
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Postby xNiMiNx; Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:44 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

This thread (Norbz posts) is 100x better than my impressions of the original product, and infinite times better than those affil videos.

Respect for laughing along with us, and trying to correct the shortcomings. Looking forward to the alpha, best of luck on the relaunch.

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Postby Norbz; Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:35 pm Re: Launched 5 VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Thank you xNiMiNx.

Speaking of laughing along with you guys - maybe this is taking it too far.... but.... I just . . .. . had to. .. next vsti is ready ::


It's based off the Romploid - features a cool urban collection of our sounds - same drum/snares as the Romploid, cool beatboxes/Voxes done by MyKal, and some heavily processed ragga dub vox chops I did way back when that fit the whole thing :). Just did this as a joke - but - having a quick play with it and it actually turned out pretty good lol.

Putting it here first before putting it on the site. *No presets in this, just wahnbeat. No demo video but if anyone is a good actor and wants to do a slapchop type silly beat walkthrough I'll feature it on the site lol.

WahnBeat Challenge
Type :: VSTi - PC/32bit
Inside :: Wahn .dll
Link :: http://www.dubturbovst.com/wahnbeat.zip

My way of saying thanks for the funnies over the years - was almost going to fill it with cats and stuff but I has to get back to work/life - :) ENJOY!!
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Postby AJYoung; Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:45 pm Re: Launched (6, WahnBeatvsti is ready) VST(i)'s with more to come - freebies!

Imma be all over dat SWAG ADSR. :)
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