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Postby AnX; Fri May 19, 2017 8:29 am Re: I Want Arturia To Make This

wagtunes wrote:
tehlord wrote:Video by Gforce, who make arguably some of the best analogue emulations out there.

But you want Arturia to make it, who make some of the worst?


I only suggested Arturia because they already have an SEM. Sure, I'd like Gforce to make it. I doubt they will though. Otherwise, why haven't they already?

Aside from updates and samples, i cant think of a synth they have done for years. Dave is always posting stuff about new (vintage) synths and studio clearouts etc, but never any hint about a new (non sampled) synth. Maybe they are too busy enjoying the real thing...
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Postby aMUSEd; Fri May 19, 2017 8:33 am Re: I Want Arturia To Make This

whyterabbyt wrote:
wagtunes wrote:
whyterabbyt wrote:
wagtunes wrote:The SEM, as it is right now, can't sound like that not without, as you said, stacking 8 instances of the plugin. Not the most ideal solution.

That's why I'd like a "true" Oberheim 8 voice.

Technically, a 'true' 8-voice is stacking 8 instances, of the hardware.

I understand. But in my DAW, that means 8 different tracks which certainly has to take up more CPU than having it all built into one track.

Yes, no?

Its not a given; I reckon it would be pretty dependent on the plugin (or more specifically the level and type of optimisations the developer had done) as to whether 8 monophonic instances used significantly more CPU than a single 8-voice-polyphonic instance where each voice was 'properly' independent of the others (rather than just being an instance of the same patch.)

But at the end of the day, if its the difference between wanting a thing, and either getting a less efficient version of that thing or not getting it, then... :shrug:

If the host does multicore efficiently isn't it possible it would use less than one instance with 8 voices?

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