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doctorbob wrote:@mehum ... great track. Shows up the sonic beauty of the synth. Love those bass drops!

Was thinking of a calypso styled piece when I saw the ring mods - thinks ... "hmmm... steel drums??"

Thanks a lot!

As for steel drums, most of the sound is pretty mellow and sine-like with a little bit of overtones. Osc 2 on +7 and blending in ring mod perhaps. Both Osc set to sine. You can detune a bit for a more beaten feeling.

For the attack you could layer with another instance, with a bit more extreme ring mod. Work with velocity since you want to be able to make these almost attack-less tones as well. If you want to keep it as one sound you can try pitch envelope and modulate based on velocity. Not possible inside blooo so you'll have to use Reaper's modulation in that case.

EDIT: I see you already got patches! Good luck, looking forward to what you're making of it!
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O.k. I am ready. And I really excited about this entry. This time I tried myself as a sound designer and despite I spent a lot of time for this it was an experience I never had before and it was pretty fun (I wish I don't need wear glasses and they doesn't harm my nose :D )

I tried myself in role if Hans Zimmer and made a sound for few episodes in Interstellar. I guess it is better to watch my video clip to understand what's going on. So here is the link. I didn't use much compression and the track has a lot of dynamics. It was interesting to work in this direction after squashing all of my previous tracks with few maximizers :hihi: But maybe you will need to make your loudspeakers louder to hear all the details and short sounds. Don't worry, no clipping and unexpectedly loud sounds (almost no) :D


And formally SC link, but I see no point listen just an audio
https://soundcloud.com/stunkit/stunkit- ... llar-blooo

Cubase 9
40 of Blooo
Default reverbs, compressors, filters and delays.
I almost didn't use EQs.
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Postby TrojakEW; Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:00 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102

stunkit wrote:@TrojakEW I need that TOMs!!!1 Please share!!11

No problem but you have to wait till I return and can access my home computer where it is stored. It should be sometimes next week. I will upload it here.

BTW nice track but I need to hear it on better headphones then those I have with myself now on mobile phone :lol: .
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Postby doctorbob; Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:27 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

I am also interested in some basic toms! Except I will modify them to get some tuned bongos! Again, if I am trying to do a calypso styled track, then a BONGO player is pretty much a de facto requirement!

I am getting close with my steel drums (aka beaten oil drums!). The main issue I have is that they sound pretty good in a high octave, but in the lower pitches not so good - looks like I will have to filter the midi by pitch and feed to 2 different instances of bloo (or layers of) to get the right sounds across the pitches I am using/want to use.

... and I only have 16 days left - lots to do ...

The other thing is when you are mixing a steel drum band, it's hard to do a decent freq separation (aka good/smart EQ-ing) of the different players in order to stop the mix getting mushy, or muffled. This is due to the high harmonic content of the sounds - eq-ing can easily ruin the actual sound (and also make it sound terrible in the mix!).

A lot of work ahead of me - don't know whether to do a rhythm player playing multiple notes (as you see with a real player holding 2 or three sticks/beaters in each hand) - or cop out and using a guitar-like or keyboard-like player!


Edit: Example track now deleted ... will put my latest up now as a possible contender ...
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Dj Pomme
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Postby Dj Pomme; Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:27 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Done ! I stop there, don't have more time to spend on this, plus, it's getting very random and I don't think the track will get better if I continue adding ideas, but that was for me a way to explore the usage I did of the blooo.
Mainly focused on drums. Didn't really work on athmospheric sounds except one pad.


The blooo plugin : About 67

Effects native from my DAW (FL Studio) : Limiters, compressors, equalisers, some reverbs, stereo enhancers, peak controllers, and a very tiny soft clipper high above the average level on the master.
Free effects : Classic Master Limiter from Kjaerhus Audio
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Postby doctorbob; Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:45 pm Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Finally got around to doing a bit more work - had eye op this morning! Not nice :( Needle in eye etc. So, using just the one good eye at the moment.

Decided to tone down the steel drums after listening to lots on youtube! Seems that if you have good steels, then the tone is quite mellow rather than ringingly metallic and lots of overtones. So, have reprogrammed my steels to be more mellow - shame they sound a little more like bells hit with a soft stick - but then, in a lot of ways, this is what a steel drum can sound like.

Got to get a nice carnival like Caribbean set of percussion going. Standard drum kit plus bongos, agogos etc ... means lots of work for me especially as perc is not my best thing! So, probably won't post until near the deadline this time as I need all this time to get it right (well as near right as I can!).

Mix will be hard as the steel drum sound has lots of its own sustain - don't currently use any reverb on them at all!

Looking forward to all your tunes.

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I was really busy last month with partially shifting away from full freelance life and having few gigs. Hopefully will make something for this challenge. I have included Blooo in few projects of mine before and probably this won't be that exciting for me because of that reason, but I noticed that prettyscope is still in the prize list and I'm still hopeless optimist :D
KO :ud:
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DAW: Reaper 5

The blooo x27

DAW native FX:

3rd party plug-ins:
Limiter No.6
Soundspot FAT
TAL Reverb III
TAL Reverb 4
U-he Protoverb
Tritik Krush
Klanghelm MJUCjr
Shattered Glass Audio SGA 1566
Klanghelm DC1A2
TDR Kotelnikov
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Postby Armagibbon; Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:49 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Having some fun with blooo here. One thing bugs... sustain pedal gets stuck down if you ever press it.
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Postby generaldiomedes; Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:50 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

I am also noticing that portamento seems to result in a glide spike the first time the vst is triggered
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Full Bucket
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Postby Full Bucket; Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:33 pm Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Armagibbon wrote:Having some fun with blooo here. One thing bugs... sustain pedal gets stuck down if you ever press it.

Was fixed in the latest version... see here.

Cheers, Björn
JKF Flashico
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Postby JKF Flashico; Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:43 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Hi here is my One Osc challenge track. Good luck for all contestants :)

Every sounds are from init.

Track numbers 26

Synth: The Blooo by Full Bucket Music

Daw: Cubase 8 Pro

Daw effects: Compressor *2, Standard EQ *3, StereoEnhancer *1

3rd party effects: Voxengo OldSkoolVerb *20, George Yohng's W1 Limiter *1

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Postby doctorbob; Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:26 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Ok Everyone - here's my attempt at a Calypso styled track. Apologies to any "purists". Think of it as a sound to greet you as you sail in the clear blue seas round the headland to see this lovely white sandy beach. On this beach is a beach hut selling all kinds of food and drink accompanied by the band playing loud in the sun - people dancing everywhere having a good time.

All sounds designed from Init except for a couple of steel drums where I used the patches posted by Eauson and JRuegg (on Slack!) as starting points (but heavily modified - sorry and thanks guys!). The melody and solo players are each 3 layers.

Track Details:
24 * The Blooo
25 * ReaEQ
1 * JS Bass Manager/Booster
2 * LFX1310 - Autopan
3 * TAL Reverb 4
1 * TAL Reverb II
9 * JS Midi Note Filter
1 * JS Delay
1 * Limiter No. 6 - on the kick this time!

Master Track:
FerricTDS - light use only
TDR Feedback Compressor
Classic Master Limiter

Please enjoy and have a dance (or at least a foot tapping time!)


Edit: Reduced some of the high ringing notes a bit - made the steel drums slightly more "mellow". I think it sounds a bit better. But, it's supposed to be a bit "raw" anyway due to the nature of the sounds and playing style!

https://soundcloud.com/doctorbob/doctor ... -the-blooo
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Postby photonic; Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:17 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

Hi all,

I am glad that I had time again to join this contest! And The Bloo was too interessting to miss another round.
Due to the name I thought, I would heare more Blues music here. I also thought about it, but Blues is not my strong side. But I could make a track with a similar mood of longing, loneliness or melancholy.

The synth was real fun. Especially the fact, that the blooo is nearly two synths in one. Very well done, Jörg :tu:
Beside the ENV1, one can make two different sounds in one patch. So I had no need to layer two or more patches, even for the drum sounds, which came out quite nice I think.

https://soundcloud.com/photonic-1/photo ... n-the-city
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Postby Maaaaxim; Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:18 am Re: One Synth Challenge #102: The blooo by Full Bucket Music

My entry for my first OSC:


I used 15 instances of TheBlooo.
Fx are:
Limiter on master (FL Studio stock)
Some slightly compression and eq (OTT and FL studio stock eq)
Some reverb (TAL Reverb 4)

Hope you enjoy. It was my first OSC and it makes a lot of fun even the synth was not my dream :D
But i will come back next month. Til next month i hope you enjoy my work and do what u love.

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