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Synth for Kpop?

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Postby Kinh; Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:18 am Re: Synth for Kpop?

In every bloody way.
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Postby Chemik; Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:37 am Re: Synth for Kpop?

I am a rabid k-pop lover and have done several arrangements in the k-pop style for some of my own tracks. The big labels in Korea have a litany of producers on call as any one album may have 20 contributing or arranging the tracks involved. It is those producers that you want to read about and, surprise, many of them also write songs for the massive U.S. based pop stars.

Read up on London (LDN) Noise, Shinsadong Tiger, and one of my all time faves, Yoo Young-jin. Tiger and Young-jin use a lot of hardware synths but the key in kpop is sampling sounds to pad based controllers. I've seen pics where in the background you could see Sylenth or Massive.

LDN Noise have written the really huge tracks recently. EXO's Monster, SHinee's View, Married to the Music, etc... They are the beasts of the scene.
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Postby jacqueslacouth; Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:01 am Re: Synth for Kpop?

chk071 wrote:Would you be ok with "buddy", or "lad" then? Otherwise, "dawg", "homie", or "homeboy" could also be offered. But only if you've proven your street credibility.

Absolutely not...I hate them all and I have absolutely no credibility of any kind whatsoever. I also don't like champ, tiger or big fella.

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Postby Lotuzia; Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:31 am Re: Synth for Kpop?

K-pop, at least as pictured with op yt examples, seems to share a lot with standard rnb/urban/hiphop styles. Based on impact sounds, production and clever and 'efficient' track writing. So yes , like nearly every mpusic style, it has to do with composing.

This said, 'keyboards' wise, if I had to produce this kind of racks, I'd take a few things, that I massively heard on all these tracks : A sampler, a quite versatile -and probably hw- rompler . Complete this with a cheap Casio/Yamaha/Kawai vintage small keyboard, to get a few lo-fi sounds, a bit of raw/cutting synthesis and the ability to sample them, and one should have 90% of the sounds covered. You can hear a lot of sample techniques on these tracks, and you'll also need a few 'standard' sampled sounds ( Rhodes, cheap trumpet, a brass lick or hit etc) that you'll find either in your sample libraries, or in the rompler/workstation. The sampler will also be used to create some of the 'vocal' effects, sampled chords, 'musical' effects, the drums (80's drum machines should suit well most of times) and well, pretty much everything else.

A synth ? Well almost any synth will do, though I think I'd probably choose a ballsy WT thing, like Largo, because convincing analog beauty or subtle & expressive FM can probaly appear/pop up from time to times in some of these tracks, but, obviously, it's not the main component by far.

And good effects, comps etc.

The singer(s) might need an autotune implant also. Besides that, well ... :shrug:
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