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66 posts since 4 Nov, 2017, from Canada
finished voting, a lot of really impressive work in there :harp:
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Darksynth FX
136 posts since 14 May, 2016, from Vienna
Female dark synth producer.
198 posts since 13 May, 2017, from Virginia
Voted. Monthly ego destruction complete :)

Great job by so many people. Love the different styles of music, never know what to expect.
6 posts since 1 Oct, 2016
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] Peter:H [
572 posts since 22 Sep, 2016
Funny...on a rhythmical level some similarities...
1.) Parawave Rapid new Trance XT Extension, Demo: https://youtu.be/uqc2zUdMlg4?t=243
2.) My Track...https://soundcloud.com/p-e-t-e-r-h/its#t=1:30

But obviously Rapid is a real beast that you cannot beat with a FB-Synth...
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Tj Shredder
1033 posts since 6 Jan, 2017, from Outer Space
] Peter:H [ wrote:Funny...on a rhythmical level some similarities...

On the November osc (Thorn) I gave one of the tracks to Shazam to analyze and got three diferent matches. Though the similarity was marginal. They claim they can differentiate even different versions of the same song, but this claim is falsified. I was astonished that they found any match.
On the other hand all this EDM really sound so much the same, it should strictly just be inprovised live and would have no justification to exist as fixed recording...;-) I love to dance to it though...
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57 posts since 16 Apr, 2017, from Rīga
Voted! :party:
KO :ud:
1125 posts since 7 Mar, 2014
Hi all, had a good listen again - what a great selection of tracks. Well done all wherever you end up in the table :clap: :clap: :clap:

***** Doctorbob has VOTED *****

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313 posts since 12 Aug, 2016
Well after technical difficulties with the process all afternoon my voting is finally complete.
Thank you to those who left feedback on my track.
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eraze the borders
124 posts since 4 Apr, 2012, from Berlin, Germany
First time for me voting without having participated. I'm a little sad that I couldn't manage to make a song because I really like the sound of the FB-XXXX but had some strange, dark weeks at the end of the year :shrug:

Some really great entries in this round. I'm really excited to see who's going to make the top 5.

Good luck to everyone :tu:
Failure is success in progress.
502 posts since 14 Apr, 2017, from Canada
Korg should really put the full bucket synths in their Legacy Collection.
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186 posts since 24 Aug, 2009, from CO, USA
voting complete. once again i leave this month more inspired than when i came in. some of the sound design is just getting next level. cheers and GL!
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"Just sidechain everything to everything"
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Of course, re-listening, and commenting more, I have re-jigged my voting - probably still do more up to the 16th! Lots of *new* things to hear each time I listen (I used 2-5 as a set of 4 "buckets" - a few in the BIG bucket at the the top and then about the same in each of the other 3!).

Good luck all - I am impressed, even with those in the No. 2 bucket! I believe I have been fair and so my distribution of votes is how I rate the tracks with each other, and not with any other OSC we have had!

Thanks for your comments so far, always a useful and learning experience for me.

33 posts since 7 Dec, 2017
I have voted.
587 posts since 19 Oct, 2003, from Seattle
My votes have been submitted.

I used a 5 category/5 point system.
Song writing
Technical mixing
Sound design
Wow factor

5 points maximum for each and the total is divided by 5 for the final score. I think this helps me remove some of my preferences from the process. Good luck to everyone! There were some superlative entries this month.

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