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Postby sqigls; Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:31 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

i actually did write to them and ask them what they were smoking. they didn't tell me.

but I'm assuming it's the brown acid.
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Postby Jeff242; Tue May 15, 2018 1:40 pm Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

rasmusklump wrote:
wagtunes wrote:Looks like this is one update I won't be installing.

Boggles my mind how this is my best selling library with all the ridiculous problems it has just saving a damn patch. And now this train wreck?

I'm convinced this company is run by a bunch of idiots.

...says the biggest idiot of this board

fmr wrote:
wagtunes wrote: You're not understanding me. The browser itself doesn't load fxp or vstpreset files. Those are the ONLY formats I can create presets in. So the presets I create would NOT be able to be loaded in the browser. The libraries I have already made (and have no intention of making any others) can NOT be converted to their stupid proprietary format, whatever it is.

I can't explain it any simpler than that.

It's YOU that do not understand. Again, you are showing your worst face. I'm not saying that you should use the browser to load your presets.

What you need AND SHOULD DO, is supply the presets in the new browser format to your customers. For that, you should load the presets (using whatever method you can use) and save them in the new format. DID YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?

Why do you say the libraries can not be converted if you even didn't try? I'm sure they can be converted, as long as the browser can save presets (and it can).


ok Gomer Pyle we'll hold your hand and walk you through this,
1. update your Modular (for your customer's sake, not your own since you made it clear you don't want the update)
2. Open Modular in Cubase and load the first preset (.FXB) of your preset library.
3. Once you have that preset loaded and ready to play, you press the "Presets" button to bring up the new preset browser in Modular, click the button with the 3 little dots near the top, and select "Save current configuration as new preset" That's it, one preset converted!!
4. Now Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the rest of the presets in your fxb preset library until you've converted them all.

oh! that sounds like too much work for a preset library that your selling to other people for money? Well, being that you probably made this preset library by loading up some of the factory default presets, turned a few knobs randomly and if sounded ok you hit the save button, then yeah, it probably is too muck work. It's tough being an untalented guy who fancies himself a sound designer.

Wow, at first i though people were just being mean to wagtunes, trolls and whatnot. But as i read on I was floored by what he was saying, and that rasmusklump must have encountered this guy's stupidity before in another thread.
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Postby VariKusBrainZ; Tue May 15, 2018 1:47 pm Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

And I dare you to check out demos of his presets, youll be insulted that he has the audacity to ask money for them.
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Postby Jeff242; Tue May 15, 2018 4:45 pm Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

My feelings on the Softube Modular preset system:

The new browser is not very good when compared to somthing like Uhe Bazille, but its better than what it was before, which was nothing.
If I had to guess though, omitting a preset system in Modular might not have been an oversight at all. You see, in the hardware eurorack community most of them believe that not being able to save your patches is a pro, not a con. It forces you to learn the components and patch building in a deep way. Many VST and fixed architecture synth users would say that's absurd, that they're just making it hard for themselves. But hardware eurorack users would say making it hard for themselves IS the whole point, that once you are forced out of your routine and comfort zone your creativity soars (which is true of anything in life). The idea is, if you need a quick sound you could always fire one up in a plugin or different synth, but modular synths are for charting new sonic territory, not rehashing old ones. I once saw a video where Trent Reznor (from Nine Inch Nails) was in his studio actually boasting how his modular setup can't load pre-programmed sounds, how you needed to build sounds from scratch and that once you pull out the patch cords, its gone forever. I even remember even seeing a Eurorack forum called "NO PRESETS". You might say "that's stupid, just have a preset system but just don't use it", but with having the preset system, it may become too tempting especially with a record label (or somebody else) breathing down your neck for new material.
If you actually read the softube modular manual, their lengthy intro to the history and philosophy of Eurorack Modular tells me that they wanted to emulate the eurorack experience (minus the physical knobs of course) and that's why I'm thinking they just didn't make patch saving a priority because its certainly not with the hardware.

I myself am half way between. I like saving my creations and can't bare to lose the good ones forever, but i don't save often and I almost never use presets except to get patching ideas. I always try to build from scratch, its much more rewarding for me that way and I have learned far more about synthesis on Modular than any other synth (except Propellerhead's Subtractor way back in the beginning).

Also, and this is most important, I feel that Softube's analog emulation is SO good that they get a pass for all the crappy features of their products. Piece of crap preset system? So what. Just moving modules around on the rack is a pain in the ass? Who cares. Gobbler is a total nightmare? Totally worth it. It really is that good. True Analog gear always has a way of popping out into extra dimensions in ways that digital synths and emulations just don't, and also with true analog, you feel it in your body. It has a piercing jaggedness to it. Its alive, and no two seconds of it are the same. There are others that are amazing emulations of analog gear like stuff from Arturia, U-he (I'm not just saying this 'cause Urs was chiming in on this thread earlier, they are truly great), XLIS-Lab,to name a few, and they are damn close, but not like Softube Modular (Sorry Urs). When you self modulate a self modulating filter withe the resonance cracked all the way up, it's startling how realistic the resulting rubbery wails and thumping moans are. In my opinion Softube's Modular is the pinnacle of analog synth emulation, and is as close to a real hardware analog synth as you can currently get on a computer.
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Postby Jeff242; Wed May 16, 2018 4:13 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

fmr wrote:
martinjuenke wrote: Than they came up with instruments (Heartbeat is okay, but nothing special), especially Modular should have been their master stroke. But due to poor timing (NI released the far more capable and versatile and cheaper Blocks) and technicalities (presets are a nightmare and other things) compared with excessive pricing of additional modules this was a move into the wrong direction...

Modular was a well done job that sunk due to a really bad strategy:
1. They should price the extra modules much more competitively.

Are you serious???
A 4MS Pingable Envelope Generator sells for $345.00 usd--the Officially licenced software emulation: $30.00 usd. That less than 1/10th the price of the real thing.
Total price for 1 of each 6 Hardware Doepfer modules included in basic software: $859.00 usd. Basic Softube Modular system where you can run as many instances of each as you want and you get all the extra tools: $89.00. Again around 1/10 the cost
Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator: $1599.00 (that's not a typo) Softtube's version with the Buchla name on it and actually has Buchla code from the original in it, something no other clone (even hardware clones) has: $99.00 I'm shocked that it's that low, I spent more on sushi last night. I would have paid $200, Buchla is legendary!
Should I even keep going?
fmr wrote: 2. They should have add some extra modules for free, since the original stock is really "spartan" (I'm trying to be polite). Or, alternatively, "collections" of four or five extra modules for like something between 40 to 60 euros. But selling the Low Pass Gate for 39, or the Buchla Twisted WG for 99 is simply kicking people away.

Well then, I guess I do have to keep going...

Doepfer Low Pass gate:$125 Softube:$39 and you actually get 3 because every hardware low pass gate has its own unique character response. If you buy hardware you get stuck with one unless you buy more. They sifted through a bunch of units and found one with a long response, one with a medium, and one with a short response. The Softube version has a three-way switch that's not on the hardware which allows you to switch between the 3 different models. So 3 LPG's:$375, 10% of which is $37.50. Pretty close.
Intellijel Rubicon:$399 Softube: $45. Little more than 10%
Intellijel Korgasmatron: $389 Softube: $45. On and on and on we go.
You know, I bought most of these modular expansions for less, they're really good about putting their products on sale several times a year, especially on Black Friday. I got most, if not all, at half price from what I listed above by being patient.

fmr wrote: 3. The preset management system should have been done in a couple of months, even if they had to stop anything else they were doing. Actually, it should have been there since the beginning. Modular should have never been released without a patch browser and management.

Stop everything they are doing for little old you????

fmr wrote: 4. They should have been more practical and modest in their approach.

More modesty? Like being inundated by Arturia ads everywhere I go? Or do you mean that they need to be more modest in how they focus on the meat & potatoes (or rice & tofu if you're from Asia): super accurate hardware circuit measurements or ultra high quality circuit modelling resulting the best software emulations of analog gear on the market today? It does seem like these guys only care about their dsp and about little else. Its like they asked their website developer to build a preset system (they both look the same) and dropped their software into Gobbler's arms and left them to take care of copy protection and installation. And when building Modular they focused on the modules themselves and then slapped together a rack for them to live on unlike the care and love given to the rack environment itself in VCV Rack. But I will always prefer ST's Modular over VCV Rack because of the modules themselves and the mindboggling attention to detail given to them. I will always prefer the Rubicon emulation over anything currently available for an analog modeled oscillator in VCV right now (No, both the Mutable Inst Braids and its emulation Audible Inst Macro Oscillator are not analog,they're digital oscillators). The Doepfer FEEL, BEHAVE & SOUND far far more like real analog than VCV's Fundamental set, or anything else for that matter.
Its like the video game Skyrim. The combat system sucks, the graphics are blah for a AAA title, the animations are a joke but tens of millions kids and young adults around the world don't care, because Skyrim's lore and backstory is so deep, the depth and breadth of its game world is so epic, that nobody cares. It's still an awesome game that has made billions of dollars. Same too in my case with softube products. Their emulations sound so good I'm willing to put up with all the annoyances as long as its stable and doesn't crash. It'd be nice to improve in those areas but I really don't care.
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Postby akeia; Wed May 16, 2018 5:39 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

I like the new preset browser but agree that it could be even better. But instead of bitching in a forum please send all your ideas to Softube. I am sure they will implement the best ideas over time.
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Postby Klinke1; Wed May 16, 2018 6:25 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

Softnoobs/Softnewbs :scared:

edit: It seems to only show presets of the modules that you own. it's not not like IK-multimedia where it constantly tells you what is missing.. = Good
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Postby Ah_Dziz; Wed May 16, 2018 6:35 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

I don't really see the need for the browser. Is there anything in the update besides that? I'd like to see some performance and stability increases, especially in modular. If the update is just the browser thing I'm gonna skip it all together.
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Postby Klinke1; Wed May 16, 2018 6:54 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

link a sequencer to spring-reverb "shake" input.. :ud:
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Postby Ah_Dziz; Wed May 16, 2018 5:41 pm Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

I have pretty serious issues with complex clocking that I assume are related to their handling of feedback within a patch. I'd love to see that tightened up a bit and maybe a bit more work towards making the GUI snappier and more responsive. It always feels like I'm playing with an online app when I program Modular, with the lag and such. It does do very well with simpler sounds, so the individual module models are definitely well made. When getting into the stranger side of the modular experience it falls behind for me. With the existing GUI and timing issues, I feel that a browser of any kind is a wasted effort.
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Postby Imaak; Wed May 16, 2018 6:06 pm Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

Definitely one of the weirdest browser implementation I've ever seen.
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Postby v1o; Fri May 18, 2018 8:20 am Re: New 'preset browser' for Softube Modular and Heartbeat

I love it. Feel sorry for those who don’t.
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