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Postby Eauson; Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:03 pm Re: Crust [pre-alpha]

generaldiomedes wrote:I think some patches could be culled from the latest OSC, but unfortunately a lot of the sound comes from automation.

t :)

I was hoping to upload the patches I made, no automation used so would be good, but they were made with a different version and don't sound right in the new alpha, also the DL tends to have no 0.5 etc version number, so it could get ugly.
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Tj Shredder
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Postby Tj Shredder; Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:20 am Re: Crust [pre-alpha]

Ah_Dziz wrote:I found you're really into MPE (I sure am), then grabbing plogue or one of the other modular subhosts out there would be a great buy. I can now MPE pretty much any vst I want with a miniscule setup time.

I'm actually gonna set up crust in there later today along with a top secret beta I have that also has MPE support. Should be fun. But definitely grab a demo of one of the more flexible modular subhosts (runs as a plugin, and also hosts other plugins)


Yeah, I was considering several, plogue for sure one of them, but maybe too pricey for the moment. I thought Akai VIP could be good, as it would give a preset management on top, but I could not make it work within the 5 days demo time and their support.
I demoed some of the cheaper ones... I probably should bite the bullet and get Bidule...
I also made a scripter for Mainstage which works nicely to check out instruments quickly...
Is it easy in Bidule to copy the parameters to all the instances? Or do I have to find a sound in mono, save it and then load it into all instances? How is your work flow in this regard...?
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Postby Ah_Dziz; Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:41 pm Re: Crust [pre-alpha]

Copying in bidule is simple. You just select the vst copy it, and then paste as many voices as you want. Then you can go in and modify each individually for variation or link all the parameters so that editing one will edit them all. Bidule has a bit of a learning curve, but once you got it it is smooth as butter to do damn near anything you want. As with most modular type environments, there are multiple message types and once you figure out how they all work, you can then convert them from one to the other and back while processing in between. My favorite thing is that it accesses automatable parameters directly and they can be modified by almost any other type of message with pretty simple conversions. It's definitely worth grabbing the demo to play with and learn your way around.
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Postby Boroffe; Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:01 pm Re: Crust [pre-alpha]

About the AntiVirus false positive mark:

If you pack Crust_x86.dll with upx, it will be gone.

To get a fast result, you can use the lowest ammount of compression:
"upx.exe -1 Crust_x86.dll"

and if you then unpack the file, it still isn't affected anymore by any AntiVirus:
"upx.exe -d Crust_x86.dll"

Here is the file packed + unpacked on VirusTotal:
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Postby 1eqinfinity; Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:33 pm Re: Crust [pre-alpha]

Thanks! Why does this happen, I wonder?

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