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dark water wrote:@gaf_thit: Behringer get a bad press over at Gearslutz in particular, but not many people at KVR seem too concerned about them in fairness.
What's your take on the Behringer products that you've used?

All of the Behringer products I have, has been problem-free. Two stompboxes is plastic, but that's just to keep costs low. The DD400 and DR600, delay and reverb. Nice fx. The Vintage Time Machine is top-notch, although near-copy of the EHX Deluxe Memory Man.
And now the Deepmind 6, is in my opinion awesome. I love it. Quick and simple if you want and quite deep and complex when needed. Seemingly great build quality and the fx(mostly TC Electronics) is superb.
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504 posts since 28 Sep, 2012, from Norway
...carbon copy...
Mr Arkadin
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I've picked up some bargains in my time - usually just before they went peak-collectible, some I just managed to get through friends of friends, like the speakers and amp:

OSCar £190
Roland MC-202 £60
Roland SC-880 £60 (I think you can still get these quite cheap - they are amazing for what they do)
Roland RE-3 Digital Space Echo £120
PMC TB1 speakers plus Bryston 2B amp £800
Roland CR-78 £205
Roland Jupiter-4 £375
Roland DC-50 £60 (didn't know anything bout it, bought it because of the RE-201 type looks)
Roland RE-501 £375

Hmm... I seem to like Roland a lot. On the inverse side I once bought a Roland D-10 for £320 second-hand and sold it less than a year later for £165 (including a heavy-duty flight case worth that much alone) as they devalued that much in a short time.

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