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Using Effectrix in Cubase Elements 8

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Postby Benamin; Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:54 am Using Effectrix in Cubase Elements 8


I have problems triggering Effectrix in Cubase. Here is what I have done:

I created an effect channel for the audio channel to which Effectrix should be applied. Effectrix is inserted in the effect channel and I switched on "trigger by midi". I created a midi channel and routed its out to the effect channel. When I hit my midi keyboard the patterns within Effectrix change, so midi data is received correct. But when I press playback in Cubase, within Effectrix nothing happens. The locator in Effectrix does not move while my song is played. How do I start Effectrix to play when in "trigger by midi" mode?

Sugar Bytes
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Postby Sugar Bytes; Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:20 am Re: Using Effectrix in Cubase Elements 8

Hi Benamin,

please note that when "Trigger by MIDI" is set to "ON" you can start and stop the sequencer with MIDI notes only.
Which means as soon as you press a note on your keybord or draw a note in the track, the pattern will start playing and will stop with the release.

So in your case the "Trigger by Midi" option should be set to OFF.
And the "Pattern keys" mode should be set to ON.


Then the Effectrix sequencer should run with Cubase when you press play in the transport panel of Cubase and you can still use MIDI notes to change between the different patterns. ;-)


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