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Postby DrApostropheX; Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:23 am September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

Free for All - No genre, time or technical limitations!

Time for another good, old-fashioned free-for-all! However, if you want to apply a little twist this month, why not teach yourself something completely new? Use a new instrument or technique or trick that you've never used before and let us know about it in your submission post.

Submissions MUST follow these rules:

1 - Encoded in either .mp3 or .ogg format.


3 - entered into the contest by posting a DIRECT LINK (note: THIS MEANS A DOWNLOAD LINK) in this RULES & SUBMISSIONS thread (use the GOSSIP thread for everything else). If you cant provide a direct link, please contact one of the following people listed below, they will be happy to help you out. These people provide free hosting for the purpose of this contest only! They are not a hosting service. When contacting these people, please take the effort to understand the terms and conditions they provide.

1 - knockman
2 - watto
3 - slartibartfast

In addition...
http://www.kara-moon.com/forum has offered "self service" space. Log into the forum to find out more.

4 - Submitted by early a.m. (US Central Time) Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

5 - Your entry must be composed specifically for this contest (or, if a cover, arranged/recorded specifically for this contest).

6 - Your entry must be created with audio plugins or software studio.

7 - Your entry should have the FILE named in a format of "yearmonth_artistname_tracktitle" (eg "1709_OutOfIdeas_NextMonthWillBeBetter.mp3"), where the artistname is the same as your KVR name. Please do not use spaces and special characters in the filename. Special considerations will be given to those that have the hosting agent change the file name.

8 - If you are going to tag your mp3--and you should--the artist name is to be the same as your KVR name, and the title tag is to be the name of your tune.

9 - One person can participate either with one entry, with one entry and one collaborative effort or with two collaborative efforts.

10 - Every submission has to be tagged with:
a) used instruments (virtual and 'real')
b) players' and singers' names (if other than entrant; collabs are allowed, sometimes encouraged, but they must be credited)
c) origin of loops and samples, if they're not free of copyright (this includes CreativeCommons material; please read and follow the license of the samples and loops you use); naming the origin of copyright free loops is also encouraged, but not mandatory. Please only use samples you are legally entitled to use.
d) name(s) of composer(s) -- if an entry is a cover this should be noted in the file name and/or the mp3 "Title" tag as well as the submission post (not everyone reads the submission posts).

11 - If there are strong doubts about the origin of the composition or parts of it, the participant should have the possibility to send a project file to the moderator, who could give it to a trustworthy person with the right host to examine it. Important: the participant should not be forced to do it.

12 - No resubmissions without permission from the moderator, INCLUDING for time-overage correction. Please PM me for permission.

13 - Any tracks not adhering to these guidelines will be very naughty indeed. Possibly disqualified upon peer review. And at least mocked for all to point and giggle.

14 - Voting (members must have at least 20 posts to vote ... although contest entrants are exempt from this ruling) will run from the submission deadline until early a.m Sunday, May 1st. Anyone voting for themselves will find ALL their votes disqualified; any entrants not voting will also be disqualified.

If you have questions, send a private message to drapostrophex (that's me, Victor!) or ask in the gossip thread.
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Mister Natural
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Postby Mister Natural; Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:57 am Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/34163 ... YYO50NUGpJ
LIVE9 environment
Gurian JM
CM hi-hat samples
native LIVEefx
Valhalla SpaceMod, VVerb & Plate
Little uShift

"the digital photo of that guitar just doesn't have the same warmth as an analog photo for me"
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donkey tugger
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Postby donkey tugger; Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:57 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

I believe they may have used to call it 'indie-dance'. May have gone off on one a bit our kid here...

http://www.bennyleeds7.myfreeola.uk/09- ... appear.mp3

The gubbins;

NI 1950s drummer :lol:
Some rickenbacker directwave bass patch
Evolution Rick 12 (oh yes....)
FS telecaster kontakt patch
A kick from Steven Slate Platinum drums
Some dance kick from FL studio
AAS strum 2
Amplesound AGT
NI session strummed guitar
FL GMS sinthesiser
NI Vintage organ patch - the farfisa I think.
Some crooning about right wing loons again

If nothing else there can't be many songs that ripoff lyrics from both The Carpenters and Trotsky.
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Postby PerfectUser; Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:50 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

Song as of now:
1 voice (self)
Guitar and voice recorded with a Shure SM57
The bass and other tones come from a Roland Boutique JX-03 sequenced with an Octatrack
which is also the source of the cymbal sounds.
Its recorded in Cubase 5.
There is a mixture of mixing plugins but mostly its Fabfilter Pro C, TDR SlickEQ, and the Lexicon reverb plugin. Mastering chain is Waves L2, Sonnox Dynamics and FF ProQ (not in that order :))
I am more of a songwriter than a producer. There's probably a lot weird about this mix but I try to get the key elements well.
Thanks for listening !

I hope all is well.
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Postby rollasoc; Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:21 am Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

An experiment of sorts


My musical partner has been going through the Reaktor Blocks tutorials. He came up with a little sequencer. He showed me it. I had an idea.

Together we expanded it to two sequencers daisychained and I took a copy. I then expanded it further by adding a third sequencer (and learnt the lesson that you need to save the instrument separately, else when you reopen the song file, all my changes are gone.....)

This gave me

Thus three sequencers. The top one goes through 6 notes, using a five step gate where it only triggers the middle three gates. The pitch is determined by the middle sequencer (whose pitch is triggered by whcih ever note I am playing on the keyboard. Yes I did play this live) and the quant set to minus some semitones It has a sequence of four notes but only plays two of the four notes. The bottom sequencer is set to play 7 notes, (root determined by me playing a key) but uses 9 gate switches. In the image they are all off. Whilst playing this, I was using the mouse to turn some on and off and using the gate button to randomise on / off states.

The Quant boxes are used to keep them all in key and provide offset to one of the sequences notes.

So this is made up of.
Cubase pro 9
1 x custom Reaktor Instrument
1 X Kontakt instance using Soniccouture's freebie music box

Stereo out has IK Multimedia Black 76 and Stealth limiter on, plus PSP vintage wamer 2 (mix at 50%)

I added a send channel for fun (sending some of the kontakt out to it), which has PSP B-scanner on it set to chorus, (which plays through the whole piece) and Sound toys little alter boy (set to octave and formant min). I automated the Littealterboy mix from 0 at the start of the song to start to come in towards the end, but never really got above 40% mix.

So I ran this for about 4 1/2 mins, then cut a middle minute and a bit out.

So an experiment of sorts.
Band: http://www.hairthieves.com
Solo Instrumentals : https://sineglidermusic.bandcamp.com/
New Hairthieves EP - EP 9, out November 3rd
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Laguna Rising
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Postby Laguna Rising; Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:14 am Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

Late Summer Mood

DIY D-standard Fire strat (clean parts), Line6 Pod XT, Fender Strat (lead1), Charvel guitar (Lead2), Tech21 GT2, Mostortion, Alesis solo tube pre, Shure beta58, Marshall studio 15, H&K Tubemeister 5, George Dennis Wah, EHX DoctorQ, Jackson bass, Rocktron Chameleon, Zoom MS60-B
SW :
Minimogue VA, NI Bandstand, NI Battery, MT-PowerDrum, NI B4, Stringz2, Glaceverb, Camel space, KeFir, LFX-1310, Kjarehus classic bundle, Fusion Field, Nuclear cranium
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Postby ClaRago; Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:22 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

Electro Acoustic Guitar : Cort MR710F
Electric Guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Bass Guitar : Squier P-Bass
Drums: Loop Loft (Joey Waronker)
SoftSynth: Alchemy’s Camel
Various Soundtoys effects + Replika
Max ’s Reverb
NI Vari Comp
Mixed with Ozone 5 in Live 9
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Postby skipscada; Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:30 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"


The basic idea was a power trio kind of song, and that's what it's turned out as. One guitar track, one bass guitar track, a drum track (built in EZDrummer2) and the vocals (tripled and spread out). All tracks were sent through one or more instances of EZMix, presets with tweaks. The "mastering" is also just stacked instances of EZMix plus some EQ. What can I tell you - I'm lazy and prefer working on the artistic bits. I suppose the sound ended up a bit overcompressed, but it doesn't sound wrong for the genre, I think.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I used Sonic Anomaly's Bass Professor on the bass, based on endorsements from our own Dancing Todger and others in another thread here on KVR.
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Postby beanpole; Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:17 am Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"


Tracktion 7

Peavey electric guitar
SM57 mic

Addictive Drums 2 & Keys
TAL Reverb-2
TDR Nova
Sampletank 3
Tracktion 4-Band EQ,Chorus, Compressor & Low/High Pass Filter
can't sing, can't play, looks awful.....
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Postby folderol; Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:14 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

Here's my entry. Not quite what I intended but better than nothing. The intro was used in another tune some years ago, but then it changed to something quite different. This time I've fully developed the tune and even added some basic percussion - most unusual for me :P
Pony And trap

Stuff Used:
Yoshimi (of course)
in order of first appearance
- Steel Bass
- Rushes
- Moor Drums
- Steel Wire
- Solo
- Slow Strings
- Variable Synth . . . seriously so!
- Thin Pipe
- Wipe Synth
- Silver Bell
- Prophesy
- Ethereal

It wasn't me! (well, actually, it probably was)
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Postby bluerobot; Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:36 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

Remix of Mister Natural's track from this month called Vapor.

Arranged and mixed entirely in the MPC Live with a little help from Pro-2, JX-03, and the PreenFM2 (this was my standalone challenge... DAW-less jam). Ozone 7 for mastering.

Thanks for the collab, MN, it was fun! :party:

https://soundcloud.com/bluerobotmusic/v ... reedom-mix
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Postby Hellfog; Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:58 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

This is a collaboration with "bluerobot" it was very fun.


Some synth and Eq vas used: Hellfog used: Geist, Hive, Alchemy

:phones: 8) :) :D :hihi:
Jay F.
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Postby Jay F.; Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:58 am Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"


Here is my submission.

This month theme was free for all … free f'all ... free fall.

First time I use the embryo of my modular synthesizer, together with my Anushri for the functions not yet available. You can hear it in the arpeggio at 0:50 and the sweeping pad at 1:52.
First time I use TAL Filter 2 as the main source of modulation of a signal's amplitude (like a complex CV function acting on a VCA).
First time I compose wearing a beard.

DAW : Reaper
Hard synths : Mutable Instruments Anushri, embryo of my home made modular synthesizer.
Soft synth : Korg Legacy Collection Mono/poly
Drums : TR-808 samples from Kontakt
Usual Suspects : TAL DUB-II, TAL Tube, TAL Filter 2, TAL Chorus, TAL Reverb-II, NI Supercharger, Blue Cat Chorus

Photo : NASA / JPL
We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.
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Postby Yeager; Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:20 pm Re: September Contest: Submissions "Free for All"

1709_Yeager_Going Nowhere fast.jpg

Here is mine,

Made in FLStudio :

Plugins used :
1 x MT PowerDrumKit 2
1 x Ample Bass P lite II
1 x VB3
1 x FL Keys.

Official DR value: DR8.

Runningtime 00:03:12


Going Nowhere Fast
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